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  1. Martino

    Cambridge Soundworks Mystery

    OK - thanks for clearing that up - the test is valid, the speakers are bad. -- What is the next step for you? "But to have 2 of 9 not work? So I bought some on ebay (a set of 4) the user said that they all worked. When I received them I found there to be one that did not work. What are the...
  2. Martino

    Cambridge Soundworks Mystery

    OK - a few simple questions for you. For your speaker test, this is what I am assuming. You are using the same amp channel for all of your speaker tests (say the Right Front output) - so you plug in speaker 1 to that channel, with the same connections, and verify that that speaker works...
  3. Martino

    Colonoscopy time!

    "What is powered lemonade?"
  4. Martino

    Colonoscopy time!

    I have had 2 of these, and learned what not to do in the first round. For the first one, I was stupid and scheduled it for the first thing in the morning. I ended up staying up all night for the "cleansing" process. The first time I did this, they gave me a very small bottle with a nasty...
  5. Martino

    Upgrading projector to 4k and need assistance.....

    "Or will this receiver run my 7.2.2 setup without an amp????" 5.2.4 or 7.2.4 with an outboard amp So there are 11 actual amplified channels - with a 2 channel pre-amp that needs an external amp for the 13 channels needed for the 7.2.4 configuration. So if you are running a 7.2.2 setup - you...
  6. Martino

    When Calls The Heart

    It is my families favorite show, make it a family night on Sundays when the new episodes come out.
  7. Martino

    I am clueless what I need to buy..

    Link for a 6 zone system from HTD - as described above
  8. Martino

    new home theater projector

    With the specs/budget given - Sorry, I ended up going $2.00 over your your max value...but it looks like it will work for you... You didn't mention anything about what else you would need for that budget - but you can get the projector mounted and pointed at a fixed screen. You will still...
  9. Martino

    new home theater projector

    I think you need to supply a little more information to get better ideas of what you want. This will help us help you if we knew the answers to these questions: What is the size of your room? Is the room in question light controlled? Do you have the ability to shut out all lights in it...
  10. Martino

    Waterproof speakers, anyone?

    I have had good luck with the HTD outdoor speakers I helped a friend install the $100/pair models on the underside of his 2 story house - overlooking his pool. He didn't want to spend a lot, and thought if they didn't sound good, he would just send them back and get either the more expensive...
  11. Martino

    Protecting ceiling speakers during remodel

    If they are not being used - how hard would it be to un-install them? Take them down and store them someplace where construction is not happening. Leaving a couple of holes in the ceiling until the construction is finished. Unplug the other end of the speaker wire from whatever amp/receiver...
  12. Martino

    Inexpensive Projector?

    A video on how to make one - more home theater like - here: I used this video to create a screen for a school function - and it worked great. Also found one for a 5 Minute Cheap and Easy Rear Projection Screen For Window Holiday Decorations:
  13. Martino

    Sub not working with Pioneer Receiver VSX-23TXH - Need Help!!!!

    Got a manual for - here is a link to it... Pioneer Receiver VSX-23TXH: There are two things I would check for: #1 - Make sure the LFE setting is not set to OFF in the audio options - I would set it to 0 DB....from your manual: Page 66: #2: With all of the connections in the back of this...
  14. Martino

    Subwoofer with no pre out or sub out

    Would help if you provided a budget of what you are thinking of doing. You haven't provided what - Can I connect any standalone subwoofer to the amp without blowing something up? - Do I need to have a subwoofer with high level input or is there some way I can save my money and still enjoy some...
  15. Martino

    How to implement speakers in a lounge designed wall

    I think the slats look good in the picture - and getting some LCR on wall speakers and will sound a whole lot better then in-walls and keep the clean look you are going for (and hopefully the wife will like as well) I made an extremely bad rendering below using your original picture - using...
  16. Martino

    Newbie Question - Receiver Required?

    One other thing to note - when you do get your setup, ensure that you turn the speakers on your TV off. I had them turned down to a zero volume, but the wife grabbed the wrong remote to turn up the volume, and the result was just horrible.... She thought she broke something until I figured...
  17. Martino

    1080p Weirdness

    I think you already solved your problem - from earlier posts: “Just on a whim, I changed the PS3 to 720p. It's been a couple days and I haven't noticed the picture or picture AND audio flicking off.” “Do you think that any of this is because my tv is only 720p ?” -- If your TV is only 720p -...
  18. Martino

    Things that baffle you?

    Speaking of unwanted calls - we get several calls where the person on the other end of the line just speaks in Spanish... Can't tell if it is a recording or an actual person, but as soon as I hear that voice, I yell as loud as I can "WE DON'T SPEAK SPANISH HERE, YOU MUST HAVE THE WRONG NUMBER"...
  19. Martino


    QUESTIONS - 1. which part of my setup do i use to adjust the picture? You make all of your adjustments on the television - you want it to display as accurately as possible the signal being sent to it by all of your devices. Any adjustments from the devices themselves will more than likely...
  20. Martino

    Basic Image Quality Questions

    Seems like a lot of people are just looking - will try and give you some answers: 1.) Do DVD players that upscale really improve quality, or is this just marketing? The DVD media contains 480 lines of horizontal resolution... Video DVD is 480p. Some DVD players will up-sample the DVD to 1080i...
  21. Martino

    Car Diagnostic Thingys?

    I have one of these: It cost me about $35 when I bought it - as I got it when it went on sale. Have a Mini van where the "idiot" light kept coming on. After spending a lot of $$ trying to get the thing...
  22. Martino

    Help Choosing Low Budget Subwoofer

    If you were looking at the 10" Dayton - I would add the extra $16 and upgrade to the 12" Dayton model instead. This also seems to be in your price range ($105 - $169 above) From a customer who has both the 10" and the 12" models - review on the link below: "The bass is tight, punchy and fast...
  23. Martino

    DVD Review Before the Flood DVD Review

    A documentary that only focuses on 1 side of the issue - here is the response from the other side. "DiCaprio’s ‘Before The Flood’ Drowns in Sea of Green Hypocrisy" Have not...
  24. Martino

    4K looks grainy at times

    You might want to try this site - for the recommended starting settings for you TV. There could be some other settings that should be turned off as well.
  25. Martino

    3D 3D TV may be dying, but 'Rogue One' 3D Blu-ray is sold out

    Not to burst the bubble of the thread that 3D is somehow making a come back. It appears to be available at only 2 stores, with limited availability. "Best Buy is selling a SteelBook version of the 3D Blu-ray while Target has a "only at Target" collectible packaging edition with interchangeable...
  26. Martino

    VSX-90 HDMI not outputting video signal

    Sounds like you have already diagnosed the problem. 1 HDMI connection goes bad, use the other 5 and keep going. Now 4 of the 6 inputs doesn't work. You have already done the swap equipment into the 1 you know works, and that is working, so you eliminated the sources themselves as the...
  27. Martino

    Things that baffle you?

    I always thought that Alex T. on Jeopardy is the worst....drives me crazy... He comes off as though he knows all of the answers, and is so smug to correct someone who misses one... Of course he knows the answers - they are written down for him. He also isn't in a time constraint situation...
  28. Martino

    Survivor 34-CBS

    I could have sworn on many previous shows they gave them live chickens...many of witch were killed and eaten. There was also a season where they caught a pig. There have also been many when they do spear fishing. Not sure why a goat is any different. I have often wondered in many of these...
  29. Martino

    Name the movie using just the song..

    Beverly Hills Cop - opening credits
  30. Martino

    Receiver vs Blu Ray integrated

    What is your budget for your system? You have described 2 home theaters in a box systems - where the speakers come with receiver. There is usually some compromises made in these systems (as the blu ray player integrated into the receiver) that are there to save on costs. They also will...