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    *** Official THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING Discussion Thread

    I took it as Sam finally realizing what happened. I'm sure he was partly in a daze and in shock that Frodo just gave him the boot and he obviously knows Gollum has something to do with it. But there had to have been a lot of uncertainty in his mind... did Gollum eat it because he was hungry and...
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    *** Official THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING Discussion Thread

    This was my experience to a "T"! Though I haven't seen it a second time yet. This is very encouraging! I was beginning to wonder if my obsession before the release had ruined it for me...
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    Athenas, help please.

    I'll be buying mine from either or just so I'm not supporting Best Buy...
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    Athena Audition Series

    I just listened to the AS-B1's at Best Buy as well. Even amidst the chaos, they sounded damn good! Also, consider that BB is using only decent receivers and something like 24 guage speaker wire. When I'm ready to buy in a month or two, I'll be picking them up from or...
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    *** Official THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING Discussion Thread

    I can tell you without even opening the link that it is by David Elliot ( is the site for the San Diego UT). The guy is a perfect barometer for which movies are good, only it's the opposite of what he says. Many times, it seems that if the buzz is good, he hates it. If the...
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    Question about running 6 Ohm speakers

    I was thinking about upgrading my home theater speakers with some Omage speakers, which are 6 Ohm. My receiver is a Pioneer VSX-D411, which is pretty much bottom of the line. Would this receiver be able to power 6 Ohm speakers? The lower the number, the more power they require, correct? Pardon...
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    Return of the King trailer?

    I saw a TT trailer when I saw FOTR for the last time in the theater in March of '02...
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    FS: A whole bunch of 17 inch CRT computer monitors

    Any idea what shipping would be to SoCal (92021)?
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    Early thoughts on the Panny PT-L200u LCD FP

    Peter, what did you use to apply the paint?
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    A problem I can't figure out.... help me please.

    I hope your TV is still under warranty. Sorry that's not very helpful, but that don't sound good. You might try wiggling all the connections to make sure they're tight...
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    Ads in front of movies..... (MERGED THREAD)

    I wouldn't necessarily mind if they used it to offset cheaper ticket prices. But with ticket prices going up a dollar a year it seems (they're now $9-10 in some theaters here), it's just rediculous!
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    Anyone have any opinions on

    I ordered a Pioneer receiver from them and had a great experience. I'd definitely order again.
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    Advice needed......Moving from Cali to Maine

    Heh. My wife an I are moving from San Diego to Oklahoma City in about a year. There ya go, Matthew. That oughta take some of the heat off ya. Seriously, it has always been my dream to own some land and have horses etc. For the price I paid for a 1200 sq.ft. 3 bed house on an 8th of an acre...
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    Cheap and temporary projector questions...

    I'll be moving in about a year, at which point I plan to invest in a good projector, screen, etc. I've been using a 27" tv, but I've also been bitten by the FPTV bug, so I've been thinking about buying a cheap projector to tide me over. I basically have two questions. 1) Would it be possible...
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    Just bought a new theater, a couple problems...Help!

    Cool!! Something was telling me it was the receiver. From now on, I'd try to deal with a reputable A/V shop whenever possible (as if I needed to tell you that after your experience :wink: ). I bet you're pretty stoked you don't have a $4000 paper weight after all! Enjoy!
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    Anything better than a Pioneer VSX-D711 for $133 ?

    The Yamaha's are great receivers. I have the Pioneer VSX-D411 and I love it. The only thing missing is video switching, which I don't need anyway.
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    Anything better than a Pioneer VSX-D711 for $133 ?

    Was it used or a refurb? That is an incredibly low price...
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    Just bought a new theater, a couple problems...Help!

    Do any of your friends have a receiver that they could bring over and swap out with yours? That would at least tell you for sure if there's a problem with the receiver. I know you already had it tested, but it couldn't hurt. I seem to remember some sort of filter or something that you place...
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    home theater set-up under $500

    See this thread...
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    HELP! Get this Onkyo or Wait for This....????

    I don't know how much reading you've done, but the Onkyo system is really considered a "diamond in the rough" when it comes to HTIB's. Since it's so cheap, I would spring for the warranty just for the heck of it. It may be a little less convenient than Best Buy if you ever need to use it, but...
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    Just bought a new theater, a couple problems...Help!

    When you unplugged the devices, did you just unplug one at a time to see if the buzzing went away? or did you unplug them all and only plug in one at a time? If you didn't already, I would try the latter. Does that make sense? And FWIW, the cable box could make a difference if it is grounded...
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    HELP! Get this Onkyo or Wait for This....????

    Whatever you do, don't pull any shady deals on Circuit City. Too much stuff like that and we can kiss their liberal return policy goodbye. I think you'll find that most people would say the Onkyo package is far better than any of the other HTIB's. If you really can get all that for $500 than...
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    Just bought a new theater, a couple problems...Help!

    Barry makes a good suggestion. Plug one component in at a time and note which ones cause the buzzing sound.
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    Just bought a new theater, a couple problems...Help!

    I could be way off, but I was under the impression that a ground occurs when you have components on two different outlets that are connected (i.e. a computer in one room connected to a receiver in another). That would allow a loop between the two outlets. If everything is plugged into the same...
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    cost conscious newbie

    FWIW, here's what I did. I was also on a next to nothing budget. Pioneer VSX-D411 - $150 on sale at (incl. shipping) Sony SS-MB300 (fronts) - $69 on clearance at (normally around $99) Sony SSC-R305 (center and surrounds) - $95 from CC Sony SA-WM40 (sub) - $129 from Sears...
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    computer sound cards

    I use the digital out (s/pdif) on my SB Live! card to send music to my receiver. I just got an RG-6 cable, an f-type to mini plug adapter for the sound card, and an f-type to RCA for the receiver. Works great!