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  1. Cliff Olson

    Any Impressions on the Hughes HTL-HD Directv HDTV Tuner?

    I just received the new Hughes Directv HD Box yesterday, and it gets installed tomorrow afternoon. I've heard this is nearly identical (internally) to the Sony HD300, which I almost bought. I was wondering if anyone has any feedback on the HTL-HD - good or bad. Thanks in advance!b
  2. Cliff Olson

    Help choosing Component video cable

    Quote: It seems that BlueJean cable is the way to go, however I am curious why nobody has tried Tributaries and AudioQuest. Hi David. I believe in the same philosophy as you - "if I can get a better picture from cables, then I'll spend more money to get them". I have the Audioquest...
  3. Cliff Olson

    Mitsu WS-55311 Center Channel weight concern

    I wouldn't worry about it. I have a Legacy Audio Silverscreen, which weighs in at 42lbs, and it's been perched on top of my WS-65909 (Mitsu Diamond) for over a year. I think I could stand on top of this TV and not "Bow" it! Maybe the cabinets are different construction (although I doubt it)?
  4. Cliff Olson

    I can get an unbeatable deal on Mitsubishi - advise and opinions please

    It's a matter of personal preference/taste, but I think you could easily go with the 73" TV from that distance. I think mine could be larger, now that I've had it over a year I believe there is a generalization, which states approx. 2 1/2 times the width of the TV for the seating distance...
  5. Cliff Olson

    I can get an unbeatable deal on Mitsubishi - advise and opinions please

    With only 10-12' of viewing distance, the 82" would be a too large, IMO. BTW, I sit 17' away from a 65" Mitsubishi Diamond.
  6. Cliff Olson

    SACD Troubles

    I'm not sure about Mahler's 3rd (I actually have it, but can't check it right now), but I know off-hand of one MCH SACD that has virtually NO sub activity - Alice in Chains "Greatest Hits". So, it's definately possible that's just the way it was mixed. You should try Beck's "Sea Change" or Peter...
  7. Cliff Olson

    SACD Troubles

    What SACD discs are you playing?
  8. Cliff Olson

    Should I set my Progressive Scan Player to 480i or 480p?

    Quote: while progressive sends 60 full frames/sec. Actually, I believe it's 30 full frames per second.
  9. Cliff Olson

    Comcast buyback program of Directv boxes?

    Quote: But what does a cable company want with Satellite dishes and STB's? Your commitment for the period of the buyback... Smart way to do business, IMO.
  10. Cliff Olson

    Is This Normal On SACD or Is It My Player?

    Kage, I'm not sure about what is "normal", but my player can FF and RW while the disc is on. It makes sense to me that any SACD Player should be able to FF and RW while the disc is playing... Not sure about your second question, because I don't use bass management - ever, for SACD Playback.
  11. Cliff Olson

    Mitsu 65413 deal ..good enough?

    Dave, I'm not Gregg, but mine looks great. I check the Convergence all the time, but it is always pretty solid, and rarely needs much adjustment - if any. I am checking into an ISF Tech currently, so I'll know the full potential of the set, soon
  12. Cliff Olson

    ALIEN QUADRILOGY discussion thread (including all the glitches)

    Sorry to bring this up again, since I'm sure it was already discussed in this HUGE thread But, why did they use the 1997 (I think it was '97) Transfer of Aliens instead of a New Transfer? It looks like all the other 3 movies received a new transfer to me... Thanks in advance.
  13. Cliff Olson

    No Center Channel on ABC HDTV

    I noticed Monday Night Football sounded great in DD 5.1. But, during all the commercials, there was no sound in the center channel. This is the first week that I've had HD, so I'm not sure if it's like that every week... I've also got Comcast, but on the West Coast.
  14. Cliff Olson

    HD Cable or SAT?

    I was with Directv for 5 years, but last week, I switched back to cable due to new HD Programming. I must say that I am very impressed with the SOUND of cable over Directv. All premium channels (Showtime, HBO, Max, etc) are in DD 2.0 or 5.1. There are also several other cable channels offered in...
  15. Cliff Olson

    Mitsubishi WS-55313 or WS-55413? --BUYING HELP--

    Steven, I have a 65" Diamond (WS-65909), and am quite pleased with it. But, my dad is venturing into the HD world, so of course, I'm helping him out on his quest. We have pretty much narrowed it down to the WS-55413. It has a nice assortment of inputs, and the picture quality seems very good (at...
  16. Cliff Olson

    What DVD has your favorite DTS/THX logo scene?

    I thought I was the only nut that looked forward to seeing a new THX or DTS Logo My favorite one is on Star Wars - AOTC. When the explosion hits, look OUT!
  17. Cliff Olson

    PERFECT ambient lighting for your RPTV (and others)

    I have a couple of Sconces mounted on the wall behind my RPTV. They're on a dimmer, so light intensity is easily controllable. I really like the way they look, but they're also quite effective in emitting ambient lighting.
  18. Cliff Olson

    Superbits: reference for picture quality (I think not!)

    Wow, Bill, I didn't know you were a man of such few words!
  19. Cliff Olson

    Are these DVDs worth "upgrading"?

    Robert, I always choose the DVD that offers DTS. It is arguable about how much better it may sound, but I've NEVER heard a DVD that sounded worse in DTS. I have heard many in DD that didn't sound as good as the DTS version (be it the mix, or whatever, I don't care). But, I wouldn't "upgrade"...
  20. Cliff Olson

    Slayer box set coming November 25th!

    Hmm, no OLD Slayer? Strange. There's some great stuff on Hell Awaits and Show No Mercy... Still good news, though!
  21. Cliff Olson

    Pink Floyd is the Best.