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  1. J

    Weekly RoundUp 5-28-2019

    Nothing of interest for me this week. Sadly, less and less TV shows are appearing on physical media.... Sigh. Mike, thanks for all your good work!
  2. J

    Weekly RoundUp 1-8-2019

    Mike, congratulations on 15 years!!! A lot of changes during that time -- streaming, hmm--what's that? Here's to another 15!
  3. J

    Weekly RoundUp 12-11-2018

    Thanks for all your great work, Mike. For this week, only the Blu-ray re-release of Hang 'em High, but only after some reviews come in. I didn't buy the previous Blu because of poor reviews -- no remastering. Let's hope this is the real dead; it's one of the few Clint classics I don't have...
  4. J

    Weekly RoundUp 9-11-2018

    Thanks Mike for the Weekly Roundup! I'm picking up the latest Modern Family and Big Bang releases for my lovely wife. Nothing for me this week.
  5. J

    Weekly RoundUp 6-26-2018

    Thanks Mike, for your great work. This week I'm going to pick up Super-Fly, which I somehow missed the first time around.
  6. J

    Weekly RoundUp 5-29-2018

    Not much this week; however, I did see a "forgotten" favorite -- Cold Turkey! I saw this in the theater in the 60s and had almost forgotten it. It was a hoot! One of Dick Van Dyke's best theatrical efforts. Worth a blind buy if you're a Dick Van Dyke fan. Thanks, Mike, for all you work. It's...
  7. J

    Weekly RoundUp 4-24-2018

    Nothing for me this week. More and more, I find myself streaming shows that I'd much rather buy, but for whatever reason Amazon does not put out shows like Bosh, Man in the High Castle and others on Blu-ray. I don't understand why they don't do physical releases? It sucks for collectors like...
  8. J

    Weekly RoundUp 4-17-2018

    The Awful Truth is one of my and my wife's favorite screwball comedies, but I've already bought it in VHS and DVD. The Columbia DVD has an excellent picture, and a lot of extras, so it's probably not worth getting the Criterion edition if you have the prior Columbia release. I, for one, am a...
  9. J

    Weekly RoundUp 3-6-2018

    Thanks Mike. Nothing for me this week; I guess I'm getting pickier as my shelves are now full and overflowing.... These days I'm buying very few new films, even those I see at the theater. Most are not good enough for re-watching, in my opinion. My big complaint is that many of the TV series...