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  1. Bonnie*F

    Any shot at Wild Kingdom?

    ChrisALM Back in 2005-2006 when these were originally being released, I had figured out there should be a minimum of 312 episodes (minimum of 12 episodes a year for 26 years). If they continued to release them at 10 episodes on each set without duplication, then there should be at least 32...
  2. Bonnie*F

    Season 1 owners waiting on the release of the rest of the seasons

    I'm still waiting for the additional seasons of S.W.A.T., War of the Worlds, Here Comes the Brides, Alias Smith and Jones, The Sentinel and the second half of the first season of Randall and Hopkirk(Deceased). What bites is when you buy the first season and maybe the second and then to get...
  3. Bonnie*F

    Universal spinning Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time

    I going to agree with Werner R - the best way to do this would be as a mini-series. The first book may go into a movie format but as the books go on, the characters go different directions and Jordan was generous to let his readers know what was going on with all of them. Unfortunately, it was...
  4. Bonnie*F

    I give up with the abandoned shows on dvd.

    I agree with Jeff. My 'never give up' was Airwolf. Even the studio reported that they would not do S2 or S3 and then months (or maybe it was years)later, they started showing up. Earth Final Conflict is another one of mine. S3-5 were put out in 2003. Now rumors of S1-S2 being released are again...
  5. Bonnie*F

    Releasing the Last Season First

    I don't know how common it is - Corey3rd's reason actually makes sense - but I know that Earth: Final Conflict had season 3 through 5 released back in 2003 while we are still waiting for Season 1 and 2. has a news story that Universal (owners of S1 and S2) planning on releasing...
  6. Bonnie*F

    Earth: Final Conflict Season 1 & 2 Headed For DVD

    It's about time!!!!! The two seasons that I actually wanted back when 3-5 was released back in 2003. IMO the best ones. Now, just waiting to see if it's one season, two seasons or a double season set. And how much. sorry, this is very good news
  7. Bonnie*F

    The District

    I agree. Got hooked on it when it went into re-runs earlier this year. Wouldn't mind getting ahold of DVD's. Edit: Claification - I know that the show is over. I never saw it when it was originally aired and only viewed it while in syndication. My goof in wording.
  8. Bonnie*F

    Weekly RoundUp 12-4-2007

    Hey Mike - Another Ford film being released (re-released?) is 12 Angry Men. It's a part of the Decades Collection. I had heard the previous release had a ... dubious transfer so I'm hoping that this one is better. MSRP $19.95 Amazon $14.99 Other than 12 Angry Men, I plan on POTC:AWE...
  9. Bonnie*F

    DeepDiscountDvd 20% off sale begins 11/9-11/25

    The orders I placed on Friday - one from DDD and one from DVDPlanet - comparison shopping of several items - have had all in-stock items shipped and will be delivered today. I am willing to pay for the shipping so I can keep track of my orders ever since I had one go to .... I have no clue...
  10. Bonnie*F

    So tell me a little bit about VALIUM

    Ron - I completely agree with Jeff. Definitely do a trial run to see how your body reacts to Valium. Especially if the possibility is there that you will need to be on your toes - business meeting, driving, etc. About 20 years ago, I took them to help get my migraines under control. They put...
  11. Bonnie*F

    Help me pick our next US vacation - 5 weeks away.

    You've gotten some great ideas already but I'd like to add.... Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Oh is about 8.5 hours away. DC is about 10.5 hours away. Six Flags Amusement Park - St Louis is about 5.5 hours away. Fallingwater (by Frank Lloyd Wright) is in Mill Run, PA and about 9.5...
  12. Bonnie*F

    Stargate Season 10

  13. Bonnie*F

    What's With the 8th Grade "Graduations"?!

    MARK!! You made me snort coffee!!
  14. Bonnie*F

    What's With the 8th Grade "Graduations"?!

    Like MarkHastings, one of my co-workers is taking the afternoon off to go to her niece's 5th grade graduation. I had a high school graduation but nothing lower since I went to a school that was K-12. Fifth grade graduation? You get to go to classes upstairs next year. Eighth grade - next year...
  15. Bonnie*F

    DeepDiscount 20%

    Okay, this is bizarre since I placed an order on Sunday the 17th and put in "SUPERSALE" and the coupon took. Or at least the prices on the email confirming the order are 20% lower than the ones posted on the webpage. I don't know how it happened but I'm hoping that I get to keep it . As for...
  16. Bonnie*F

    Weekly RoundUp 6-12-2007

    Mike - What's in the Cecil B. DeMille Classic Collection? I looked at and can't even get a DVD collection to come up to find out. DDD has the cover which says 16 early feature films and the blurb says "Some of Cecil B. DeMille's best silent movies are included on this collection...
  17. Bonnie*F

    DeepDiscount 20%

    Last November, I was standing in the checkout line at the local grocery store and was paging through some of the propaganda mags (at least that's what I call them) and saw an ad for the sale in InTouch. I tried the code and it took. Of course, I already knew some of the codes from the HTF...
  18. Bonnie*F

    the immortal question has the following summaries for the two shows. The Immortal 9/1970-9/1971 Starring: Christopher George Ben Richards works as a test car driver. He is a young, handsome man with no cares in the world. His life is turned upside down after he donates a pint of blood. The doctor tells...
  19. Bonnie*F

    DeepDiscount 20%

    Ooh, that's good to know since I'm looking to buy that one and I've never had a backorder from the 20% off sale. I'm assuming that they honor the sale price when it finally ships but *shrug* been lucky I guess. Well, got the first order in. There will likely be one or two more....maybe...
  20. Bonnie*F

    Weekly RoundUp 6-5-2007

    Rescue Me season 3 and Fantastic Voyage SE for me. And as usual, thanks for all the work guys!!
  21. Bonnie*F

    DeepDiscount 20%

    I was thinking about making a samll order to just catch up on some of the items that the local B&M haven't been carrying. Now more of a reason. But I likely won't be buying as much this time round and perhaps for not as much. It just seems like there is less disposable cash this year than...
  22. Bonnie*F

    "X-13d" had'm yet?

    Just went through the game...clue generator.. and after much cheese, I got an image of french fries
  23. Bonnie*F

    What am I supposed to do with this? [See Image]'re all very strange people..... And for some reason, I keep coming back to hang around with you.....
  24. Bonnie*F

    Most Wanted Telefilms

    Was looking though the upcoming releases over at DDD - some of the stuff being released ???!??!? Anyway, one title reminded me of a telefilm that I had forgotten that I would love to get ahold of: I Heard the Owl Call My Name (1973) Tom Courtenay I'll also second The Night That Panicked...
  25. Bonnie*F

    Weekly RoundUp 5-15-2007

    Right now: Becket M*A*S*H Goodbye Farewell and Amen Later (could be a couple of days later dependent on reviews) Banacek S1 Thanks guys!
  26. Bonnie*F

    Irony or bad luck?

    Linda - I can sympathize. I was driving my truck back from WV when a stone got kicked up and dinged my windshield. Didn't crack it. Just that "dent" in the glass. This happened like 5 months after I got it. Not enough to replace the windshield. Just an annoyance since it's just driver's side of...
  27. Bonnie*F

    Bad News: Farscape DVD's Placed on Moratorium?

    I agree. I started buying Farscape when it was only a couple of episodes per disc - the reason why I have 11 discs for season 1. I was holding off on season 2 hoping for season sets but the $150 when it originally came out made it prohibitively expense for me. Now that the price is beginning to...
  28. Bonnie*F

    I need glasses!

    Three things: 1.) I would also go for the anti-scratch. It won't prevent scratching but there will be minor wispy scratches which otherwise appear as major dents if you don't have it. 2.) If the transitions don't turn dark enough for you, drop the cash for a prescription pair of sunglasses...
  29. Bonnie*F

    How far away from home are you?

    I'm about 4.5 miles from my high school but then I was in the second from last graduating class. It's now all apartments