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  1. RobP

    VHS Named History Milestone Better late than never, On with High Definition!
  2. RobP

    PA speakers for home theater

    Thanks for the info and the tips. I'm going to try them out and let him decide if the ssound is good enough!
  3. RobP

    PA speakers for home theater

    My buddy came across a pair of Yamaha S115H II PA speakers. He has been wanting to set up a surround sound system in his basement for a while now and thought he could use these speakers. He knows NOTHING about audio and I dont know much more when it comes to pro audio. Maybe someone wouldn't...
  4. RobP

    RPTVs that do 720p?

    Do any of the rear projection CRTs do 720p as well as 1080i? I have an '03 Mitsubishi that can't handle 720p at all and it seems the new models are the same. Out of curiosity I looked up other manufacturers and they didnt do 720p either. This just seems strange to me as I am always hearing about...
  5. RobP

    I need 5 speakers for $200

    Yea I think that VT-12 set might fit the bill perfect. Someone on another board also pointed me twards Polk Audio RM6005 which can be had for less than $200(w/o sub). Since I don't need the sub either of these will pobably be a lot better than the stuff he was looking at. He found some phillips...
  6. RobP

    I need 5 speakers for $200

    I am looking for 5 sattelites for $200 MAX. I am looking for my brother who wants surround sound but can't really afford much. He has a subwoofer and reciever so I am just looking for the best 5 speakers I can get, just so he can get his feet wet with surround sound. He is always complaning that...
  7. RobP

    HD source material?

    No, I understand the limitations of DVD as well as the benefits of the blu-ray technology. To be more clear, what equipment and source material are the HD broadcasters using to broadcast movies in High Def? Where did they get a copy of Alladin in a High Def source? Do they have Blue Ray version...
  8. RobP

    HD source material?

    My brother asked me an interesting question today that I will relate to you because I don't know the answer. His daughter was watching the DVD Alladin in 480P. It just so happened that that same movie was brodcast over HDtv that evening and he said the picture was MUCH better than his dvd. This...
  9. RobP

    Need help diagnosing video noise.

    Thanks for the link. I'll try what you suggest but it will take a few days. Ill let you know if I figure it out.
  10. RobP

    Need help diagnosing video noise.

    When I run a straight s-video signal from my reciever (for switching and on screen display) to my tv the signal has a lot of artifact, grain, noise (I'm not sure how to describe it) that runs horizontally all over the television. First I thought the reciever might be introducing the noise so I...
  11. RobP

    Help, expert opinions needed.

    I am looking to get a new dvd player, as i just aquired an hdtv, however I am somewhat out of the loop. The tv is an older model so no DVI or HDMI required. A Universal player would be nice. I would love to get one of the denon players but they are too much for me right now. I am on a budget of...
  12. RobP

    Does HK stink?

    "It will turn itself off." Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! If your having this problem with an HK run fast and far and do not look back. HK's can be real nice and have a good sound when they work. I have had this problem with my HK for YEARS. I bought an AVR-520 a few years ago. It would...
  13. RobP

    *** Official MONSTER Discussion Thread

    I just saw this movie for the first time. I read ebert's review after just to see what he had to say about it and one thing he said was, "Aileen's body language is frightening and fascinating. She doesn't know how to occupy her body. Watch Theron as she goes through a repertory of little arm...
  14. RobP

    dipole to direct radiating speakers

    You don't there different designs.
  15. RobP

    *** Official Splinter Cell (X-Box) Review & Discussion Thread

    I dont know if its been mentioned somewhere already but gamespot gave it an 8.6. I guess they didn't like it as much. Their review isn't locked so go have a look.
  16. RobP

    And the Metroid Fusion/Prime Connectivity Features Are...

    Thats sounds pretty stupid to me. Why couldn't they just give the original metroid as a bonus anyway. Whats the point of having to connect it to a Gameboy?
  17. RobP

    200 bucks game...will you get it?

    $200 bucks . . . ! That better be one hell of a game.
  18. RobP

    What games have you regretted buying lately?

    Yea you can add me to that mario list too. Not a bad game but a rental would have been just fine.
  19. RobP

    Heads up if you're buying an xbox.

    I just bought an XBOX for $150 refurbished from Funcoland. I can still return it but do you think its worth the extra $50 for the S-pad and two games?
  20. RobP

    Starfox Adventures or Mario Sunshine?

    Try renting both first. I rented Star Fox and didn't even have the urge to finish it (which I usually do). The interface is similar to Zelda but the the game is nowhere near as good. I enjoyed it for a while and think it is definitely worth renting. The graphics are amazing but the rest of the...
  21. RobP

    H/K 520 shutting down!!!

    My 520 shuts down randomly too. I've heard the wiring explanation before too and I've noticed that it will sometimes shutoff when I unplug my fan and stuff like that. But no matter what HK's explanation is I refuse to blame it on anything other than HK's receiver. My $150 Kenwood receiver never...
  22. RobP

    Mafia is coming to GC

    This is great news for me. I have wanted to play this game but my CP is outdated for playing games. Quote taken from IGN, "Nintendo recently announced that a version of the Take2 Interactive published Mafia would be coming to GameCube in the third quarter of this year".
  23. RobP

    Metal Gear Solid 3 is Xbox exclusive?

    I loved MGS2 but I thought the game would have been much better if you played as Snake throughout the game. I didn't like Raiden at all. They always throw those goofy lines in MG games too. Like when Raiden is taking to the ninja for example. . ."Just call me Deep Throat, . ..ughh never mind"...
  24. RobP

    Metal Gear Solid 3 is Xbox exclusive?

    Never mind I'm an idiot
  25. RobP

    H/K 320 Gripes and Praises

    I'd have to agree with you Steven, the faceplate is overly bright. The menu allows you to turn off the display but NOT those annoying green lights all over it which is really the problem. And I'd also add the remote to that con list. Its not too bad when it works but I've had two go bad on me...
  26. RobP

    HK 520/Onkyo 797/Yamaha Rx-V1200 Review

    LOL!! That cracks me up. I never did sell it, I think I was just saying that out of frustration. I don't have the money now to get what I would want anyhow? After my remote died the second time I wrote HK and they took mercy on me and sent me a replacement remote w/o having to screw around with...
  27. RobP

    HK 520/Onkyo 797/Yamaha Rx-V1200 Review

    As many issues as I have had with my AVR520 I can confidently say sound quality is definitely not one of them. How can you possibly make a review of a receiver at CC.
  28. RobP

    DTS LFE problem and H/K 520?

    Kevin, your post explains the problem perfect. "If the LFE signals are mixed with signals of other channels and they are directed to the same speakers,the ratio of the LFE signal level to the level of the other signals can be adjusted" . . . . Not on the HK they can't. Remember the sub...
  29. RobP

    DTS LFE problem and H/K 520?

    Paul Clarke posted a link to an article, about the AVR3000, earlier in this thread that I just got around to checking out. I found this intersting. "Interestingly, although perhaps not unexpectedly (because the same characteristic can be found within the AVR 4000), the 3000 is another...