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  1. RussR

    Star Wars discussion from The Bits...

    Greg, I'm right there with you and couldn't have said it any better. Ditto, on all counts!
  2. RussR

    Halo 2 Arranged Match for 8PM PST Saturday, Feb 5, 2005! Sign up here!

    Carlo-- I'm not sure I'm going to be available that late on Saturday night (East Coast), but I would really appreciate an invite to the HTF2 clan, in hopes that it will soon be regularly active again. Gamertag: WolfRatt
  3. RussR

    Halo 2 HTF Clan

    Hey, there! If there's any spots left, please add me in as well. Gamertag: WolfRatt
  4. RussR

    stupid game but .....

    Original version -- 323.5
  5. RussR

    Can someone help me find one of these...?

    I think the version you're thinking of is called the "Magic Bank". Search Google with that term and you'll find a number of products that match your description, except for the color of the hand. I had a wind-up bank similar to this. It was tin, in the shape of a brown book and featured a...
  6. RussR

    How do I start a petition for SCTV on DVD?

    Episode Guide
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    Help me plan Orlando (Disney) Vacation

    OK, here's another suggestion for an evening. In October, the parks (except for EPCOT) are usually closed by 7PM. You might want to head over to Boardwalk one evening and walk around. It's a good opportunity to have a look at a couple of resorts (Yacht and Beach Club in addition to the Boardwalk...
  8. RussR

    Help me plan Orlando (Disney) Vacation

    Two wishes/day sounds like the Silver Dream Maker, so here's the info on the possible wishes: Silver Dream Maker info from There's been lot's of good advice posted, including all of my favorite sites. Here's my two cents. Relax and have a good time. Don't worry about...
  9. RussR

    "Once Upon ... West" cover art - will it survive?

    An absolutely perfect cover for this film. For such a special edition as this, I hope the marketing folks can be persuaded to forgo their usual practice.
  10. RussR

    Lottery what now???I

    If they're smart, the other party is first consulting with an attorney and financial/tax advisor, deciding whether to establish a trust to receive the payout(s), etc. This is particularly likely if it is a ticket held by a group of people, such as an office pool. Oh, and changing their phone...
  11. RussR

    Whither The Wannsee Conference?

    Conspiracy was OK, but not as well done as The Wannsee Conference. FWIW, last year I emailed Home Vision about this title. I received a response from a real person, as I recall, indicating that there no plans for a DVD release "at this time".
  12. RussR

    Warner - The In-Laws

    I wanted to resurrect this thread in order to say "Thank you" to the folks at Warner Home Video for The In-Laws.
  13. RussR

    Serpentine Shelly. Serpentine! The In-Laws DVD

    I'm thrilled to have this disc finally, but I've got to ask a question. Does this transfer seem a tad dark to anyone else?
  14. RussR

    Advice needed......Moving from Cali to Maine

    Matt-- I want to follow up on Jay's question. Is there any part of Maine that you're looking at particularly? Are you looking to be urban or rural (or really, really rural...)? Also, what's your profession? This would probably help the Mainers and MIEs (Mainers in Exile) like myself to help...
  15. RussR

    Just a pipe dream, but..... (theater questions)

    You'll have to do some digging on the site. Somewhere in the Film-Tech forums you'll find links to info on this subject.
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    Building a new PC. Care to share your best sources for parts?

    Well, I'll add just one caveat for dealing with Newegg. If the item you're ordering has any accessories, etc., make sure that they're included in the pictures that accompany the product. I'd had nothing but good experiences with them until last year, when I bought an Inwin case. It arrived...
  17. RussR

    Never Say Never Again in future Bond sets?

    In a nutshell, the story of Kevin McClory, Thunderball and Never Say Never Again, from the FAQ:
  18. RussR

    Joe Pesci where are you?

    Alphonse-- Rick Moranis has pretty much withdrawn from the public side of showbiz to raise his children. I believe he has his own production company in NY.
  19. RussR

    German/Italian POWs in the US...any movies with this subject?

    The movie that you're thinking of is probably "Summer of My German Soldier". Although I don't recall seeing this TV movie, it is an interesting subject. I grew up not far from a town that had a German POW camp during the war. The prisoners were "loaned out" to the logging and potato industries...
  20. RussR

    Anyone read any of John Grisham's books?

    Definitely read The Runaway Jury. That and The Firm are his best. The Client, The Chamber and The Rainmaker are pretty entertaining. I thought that the end of The Partner spoiled an otherwise good story. I haven't found his latest stuff to be as engaging, although I haven't read The Summons yet.
  21. RussR

    What About Hopscotch?

    Wow, out of the blue! Great news about my favorite Matthau film!
  22. RussR

    Ken Burns' THE CIVIL WAR : Sept. 17th

    Didn't notice this posted anywhere and I know there's quite a bit of interest. If it's already been noted, apologies for the duplication. Here's the link: Look under 'Breaking news' for Warner Home Video Wins 'The Civil War'.
  23. RussR

    Where Eagles Dare ????

    A search for "where eagles dare" will turn up quite a bit of information. In short, as far as I can recall, this is in need of restoration. Last fall, Bill Hunt had it listed as a rumored MGM SE for this year, but the general consensus of opinion now seems to be that this title is controlled...
  24. RussR

    How do I find info on the KKK(my sister got stuck with having to do a report on them)

    Depending on where you are in NH, you should have at least a few public or academic libraries nearby that would almost certainly have several books on the Klan. You can search the holdings of most of NH's libraries online.
  25. RussR

    Cases sold without accessories?

    There is no joy in Mudville. The Newegg manager I spoke with seemed puzzled at first; he knew something about cases and I think he thought it odd, as well, that the accessories wouldn't be there. He contacted someone else at Newegg, however, and came back on with the same spiel: it's not shown...
  26. RussR

    Cases sold without accessories?

    Thanks for the responses, folks. When I get a chance tomorrow, I'm going to take your advice, call Newegg and hope that a manager will help get this situation resolved. It made absolutely no sense to me that someone would sell a case without the accessories, but I thought I'd ask, just to make...
  27. RussR

    Cases sold without accessories?

    Well, this is odd and just a tad frustrating. I build PCs now and again. A couple of weeks ago, I bought an Inwin S506 case from Newegg. When it arrived, it was missing the front panel and, to my thinking, the accessory bag (screws, drive rails, etc.). I contacted Newegg and after a bit of a...