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    GREAT TV series from the 80s, 90s yet to see video release (DVD or otherw)

    I would like to see the following released on DVD: - Burke's Law (Colour remake) The Fugitive (remake) The Charmings Otherworld
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    THE SMITH FAMILY (1971-1972) from VEI, May 1

    Unfortunately VEI do not ship to the UK. I wonder why that is
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    Other CBS Shows VEI could release

    That is a great shame because I was delighted when the first season was released. I have tried to get Network DVD in Britain to be interested in co-releasing the Defenders. No success sadly so far.
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    Rarest sitcoms of the 60s

    I would love to see He and She, My World and Welcome to It, The Debbie Reynolds Show and Nanny and the Professor released on DVD.
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    Next Hanna-Barbera set?

    I live in the UK and hope that The Flintstones' 60th Anniversary will be marked in some way.
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    Other CBS Shows VEI could release

    I would be delighted if more TV projects were planned especially dramas and comedies from the 1960s or 1970s.
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    Next Hanna-Barbera set?

    I would really like to see The Flintstones on bluray. And It's the Wolf!
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    'WAY OUT (CBS/1961)

    This is a great series. I wish some company would release it in DVD.
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    Other CBS Shows VEI could release

    That's great news. I was hoping that that series might be released one day.
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    'WAY OUT (CBS/1961)

    I had never heard of this series and I'm not sure if it was ever transmitted in the UK. However I decided to purchase the book because I thought Martin's book on The Time Tunnel was excellent. I have read part of the book - the origins of the show are really interesting and Jackie Gleeson...
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    Favorite TV Leads?

    Difficult for there are so many. Single leads: Dr. Richard Kimble/Harry O; David Vincent; Nowhere Man; Barnaby Jones; McGill; The Saint; Duos: John Steed and Emma Peel; Batman and Robin; Trios; Steed/Purdey/Gambit; Department S; The Champions; Randall and Hopkirk/Jeannie...
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    Blu-Ray Wish List for Vintage Television

    I would like: Land of the Giants, Voyage to the Bottom of the sea; Daktari; Search; Deep Space 9, Voyager; Mission Impossible; The Invaders; Bewitched; I Dream of Jeannie.