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  1. Eric F

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Prometheus 3D-- in Blu-ray

    Luckily I caught this in IMAX 3D during it's theatrical run. This thread almost makes me want to sell my current 60" Sharp Aquos LCD and buy a 3D TV. Almost, but not quite.:D
  2. Eric F

    Sony HMZ-T1 Wearable 3D HDTV (Blu-ray 3D Crosstalk Free)

    This is interesting. As someone with a Sharp 60" LCD display without 3D I wouldn't mind picking this up for 3D movie viewing. What concerns me is the 720p resolution makes it sort of limited with non-3D sources.
  3. Eric F

    Scott Atwell Star Trek Discussion thread (Series and Films)

    Just a heads up- All of the animated series is now avalable on Netflix streaming in HD and they look really good.
  4. Eric F

    SyFy's Alphas

    This show reminds me so much of X-Men/Mutant-X. Dr. Rosen's Group= X-men Red Hand (is that it?)= Brotherhood of Mutants Dr. Rosen= Charles Xavier Mute Girl= Magneto I like the show just fine, just that it's nothing new. I like Eureka better, too bad SyFy cancelled it.:(
  5. Eric F

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Lord of the Rings Trilogy - Extended Edition -- in Blu-ray

    I picked it up for $66 shipped from last month when they were offering 50% off coupons. Since I knew the extras were just rehashed from the DVD set I sold my DVD edition for $35, so all in all it worked out well. Yes, I would have liked it to be a bit cheaper, but since I didn't pick...
  6. Eric F

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Lord of the Rings Trilogy - Extended Edition -- in Blu-ray

    While I don't have a professional quality display (living situation and expenses prohibit it), as a long-time user of HTF I've always appreciated the input of those "in the know" like Mr. Harris and Mr. Hunt. If they say the quality of this production is OK that's good enough for me. I really...
  7. Eric F

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Twilight Zone: Season One -- in Blu-ray

    I've seen most of them on broadcast TV while growing up and I'm only 41, so it's been running in syndication forever. As soon as the price of the sets get down to a reasonable price, say $30-$40 I'll probably pick them up.
  8. Eric F

    Blu-ray Review HTF Blu-ray Review: The Phantom Miniseries BD

    Hah. This is actually decent? Usually SyFy produced means total crap. I might have to pick this one up.
  9. Eric F

    "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" coming from MGM/UA to Blu-ray

    HDNet runs plenty of stuff that hasn't made it to Blu. They are also running the excellent Holes, which might not be considered "classic" but is another great "family" movie. They are also running The Russians are Coming and Tron this month too.
  10. Eric F

    "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" coming from MGM/UA to Blu-ray

    HDNet Movies has been running this month what I can only assume is the transfer they're going to use of Chitty for Blu-Ray and it looks mighty good to me.
  11. Eric F

    Space: 1999 Season One on Blu-ray

    $100MSRP for a single season. Ouch!
  12. Eric F

    PHE Press Release: Iron Man 2 (Blu-ray)

    Looking forward to this release as I didn't get a chance to see it in the theaters.
  13. Eric F

    Vote for the next Harryhausen Blu-Ray!

    Why don't they just do all of them? I'm either waiting for a Sinbad Blu set or an all encompassing Harryhausen Blu box. I won't jump until then.
  14. Eric F

    Blu-ray Review HTF Blu-ray Review: DR. HORRIBLE'S SING-ALONG BLOG

    I saw it once upon a time when they were offering it in HD downloads for free. This is a fun short- worth the $11 @ Amazon.
  15. Eric F

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Pride and Prejudice -- in Blu-ray

    I also just picked this one up on BD for $20 and hope I won't need to repurchase it (I haven't even opened my copy yet). I just want to note that you should not go by Amazon's technical specs. They are often (and most likely) wrong.
  16. Eric F

    Redbox is going to start renting Blu-rays

    Only a few "select" Redboxes inside Walmarts have been renting Blu-Rays.
  17. Eric F

    3D Top 10 Movies That Should Never, Ever Be Converted to 3D

    How long until 2001: 3D arrives? As if the final scenes didn't encourage doing drugs in 2D...
  18. Eric F

    Blu-ray Review HTF BLU-RAY REVIEW: Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

    Hmm. I thought as much. I'll wait for the price to come down a bit before I pick this one up. For the first time I'm actually more interested in the extra (The Spectre) than I am in the main movie. Also, Warner- when are you going to use lossless audio?!?!
  19. Eric F

    Blu-ray Review HTF BLU-RAY REVIEW: Ponyo

    It doesn't necessarily have to be anime, but any foreign language film.
  20. Eric F

    An early glimpse of 'Toy Story'...

    Looks so good you would never know the original movie was rendered at considerably less than 1080p.
  21. Eric F

    Blu-ray Review HTF BLU-RAY REVIEW: Ponyo

    That's not to say Liam Neeson is bad, he is, by far, one of the better VO performers on the cast. He was also part of the English cast on Studio Ghibli's previous work (which has of yet received a western release)- Tales from Earthsea, so at least he had some familiarity with the subject. But he...
  22. Eric F

    Time Bandits BD

    Doesn't Anchor Bay still hold the distribution rights for this in North America? If so I hope they do a better job on this than the rest of the shit they've been putting out lately.
  23. Eric F

    Blu-ray Review HTF BLU-RAY REVIEW: Ponyo

    What I particularly dislike about Disney's choice for English voice talent is picking them because they are a "name", not necessarily because they are good. If they really had any interest in picking English talent who were familiar with the industry they could have done much better than some of...
  24. Eric F

    Blu-ray Review HTF BLU-RAY REVIEW: Ponyo

    I'm fairly certain when I was was watching the Japanese version this afternoon I had regular subtitles. There were absolutely no SDH events like describing noises and such. I also thought the DD5.1 640k track was quite good, one of the best ones I've heard. The PQ is stellar and it's well worth...
  25. Eric F

    Smallville Season 9

    Hmmm. What I did find interesting was that Fate said Chloe was going to follow his path. What does that mean? Will she die young? Will she become the next Dr. Fate? Interesting...
  26. Eric F

    Ponyo on Blu-ray (Specs questions, both JP and US releases)

    Originally Posted by AaronMK [url=/forum/thread/295727/ponyo-on-blu-ray-specs-questions-both-jp-and-us-releases#post_3641553]
  27. Eric F

    Alien Anthology Blu Ray 2010 Update : Ripley to record audio commentaries for all 4 films

    Well that would certainly be novel. If they had the actual Ripley record commentary tracks I might listen to them, otherwise I'm not interested. Just give me the movies.
  28. Eric F

    3D 3-D for Blu-ray Is Just Around the Corner

    Yes, I have seen a new movie in 3D and I still get headaches from the ones that require you to wear the polarized glasses (especially the IMAX 3D showings). After a 2hr+ movie in 3D I have a raging headache.
  29. Eric F

    'Fight Club' to arrive in BD, November 17th...

    Now wait a minute...Are we allowed to talk about this topic?