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    The Cyberlink dvd ultra 20 software blu- ray player

    I don't know if this is the right vlog to talk about this since this is software 3d, the 3d section only limits to blu ray disk and titles and reviews. There is no software section on this forum, but, Cyberlink .com for years put out the CyberLink 13 up to 19 blu ray software player always...
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Parasite - in Blu-ray

    . Every now and then the academy will give an award to a foreign film rather than an American film .this has been going on since 1938, like Grand Illusionverus the story of Louis Pasteur.Some time the academy can be wrong too.
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    3D The Sword of Granada the first mexican film in 3D

    I was kicked out of Blu -ray .com,which i always focus on the 3D section ,for good for some mysterious reason.Either because they thought I was a spam or because they got offend at what I said which is trivial .They promote censorship up there against criticism and dissent against trivial...
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    3D The Sword of Granada the first mexican film in 3D

    In spite of the fact that a competing Blu- ray Forum Blog claimed that the Blu -ray 3D version won't have subtitles.Tomorrow ,Feb 23 it's going to have it's world Theatrical Premiere i in New York City at the Forum and it's being advertised as being in Spanish with subtitles to opposite...
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    3D The Sword of Granada the first mexican film in 3D

    I'm looking forward in receiving in April,although the restoration is going to be finished in march 24,the public release will be in April.I had contributed 10 dollars to the restoration of it in kick starter,so my name will be on the credits to on contributing the restoration .Furmanek claim...