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    Compare Blu Ray Extras?
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    WBShop Warner Archives 4 for $44 + $2.50 Shipping through March 23, 2020 11:59pm PT

    A few $11 titles you might have missed that I ordered today: Jezebel The Witches V: The Original Miniseries What Ever Happened to Baby Jane Wagon Master Moonfleet Maybe they were available last sale though.
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    Is it time to talk about coronavirus?

    I found this article enlightening and entertaining:
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    Is it time to talk about coronavirus?

    Wasn't it Sheryl Crow who was advocating this way back some time?
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    What annoys you?

    If you really want to know: and I'm with you. I always put...
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    Videos played during VH1's first hour on air

    I have fond memories of Night Flight on the USA network. It was more than music videos and hard to describe.
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    Contest Contest: Win a copy of Terminator Dark Fate on UHD

    I would find someone who runs slower than me and then just stay ahead of him.
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    Blu-ray Player Glitch (?)

    I've had something like this happen when I turned on the player before the TV. Oppo BDP-203 here.
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    The Official HTF Cat Thread

    One of my cats with urinary issues wouldn't touch the Hill's Science sample my vet gave me. Purina ProPlan turned out to be acceptable to her, but it sure is expensive.
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    Vital sociological issue: How do you mount your toilet dispense from top or bottom?

    I take it to show that the need was so dire that they used up the mounted roll and just grabbed a new one to continue with, not taking the time to mount it. Perhaps even being pessimistic that the new roll will be enough.
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    What annoys you?

    I suspect that these "useless" messages may be a troubleshooting aid, so a sign with no message would be easily ID'd as a unit in need of maintenance.
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    Mad Magazine cease publishing new issues after fall 2019

    I too am glad I got the MAD CD-ROM set. Not long ago my sister needed the rules for 43-man squamish and I was able to locate and print them from the CD. I don't know how the game turned out.
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    Mad Magazine cease publishing new issues after fall 2019

    I bought the complete set of The Fugitive solely on the basis on the Mad parody of it, which I have always remembered. I assume I saw the show some in its original run although I don't recall it. My favorite part of the parody was a frame with a water truck in the background labeled "Making...
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    A few words about...™ The Blue Knight -- in Blu-ray

    I just got my copy and it doesn't have subtitles or closed captions. Bummer!
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    Movies about Movies

    Living in Oblivion Shadow Magic ..And God Spoke
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    How to edit a post?

    This is why I delete most of my posts before actually submitting them. "Post in haste, repent at leisure." I think Abraham Lincoln said that.
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    Permanent Record (1988)

    I recall watching this on cable way back because of Pamela Gidley's appearance in it, as well as in The Blue Iguana. I had met her during her modeling days so I wanted to see how she would do in acting. Just now looking this up, I found that she passed away in April of last year. Way too young.
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    What annoys you?

    So this thread's latest post has dropped, giving me the opportunity to be annoyed at the use of "dropped" as a synonym for "released" in regards to songs, books, movies, etc.. There are enough unpleasant things that drop that this sounds like something bad. (Although maybe it is sometimes!)
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    What annoys you?

    So I was reading this thread when I remembered how annoying it is for people to start a message with "So." It always feels like they have left out the beginning of their story.
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    The Invisible Man + The Creature from the Black Lagoon Blu Ray Legacy Sets coming 8/28

    I was beginning to worry a little myself. I re-checked my email to them and saw I had mis-typed my phone number.
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    The Invisible Man + The Creature from the Black Lagoon Blu Ray Legacy Sets coming 8/28

    I sent my request September 7 and received an acknowledgement the same day. Today I received a FedEx shipping notification with delivery scheduled for November 21.
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    NIGHT/CURSE OF THE DEMON...Coming Soon From Indicator

    The cards were included only on purchases from Indicator/Powerhouse themselves. I haven't received mine yet, so I can't address its location in the package.
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    Colonoscopy time!

    Virtual colonoscopies were mentioned earlier in this thread. It is like an X-ray or CT scan, so it's non-invasive. You still have to the cleansing bit and also drink a "contrast medium" the night before. It's...
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    Colonoscopy time!

    I had one ten years ago, shortly after Katie Couric had had one on TV where she stayed awake and talked through it. I asked my doctor if he could leave me conscious through my procedure. He said he could if I wanted, but then told me how one of the other doctors in his practice asked for the...
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    What annoys you?

    And just what do you mean by that?!?
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    Things You’ve Seen in Movies or TV But will Never See in Life

    Related to this is when people go to see a singer performing, the singer just finishes a song, hands off their instrument (if any) to a nameless bandmate and then sits down to talk with the visitors, leaving the poor band to fend for themselves. Having been in "poor bands," this offends me...
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    Henry Cavill is Reportedly Out as DC Universe's Superman

    Perhaps Nicolas Cage will get another shot at playing Superman.
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    Filing Films in Your Collection (when titles start with numbers)

    It looks like your program is going by the ASCII number: ( is 40, and 1 is 49. My own database has (500) Days of Summer *Batteries Not Included ...And God Spoke ...and justice for all. before the numbers begin.