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    Why is ATi's Best Card Only AGP??

    Yep, I found the PE version too just a little while back thanks. Of course it's not available in the stores I was shopping at lol.
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    Why is ATi's Best Card Only AGP??

    No... AGP = 8x PCIE = 16x and is sli capable
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    Why is ATi's Best Card Only AGP??

    I am planning on building a new system, I am going to go 64Bit, and will more than likely stick with ABit as my motherboard of choice, since I have had a number of them, and liked them very much. Problem is, the higher end mobos are PCIE-16X interface for the video card, not AGP. Which would...
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    Medal of Honor Series

    In MOH since you are talking about the PC versions AA, SH, BT you want to go for the head, no matter which weapon you use. If you wish to get better, try only using the rifle it will force you to aim more. I myself do not like "realism" servers, as that usually just encourages a bunch of...
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    You are invited.......TO DIE!!!!____WOLFENSTIEN

    Too bad console people can't play with PC people. I know for a time they came out with a way for the Dreamcast to play with the PC people (it didn't work out too well though) Be really fun to play Medal Of Honor etc, against even more people.
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    Valve Skewers Nvidia

    The old line about ATi's drivers not being stable has been put to bed a long time ago. Their Cats, are every bit as stable as anything from nvidia. This game should rock. Now time for me to go hug my 9800 Pro
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    PS3 compatiblity

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    Call of Duty - Sucessor to Medal of Honor?

    Ok my lil review.... Its indeed got fantastic atmosphere, the graphics are a step up from the other WW2 games, nice textures used, liked all the little touches going on around me. The shell shock was a nice touch, and how the unit actually moved with more of a purpose than other games was...
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    SONY PSP ooooo can't wait.
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    Doom 3 Delayed until March 2004

    You may all disagree as much as you like. However, it's been a rumour from before, during, and still lives even after E3. I never said it was "true", but to deny that the rumour exsists would be folly. It has long been known MS covets this title. I am quite sure they did make certain...
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    Doom 3 Delayed until March 2004

    No one really knows it's true release date. Also the general rumour is that if it is delayed it is because MS threw a ton of money at Id to delay it so that it can release on the Box first or at least at the same time. Either way... we all know it will kill the XBOX version for sure, as long...
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    GameCube--Are you going through controllers?

    No... We are going through GAMECUBES We are now as of yesterday on our 3rd one. They are kept as nice as can be, with good ventilation too. The first two had 2 completly different problems. Let's hope 3 is the charm.
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    help a rookie built a PC - please!

    You are correct. The MAudio is better at music, the Audigy 2 at gaming...So it's a choice you have to make. As for memory. Corsair or Mushkin.
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    Online FPS recommendations?

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    My kEyBoard is Screwed...HELP

    Call Microsoft, they will replace it for free. Trust me.
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    Playstation PORTABLE!

    This is what I have been waiting for!!!! However, I think it's about 12 months too late. (which has me very concerned) It had better be more comparable to a PS 1 and 1/2 then the PS1 if it's not coming out till Fall 2004. Thats VERY late in the game. And as we have seen before, coming late...
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    Best Program for making web pages?

    This was asked a little while ago, and then like now I will say... Notepad. Of course nice easy to use WYSIWYG programs are Cool Pages and Dreamweaver.
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    Console Price Drop gossip--could be happening soon

    I already commented on this before... I bet you will see a price drop for the consoles right around E3.
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    Green XBOX For Europe

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    Green XBOX For Europe

    Here's a new limited edition release for you XBOX people. G R E E N
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    Upgrade or buy new PC?

    Well, it does depend on the controller chip... and then there is also the Intel Application Accelerator. Course I use a RAID Array (on our main rig) which is great for what I use it for. Now, after you get past all this HDD stuff, there is soooooo much more one can do, to really get the...
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    Upgrade or buy new PC?

    Your IDE channels are where you connect your devices to the motherboard. You can simply follow the ribbon from your exsisting HD to where it plugs into. That will be IDE1 Computers normally have at least two IDE channels, the primary and the secondary. You can connect two IDE devices to each...
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    Upgrade or buy new PC?

    Here's hoping I remember all you asked. (lol) You would install the new drive and set it as your master drive (there are lil pins on the back of HDD's you put it on master, and set your older one to slave. Yes, you should have at least one more drive cage even in a pre-built PC. Yes, they...
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    Building a HTPC

    I'm sorry... yes the Barton 2500... its 132 shipped Retail not the OEM which of course means they come with a retail fan with the chip, and a fancy package. Go to >> The 2500 Bartons are also unlocked.
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    Building a HTPC

    9700 is 350, and the XP 1500 (Barton) is 132 shipped right now.. and in a weird turn of events.. the Retail box one is cheaper then the OEM... **Edit** oops, meant 1500 Barton.
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    Building a HTPC

    Nforce 2 mobo is a great mobo, and a wonderful idea... However if you just want info on the cards look into these: Video Cards: 128mb or 256mb for some really nice grafx (esp if you game.) DDR ATI Radeon™ 9700 Pro/TX Graphics Card with TV-Out and DVI or wait for the 9800 Pro... or... the...
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    Downloadable images from the web?

    Try ThemeXP, or DeviantArt. Many Hi Quality pics there.
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    Upgrade or buy new PC?

    How far you can go depends on what mobo you own and what it will support. As far as losing your info, changing your CPU will have no effect on that. It's a very simple process, will take you longer to open the case then to put the new chip in. Would need to know what mobo you have to...
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    Upgrading XP Home to XP Pro

    Your main differences: This is what XP PRO gives you: Security (biggie) Encrypting File System - Windows XP Professional supports the Encrypting File System (EFS), which allows you encrypt individual files or folders for local security (File-level access control - Any user with Administrator...
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    Which digital camera do you have?

    Sony DSC P71 3.2 Mega Pixel. Very happy with it