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  1. Larry B

    Will digital CD audio differ from player to player?

    Lee: If you're still around, could you please contact me by E-mail ([email protected]). Thanks... Larry
  2. Larry B

    Who all makes bipolar/omnipolar speakers?

    The best omnipolars in the world are from MBL. Unfortunately, they are phenomenally expensive. Larry
  3. Larry B

    amp classes??????

  4. Larry B

    Outlaw 950 vs rotel rsp 1066

    Newbie question regarding the "double bass" issue: Is this audible, or is it more of a theoretical problem? Thanks. Larry
  5. Larry B

    Feed Me Receivers

    Jack: I believe your previous post should have been addressed to Lee, not me. Larry
  6. Larry B

    Feed Me Receivers

    Lee: If you rarely watch movies, only occasionally listen to CDs and never listen to the radio, why in the world do you want a home theater receiver? Larry
  7. Larry B

    Do high end CD players actually make a difference?

    Robert and Lee: I sent each of you a private mail. I would appreciate it if you would let me know when you receive it. Regards, Larry
  8. Larry B

    Paradigm vs B&W

  9. Larry B

    "High Quality" 2 channel systems and HT

    Kevin: I think the phenomenon you describe is real, though I suspect it is far less important than the reflections. Larry
  10. Larry B

    "High Quality" 2 channel systems and HT

    Alex: Reflections off of a RPTV seriously impair imaging and tonal accuracy. I used to throw a blanket over my RPTV when listening to music which helped, but not enough. (My primary interest is music.) So, I eventually got rid of the RPTV and bought a FPTV instead. Larry
  11. Larry B

    Upwards facing surround speakers?

    Ric: Based on your pictures, I strongly urge you to pull your main speakers forward, so as to clear the front plane of the cabinet. The difference in soundstage, imaging and clarity will be considerable. Larry
  12. Larry B

    $10k golden ears AMP challenge!

    So, should we call it a day, at long last?
  13. Larry B

    $10k golden ears AMP challenge!

    Or the won (oops, Freudian slip) with the most tubes wins. (Anyone have an Atma-Sphere OTL amp?) edited.
  14. Larry B

    $10k golden ears AMP challenge!

    Well, if nothing else, you're all finally playing together nicely. (Say hallelujah!) So let the race continue, and may he with the deepest soundstage win. Larry
  15. Larry B

    $10k golden ears AMP challenge!

    Sure, now that we're nearing the 1,000th, Saurav suddenly re-appears. And he thinks I'm not on to his guily ways.... Larry