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  1. Manus

    Zero Dark 30 (4k)

    I would love it too at that price point but BB won't ship international :O( I don't see the point of these limited release patterns , it plays right into the E-bay scalpers hands . ~M~
  2. Manus

    Custom Cover Blu-Ray Custom Cover art thread

    Just got the Sopranos Complete Bd set from Spain , discs are fine , menus are fine but the inserts and back cover are in Spanish ; anyone know where I could source the U.S. or other custom artwork ?? The works featured in this thread are stunning ! Reminds me of the International Special...
  3. Manus

    Its time to unlock region codes

    Its 17 years since I ordered my first of many Region Free players and , frankly , it feels a bit ridiculous to still be talking about it as a topic . What next , Region-Coded 'Burger-Kings ' ? Apple Corp.unable to earn billions outside of U.S. ? Look at the end-titles of any movie and see the...
  4. Manus

    Blu-ray Review The Qatsi Trilogy Blu-ray Review

    If it helps with motivation to maybe actually view this set of films is available more affordably here : M
  5. Manus

    Have you watched and listened to Blu-ray DVD concerts?

    I haven't heard it yet but the new Porcupine Tree BD ' Anesthetize' should be something special when it arrives in May judging by Steven Wilson's previous works Dvd and Dvd-A like the the King Crimson Dvd-As and PT's own 'The Incident' . Its not up for order just yet ( any day now ) but it...
  6. Manus

    Just what is up with Warner Bros and Blu-ray?

    They did indeed release ' Grumpy Old Men ' and graced some of the finest american character actors best comedy performances with less extras than the wrong aspect ratio original dvd I also wish they would use 24-bit audio when possible... ~M~
  7. Manus

    Seeing Red - will you stock up on the inevitable clearance sales on HD DVDs?

    I got a bargain 2nd XE-1 player as backup and , at the moment there are still some good titles due out in Europe . So Im in a holding pattern to wait and see if Profile 2.0 is indeed the final one ~M~
  8. Manus

    Should I get a HD-DVD player or wait ?

    I just got my 2nd Xe-1 here in Europe . Found 2 weebsites , one charging less than 50% less than the other and eligible for 5 free discs . I have rather a lot of Sd Dvds and the upscaling comes for free and its Region Free so go to Tibet for your holidays and bring home discs without worrying...
  9. Manus

    Anybody Getting Tired of Extended Cuts?

    V.interesting post , Josh . I've always been bugged by this subject . When dvd was launched one of the upcoming features to look forward to was 'seamless branching' but ( T2 Ultimate apart) it never really happened to such an extend that when 'Gladiator' was released on dvd in 2000 Ridley Scott...
  10. Manus

    **Official HTF HD Formats Ind./Retailer/Studio Support Thread-*SEE POST 3176, p. 106*

    Of course the ' alternate ending ' to the war could be here first thing in the morning . Release everything in BOTH formats and even the dumbest consumer would be able to make a choice of their own with no help from the U.S. Bank of Warner No confusion just buy whatever you want and no need for...
  11. Manus

    Interactivity - is that what we're going to waste the extra Blu Ray disc space on?

    The 51gb HD-Dvd/SD triple-decker will be with us shortly And hopefully they won't find a way to make web-features compulsory ! Space usage has been an issue before . On Sd , they told us to expect movie music soundtracks among the goodies coming our way along with multiple cuts of the film ...
  12. Manus

    Should WB and the BDA give HD DVD owners a "peace offering" to welcome them to Blu?

    + Another Probably the last time we all agreed was before the 'war' when it made sense that they should have kept talking till there was only 1 format good to go. All this 'SD isnt really good enough ' and ' Hd-Dvd must die and die quickly for the greater good ' patronising BS just doesn't...
  13. Manus

    HITLER in charge if HD DVD?? The funniest fan made movie ever on the format war!

    Any ideas for candidates behind the Blu revolution ? ~M~
  14. Manus

    Should WB and the BDA give HD DVD owners a "peace offering" to welcome them to Blu?

    " At this point Toshiba cares only for their own interests, regardless of what damage it may do to HDM adoption. If they can drag this out a little while longer and get a pay-off, even it high-def media suffer as a result, they don't care." Just speculation . Why on earth should they bury a...
  15. Manus

    DVD Review HTF HD-DVD Review: Zodiac

    I really enjoyed this last night . Like Fincher's other work , this will be getting a lot of replay .Its a real feast for your eyes and ears . ~M~
  16. Manus

    Should WB and the BDA give HD DVD owners a "peace offering" to welcome them to Blu?

    One thing Universal and Paramount could do is introduce 1 HD and 1 Dvd sets instead of combos and keep the price low . This makes the consumer a HD owner by default and satisfies their current SD needs while keeping the HD community happy . I just got the German edition of 'Crank' on HD which...
  17. Manus

    Should WB and the BDA give HD DVD owners a "peace offering" to welcome them to Blu?

    That ol' Blu crystal ball is as sharp as ever , David But couldn't you say something similar if both Warners and Fox had gone HD as has been widely reported they were about to?? ~M~
  18. Manus

    Universal at CES

    David if you care to re-read my earlier post you will see the following : "Unfortunately , on paper is where many of them have remained " and not " (It started when someone said that ) all of BD's advantages were on paper, and that lossless-audio wasn't something important that HDM should...
  19. Manus

    Universal at CES

    Some European HD-Dvd releases from France and Germany feature Dts-MA including the upcoming 'T2' Ultimate ( 7.1) in March ~M~
  20. Manus

    Should WB and the BDA give HD DVD owners a "peace offering" to welcome them to Blu?

    I'm sure you're right . It'll be hardball from here on in , up to and including Profile 2.0 which is very desirable to Warners . Do you suppose that Warner's might have a get out clause just in case things don't go according to plan ? ~M~
  21. Manus

    Should WB and the BDA give HD DVD owners a "peace offering" to welcome them to Blu?

    " I'm still having a hard time rationalizing Warners' decision. My personal feeling is that Warners "sold out" HDM to a format dominated by an expensive gaming machine for Christ sake and that given more time, HD-DVD could have made significant progress toward mass adoption with lower pricing...
  22. Manus

    Universal at CES

    " Every single Blu-ray disc released from Sony, Disney, MGM, and Fox provides lossless audio (BD's bandwidth has plenty of room). Some even provide more than one lossless track for multiple-language lossless qualtiy." I did say ' many' not 'all' . Lossless sound is indeed appreciated , but a...
  23. Manus

    Should WB and the BDA give HD DVD owners a "peace offering" to welcome them to Blu?

    " The best and simplest "peace offering" they could do to their customers is: reverse the decision to stop bringing out HD DVD from June 1st on. After all, they were making a lot of money on it, so it's not an expensive offering. " The notion that a dual-format world could survive has come...
  24. Manus

    Since WB went BluRay Exclusive, Any SD Fans Going Over?

    " Since the players are backward compatible, that is an option. " If only they would kill off Region Coding entirely so that all new players really would be compatible . I havent come across anyone yet who intends to dump their SD collection and start again . The Video Upscaling solutions in...
  25. Manus

    Universal at CES

    " On paper, the technical aspects of the formats give the advantage to Blu-Ray." Unfortunately , on paper is where many of them have remained Bd can do 50gb , HD 51gb etc etc . For the average movie the disc content possibilities are very similar for both formats . Remember when they told us...
  26. Manus

    Should WB and the BDA give HD DVD owners a "peace offering" to welcome them to Blu?

    " Blu-ray has a long uphill battle ahead of it against standard definition DVD " At last , some sense . The war hasnt been won , a lot of money changed hands to achieve a certain result and that could happen again With over a million Hd-dvd players in the wild ( and usually pretty good Sd...
  27. Manus

    With Blu the apparent victor, it's time to demand some changes....

    Until the final specs are nailed down so that EVERYONE can buy a player safe in the knowledge that it wont be obsolete 10 minutes later there will not IMO be an instant upsurge in take up of BD . If only they would do away with Region Coding so that they could advertise a truly universal...
  28. Manus

    Thank-you HD DVD and Toshiba

    I sincerely hope that the complacent collective bleatings of BDA/Sony/Fox/Lionsgate/Pioneer etc do not return now that the 'shepherding ' effect of Hd-dvd seems diminished . If they don't get Profile 2.0 done and dusted as quickly ( and reliable ) as possible , the new format war against SD-Dvd...
  29. Manus

    are Paramount and universal sticking with hd-dvd exclusively?

    " This will given HD DVD some financial background that BD no longer has. " Interesting point . It all depends how ' up for it ' they are . Presumably , the BDA won't feel it neccessary pay Universal/Paramount to come on board ( even if they had cash left over ) so there will only be the...
  30. Manus

    Pink Floyd reissues

    I have the 'Shine On' boxset and this is just a repackaging of that set . Very shoddy compared to , say , The Doors and Talking Heads type boxsets that would start us all buying em over again . ~M~