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  1. Ejanss

    Star Wars Ep. VII Megathread: The Force Awakens

    You know the rule: If it says "Walt Disney" on it, it's fake. The fanboys just can't get their minds past that. :wacko: (Oh, and here's another fanboy tip: It wouldn't have "George Lucas Presents" on it, since George is no longer with the company. It would, most likely, have "Lucasfilm"...
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    Amazon Blu-ray deals generally mean losing the slipcover. Do You mind?

    That was why they banned the old "zip-slitter" DVD opener, back in the birth-of-DVD days, that cut through that top sticker level, but most slipcovers are open at the top anyway, so what's the point? No, slipcovers are there to look good on the front, and more clearly display the...
  3. Ejanss

    Twilight Time indicates they will re-license some sold-out titles. BREAKING!

    And being King and Carpenter, it's one of the few 80's King adaptations that didn't stink. Arguably one of the better, in fact. (Well, there was Cronenberg and "The Dead Zone", but that was too depressing, "Cat's Eye" was too trivial, and the Kubrick "Shining" was way off-book.) Just say...
  4. Ejanss

    Amazon Blu-ray deals generally mean losing the slipcover. Do You mind?

    All things being equal, I'd rather have them new, so I can throw away the slipcover myself. (Unless it's a 3D title with a lenticular cover, that I can detach and put inside the case.) You do know they have no earthly purpose past the retail sale, right?
  5. Ejanss

    Star Wars on Digital HD/Disney Movies Anywhere in May?

    And only for $43,302,339! (Told ya the prices would go up once the studios started getting overconfident. ;) ) Seriously, think we'll get another Disney dip of the existing SE trilogies with DigitalHD included in time for the movie, now that the digital masters exist.
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    Official KINO Insider Announcements Thread: STRICTLY MODERATED: READ GUIDELINES

    Makes you wonder if there's a good source of His Girl Friday out there as well. (Or did Criterion rescue that one?)
  7. Ejanss

    3D An Advance Look at "3-D Rarities" from the 3-D Film Archive and Flicker Alley

    I'm in for Vol. 2--There's so much pioneering pre-50's material on the disk, seems like there should be some of the Golden Age left for a second collection.
  8. Ejanss

    HTF EXCLUSIVE! Twilight Time May/June 2015 Release Announcements

    I think the lesson here is not to EXPECT: Warner wants to personally execute the disk industry because a title didn't sell as well as they expected it to...And TT is having trouble with sellout titles that sell more than they expect to. And where do expectations come from? Not from us, the...
  9. Ejanss

    24 Reasons why The Matrix and The Lego Movie are the Same Movie

    They forgot the 25th similarity:
  10. Ejanss

    Official KINO Insider Announcements Thread: STRICTLY MODERATED: READ GUIDELINES

    Or even a double-feature disk of Five Fingers of Death and With Six You Get Eggroll? (Heh, sorry, I'll just...ahem.. :lol: )
  11. Ejanss

    UHD UHD Alliance is official

    This sounds an awful lot like the "DiVX Will Never Die" studio dream of a "controlled" hard-disk format where the studio still gets the cut/ownership from the home player,, they're right, it never will. :unsure:​
  12. Ejanss

    New Retro TV Channel - Decades

    Yep, television lost a lot when it stopped being the mainstream source for all pop-culture entertainment, and started only appealing to people who binged soap serials and "edgy" cable dramas three or four episodes at a disk/cable sitting. (I remember when we had the "What was your favorite...
  13. Ejanss

    Netflix goes [email protected]#%@ insane, it's $16 a month now if you want to keep 1 DVD + streaming, $18 for 1 B

    In the other countries, it's MORE about "They don't want to pay" (or, more accurately, "They want to show off their access to the outside/American world through the neat bits of Internet hacking they learned about.") As long as American movies have more mystique in other countries than they do...
  14. Ejanss

    UHD UHD Alliance is official

    Or any house-undivided about whether the UHD industry is "really" going to be about the disks or streaming. (It's going to tear 'em apart folks, you read it here first. ;) )
  15. Ejanss

    The Last American Virgin (1982) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    It wasn't until the "Electric Boogaloo: Story of Cannon Pictures" documentary that I found out that TLAV was supposed to be an Americanized remake of Menachem Golan's "Lemon Popsicle" series, the biggest teen series of Israeli cinema. (And including original Popsicle director Boaz Davidson.)...
  16. Ejanss

    3D An Advance Look at "3-D Rarities" from the 3-D Film Archive and Flicker Alley

    Could we have just the link without the photo?
  17. Ejanss

    Anyone join the DISNEY MOVIE CLUB?

    Still, I remember in another conversation (think it was around the time of Raimi's Oz movie) trying to persuade one who wasn't alive to have seen it in theaters just why Return had such a....questionable box-office reputation. We tried showing the clip where Dorothy walks through the room of...
  18. Ejanss

    Criterion Blu-ray titles!

    Gotta admit, that's the closest guess I can think of so far. :wacko: Some are easy, some make you feel like total shmucks once they're figured out. (Oh, and for those who just joined the conversation.)
  19. Ejanss

    Swiss Family Robinson (1960), being shipwrecked on a Blu

    Ah, Columbia House VHS...Remember when movie clubs were actually necessary? It was possible to order rare surplus $100 rental-only tapes six months later to own at $29.95 club prices, if you were patient, but when every DVD started coming out at sell-through prices, it sort of took away the...
  20. Ejanss

    Discaholics Anonymous

    Although it's a dicey subject joking about it, since I've had other forums react rather....negatively when I try to bring up that the Cult of Blind-Buying--especially Criterion--can take on aspects of psychological addiction, if it starts taking on proportions that go beyond just hoping for your...
  21. Ejanss

    Anyone join the DISNEY MOVIE CLUB?

    Okay, apart from the fact that it's been a disk holy-grail, I'd love to hear what people find so "nostalgic" about Return to Oz. :blink: (Yes, David Shire's score was a lost classic, and you could sense there was a Baum-faithful script, just that it was being directed by a deranged madman.)
  22. Ejanss

    Electric Boogaloo - The Wild Untold Story Of Cannon Films dvd

    An end caption says that Menachem Golan had been contacted to participate in the documentary but "announced that he'd be producing his own documentary, 'The Go-Go Boys', instead. It beat us to the theaters." (After ending the documentary on Golan's 21st-Century Film Co. split with Globus...
  23. Ejanss

    Daredevil (Netflix) - April 10, 2015

    So Elektra isn't in the story yet, which seemed to be the most anal nitpick fans had with the Ben Affleck movie.
  24. Ejanss

    A couple of Digital TV subchannel notes.

    Any listing of which O&O stations those are? We used to have a subchannel on the local affiliate showing ThisTV, but either it folded or Comcast acted like greedy pigs again about any free digital channels they couldn't sell on a package. Decades seems to be mostly the CBS-owned series...
  25. Ejanss

    42nd Street (1933) via Warner Archive

    Well, was pointing more to how surprisingly UN-happy most Warner Berkeleys tend to be once you watch them (but in a good way :D ), but I'd go with the same lineup for similar reasons. They're pretty much what you'd call full of surprises:
  26. Ejanss

    42nd Street (1933) via Warner Archive

    Heh-hehh....Whatever you might have thought about "Old 30's musicals where bathing beauties make patterns with their legs", be prepared for a jolt. :B) (Wonder if it's actually better starting with 42nd St., Footlight Parade, or Goldiggers '33 for that first Busby experience, but I'll go...
  27. Ejanss

    Anyone join the DISNEY MOVIE CLUB?

    Same here--I was so busy searching out price deals and exclusive Target digibooks when the Diamond editions first hit, I've got everything. I couldn't find 4 titles even if they did cost $1, and the Herbie movies didn't go mainstream retail. :huh:
  28. Ejanss

    Julie Andrews in triple bill on TCM. Any in HD?

    I knew Dancing Cavalier was an Oscar contender! :lol:
  29. Ejanss

    Rentrak Announces Official Worldwide Box Office Results for Weekend of March 29, 2015

    Home made that much money just for being the only family film to show up (and we'd all seen Cinderella by now)? Okay, that's just wrong--This seriously screws up the Dreamworks Deathwatch, and now we'll have to revise all our bankruptcy-pools. :angry: This thing had "Final-blow studio...