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  1. Ennsio

    Win an Onkyo TX-NR1030 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos AV Receiver (Redux)

    I have been living in Tanzania for the last six years and have had to put my AV hobby on hold during this time and just read about all the great advances in sound during the last few years. Now I am coming back to Canada and planning on building the home theatre I have been dreaming about and...
  2. Ennsio

    Just what we need, a Depressing Reality Show!

    Yikes. That does seem to be a contender for one of the poorest taste decisions for a show right now, given the terrible economy at the moment. Trust Fox to be the network to come up with that though, in the same line as Who wants to marry a millionaire, and When Animals attack.
  3. Ennsio

    HT on a budget, guide me oh gurus

    If you want a projector home theater system on a budget, building your own screen is definitely the way to go. My brother and I built a 100" screen that looks great, cost less than $100 and it was super easy to do. Here are some guides: How-To: Make a custom projector screen...
  4. Ennsio

    My blank canvas and plan comments and advice welcomed and needed

    Kevin's comments seem to cover most of the issues quite well - probably why you have not had more responses. I helped my brother build a home theatre in his basement with a projector and 100" screen. Sitting at about 12 feet back, the 100" screen is almost too big in my opinion (screen door...
  5. Ennsio

    A little money to burn

    For reviews on the different tvs you're considering, I would go to That's one of the best places on the web for information about new tvs.
  6. Ennsio

    Paradigm Studio 60 series speakers ?

    The Studio 60s are a current speaker in Paradigm's Studio line. Version 5 of this line just came out this year: Paradigm Studio 60s. Paradigm 7s and 9's are part of the Monitor line, which is one level lower in quality (of the drivers, cabinet finish, etc...) and price than the Studio line.
  7. Ennsio

    Let me know what you think (work in progress)

    Looks like you're well on your way to an awesome theatre. You'll have to post more pictures or give us more updates on what you have done and what you are planning to do.
  8. Ennsio

    Emotiva XPA-5

    Except that most of the people on here are used to getting 10-15% off retail for brand new gear in the stores, and Emotiva has sales on their new stuff that are lower than the price you listed. I believe that is why posters aren't responding to your price.
  9. Ennsio

    PSB Image series - Opinions for my listening ?

    Sorry, I have not listened to PSBs to comment on how they compare to the Paradigms or B&W. Can you listen to the speakers that you found the deal for, or listen to other PSBs to see how you like them? Speaker selection is a really subjective thing so it's hard for one person to say what someone...
  10. Ennsio

    Need help deciding on...EVERYTHING for a dedicated HT

    Well welcome to the forum then, Kelly. You'll need to give us some more details as we start to give you advice (i.e. what kind of budget are you looking at), but here's some initial points to think about: -if you're looking for a projector, the first place to go is Projector Central. Go...
  11. Ennsio

    Sad News about Natasha Richardson - RIP

    I was just thinking the same thing as I read this tragic news. What struck me about that article on their home theater was how closely it tied celebrities' lives with what we talk about here on the forum every day. Reading about how she and Liam Neeson would enjoy sitting in their new theater...
  12. Ennsio

    Opinion on a HTIB set? Or similar options?

    That's what we're here for. Enjoy your purchase.
  13. Ennsio

    Opinion on a HTIB set? Or similar options?

    Onkyo HTIB sets are consistently rated very highly here and are typically the first recommendation for people in a similar situation as you (looking for HTIB with decent connection options and good sound). The reason for this is that they come with a dedicated receiver instead of an integrated...
  14. Ennsio

    Speaker selection for home theater (watch movies) vs. home audio (listening to CDs)

    If you're into jazz, then I would suggest you also consider Totem loudspeakers. The reviews I have read of their Rainmakers and other lines frequently refer to how great Diana Krall and other jazz sounds on them so I would give them a listen.
  15. Ennsio

    Home Theatre Speakers advice

    I did find a review at Canada HiFi about the Sinclair Audio Brighton speakers that might be the set you are looking at. The review seems pretty positive so they might be worth considering if they have the look and sound you like, but I would definitely listen to a bunch of speakers in the same...
  16. Ennsio

    Home Theatre Speakers advice

    Tony, welcome to the forum. I've seen and briefly listened to Sinclair Audio speakers at Soundsaround, but they are not a brand that you hear much about at all, and I've never seen a review of their speakers in a respected audio magazine. I'm guessing you're in Canada too since there are not...
  17. Ennsio

    Need advice: Sony or Klipsch speakers?

    One thing to question with the reviews you read on Best Buy or Amazon's website when you read glowing reviews for speakers like those Sony speakers is whether or not those people have heard any other superior performance speakers to compare the Sonys to. That is one of the values of relying more...
  18. Ennsio

    Need help in choosing a sub!!!

    Great post Alan. I can't see SVS using your quote on their website but that was a great pitch for their subs.
  19. Ennsio

    *** Official THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING Discussion Thread

    I remember my viewing of ROTK in the theatres quite fondly too as being a significant event. There was a lot of excitement in the theatre as people were looking forward to seeing how this great story would end. I remember the feeling that I was about to be part of something very special. I also...
  20. Ennsio

    Help? lowest cost, highest value 1080p projector?

    If you want to educate yourself a bit on what is out there for projectors and the advantages/disadvantages of DLP vs. LCD projectors, go to Projector Central . That is one of the best websites for information about projectors. You can then also read reviews there on any projectors recommended to...
  21. Ennsio

    FS: Sennheiser HD600 headphones

    Wow. As Mike just wrote, check the date of the original post. 2004!
  22. Ennsio

    Is my system hooked up alright??? I cannot get Dolby Digital..

    You don't really need to feel disappointed, as you can still get great Dolby Digital sound from your blu-rays. You're just one easy step away from that at the moment, and that step is getting a digital optical cable. One thing that has not been mentioned is that you should not buy that cable...
  23. Ennsio

    The Office season 5

    Amy Ryan's also really shown her strong acting ability, IMO, through this. Holly seems like the perfect match for Michael in his goofiness and Amy pulls it off so well. I haven't watched The Wire so the only other thing I saw her in was Gone, Baby, Gone in which I think she stole the show. That...
  24. Ennsio

    *** Official THE DARK KNIGHT Discussion Thread

    No, I'm listening to the single disc original soundtrack that is already out, which as everybody else is saying is the exact same as Disc 1 of the double CD set. This one.
  25. Ennsio

    *** Official THE DARK KNIGHT Discussion Thread

    I'm listening to the Dark Knight soundtrack right now, and it is definitely an awesome one. Brings a smile to my face every time I hear it and makes me feel right back in the movie again. I've also found that with all the powerful bass in this soundtrack, it really punishes weaker speakers to...
  26. Ennsio

    Toughest & Coolest fictional movie characters...

    I'll assume that you guys are talking about the second toughest or coolest fictional movie character since nobody has mentioned Chuck Norris yet. Now, I know some of you are thinking "yeah, but he's not fictional - he's real", which may be true, but I think that's more of a legend than...
  27. Ennsio

    Home Theater Wireless Headphones Recommendation

    You're sacrificing sound quality if you go wireless. If you are going to be mostly stationary while watching movies or playing xbox, I would go with wired headphones since most wireless headphones do not sound as good. If you could just use a longer cord with your ultimate ears, or buy good...
  28. Ennsio

    Blu-ray Player Price Drop Hits Costco

    It will be interesting to see at what price the Oppo Blu-ray player (seen at CEDIA) debuts at when it is released.
  29. Ennsio

    Knight Rider - Season 1 (Wednesdays this Fall)

    Viper was a great show. A lot of the show was filmed here in Calgary on the streets near my house, which was really cool. My cousins were extras on one of the episodes. I'm not sure if I'll be able to like this Knight Rider though. Bad acting, the care changes into to many different versions...
  30. Ennsio

    Win two new ummmmm .... "Chick Flicks"!

    Woooo! We love emotional roller coasters, bring it on Sam!