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  1. Wvtvguy

    DVD Review Route 66: The Complete Series DVD Review

    Is there a benefit to getting season sets versus the complete series?? I think I’ve seen 1 episode and that was a few years ago. My appreciation for 50’s & 60’s tv shows had grown tremendously of late so I’m always looking for new series. I LOVE Naked City so I have some idea of the quality of...
  2. Wvtvguy

    Could The Defenders Be Released on DVD?

    This one of those shows I learned about from this forum. If never see or heard of it. I bought season 1 but really never watched it much. The first episode I watched was ok but didn’t grab me. I had some time it home recently and thought I’d give the show another shot. I watched “Death Across...
  3. Wvtvguy

    Naked City

    I’m watching the season 1 episode “The Belvedere Tower” and I know I’ve heard some of the background music score before. I keep thinking it’s music that was from “On the Waterfront” but I doubt that’s it. There are a few times the music seemed familiar but the scene that stood out is when the...
  4. Wvtvguy

    It Takes A Thief: The Complete Series DVD Review

    I was looking for some new old shows to buy and thought I’d give this a look. I think I saw a good at Amazon for only $469.00. Say what? ?? Guess I’ll have to pass on this one.
  5. Wvtvguy

    Beverly Garland's Series Decoy Coming to DVD This Month

    I’m kind of a late 50’s roll lately. I’ve picked up “Deadline” & the complete “Naked City” recently. I’ve been watching those along with “87th Precinct” quite a bit. All of these shows were blind buys for me. Now I’m intrigued by “Decoy”. Going to have to pick it up.
  6. Wvtvguy

    Naked City

    I just picked the complete set up. I discovered this show a few years ago and have watched about 10 episodes from the 40 episode set. I’d never seen the half hour episodes. I’ve only watched two so far (Meridian & Burst of Passion) and I really like the early episodes. I love the later seasons...
  7. Wvtvguy

    Name your 5 favorite Quinn Martin shows

    Fugitive Streets of San Francisco The F.B.I. I haven’t seen Cannon or Barnaby Jones since I was a child. Might have to pick them up.
  8. Wvtvguy


    I don’t know anything about this show but this thread has gotten me interested. I started out mostly buying shows from the 70’s & 80’s but took a shot on “Naked City”, “87th Precinct”, & “M Squad” and loved all of them. I’ll definitely give this a look!
  9. Wvtvguy

    Soap operas

    I grew up watching soaps with my grandmother. Well...usually I played off to the side but I listened enough that knew characters. The Doctors & Another World were the favorites. I’d love to see some old 70’s episodes. It’s surprising how gruesome some of the plots were back then. I remember a...
  10. Wvtvguy

    Police Story season 2

    Wow. I had no idea. I bought season 1 when it was released. Blind buy as I’d never seen the show. I love the anthology format and thought there were a lot of solid episodes. I may pick up the other seasons if I see a good deal. That’s really disappointing.
  11. Wvtvguy

    Police Story season 2

    There may be another thread for this but I couldn’t find it. How is the picture quality on seasons 2 & 3? I really enjoy this show.
  12. Wvtvguy

    DVD Sets You Would Like to See Redone?

    Remington Steele. The dvd quality is ok but not great.
  13. Wvtvguy

    Any word on when The Name Of The Game is being released on DVD?

    Hadn’t visited this thread since 2017. I’d hoped there would be a change. I was curious to see this show!
  14. Wvtvguy

    Flickering area on Vizio

    I have a 4K Vizio I bought a few years ago. No complaints but today, I noticed a faint flickering on the left side. It’s a rectangular shape the brightens briefly and drops to normal. When I put up a static image, I can see the dark rectangular area. I’m wonder if the pixels are dying. Any thoughts?
  15. Wvtvguy

    If TV DVD leaves us?

    A big difference younger people and their exposure to old tv shows. I grew up in the 70’s & 80’s so everyday I came home from school, it was Green Acres, Superman, Bewitched, or Beverly Hillbillies. I grew up with an affectation for old shows. I didn’t get TV land until the late 90’s but it...
  16. Wvtvguy

    Six Million Dollar Man on Blu-Ray

    I’d be really curious about the picture quality. The Time Life set was really solid but not on a level with say Rockford Files.
  17. Wvtvguy

    SWAT Complete series

    I just picked up this Mill Creek set. I had vague memories of the show from childhood and bought season 1 a few years ago. Nothing groundbreaking but a nice show. A nostalgia trip. I bought this complete set because season 2 was pretty expensive. I’ve only taken a casual look at the set but...
  18. Wvtvguy

    Lou Grant

    Makes working at a newspaper seem so exciting!! I worked years in broadcasting and it’s nothing like Lou Grant!
  19. Wvtvguy

    Physical Media might not be dead, but Physical Media in Retail Stores are accelerating the death

    People don’t like to go out to shop period. I love to go to actually leave the house to shop. I like to try on a shirt. I like to flip through a book. I honestly don’t know many who do though. Kind of connects to why people don’t want to own physical copies of anything. Streaming can be done...
  20. Wvtvguy

    Children's Art Instruction show from the 70's

    I'm trying to find some images from "Let's Draw". Maybe that's it. I seem to remember the host wearing something like a blue lab coat, thick black glasses & he had a receding hairline. I could never predict when this show was on. It just popped up. I know I taped part of an episode around 85...
  21. Wvtvguy

    Six Million Dollar Man & The Bionic Woman in HD in 2018

    Mine too! I can't think of another tv soundtrack I'd want as much. I just wonder if the music still exists.
  22. Wvtvguy

    Six Million Dollar Man & The Bionic Woman in HD in 2018

    I have the Time Life set but I'd probably snatch this up if it looked as good as the Rockford Files blu rays. That was a significant improvement over the DVDs. I really wish a soundtrack would be released!!
  23. Wvtvguy

    Children's Art Instruction show from the 70's

    This may be a tough one. I remember a children's art show that aired in the 70's & 80's and find anything about it. I feel like it aired on PBS as the segments seemed short. I would guess it was 15 minutes long. We didn't have that many channels so it had to be PBS. I always called it "The...
  24. Wvtvguy

    Top 10 Favourite 70s films that haven't been released in Blu-ray

    I haven't visited this thread in awhile. KLUTE isn't on blu ray?
  25. Wvtvguy

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Garden of Allah -- in Blu-ray

    Saw this in the 80's. (Yikes!). I remember the color was a big improvement over "Nothing Sacred" which came ok around the same period. Nice film.
  26. Wvtvguy

    THE IMMORTAL (1970-1971) to hit DVD very soon!

    Wow I haven't visited the forum in awhile. Had no idea this was released. I also watched the show around 1996 on SciFi. Another in the "Fugitive" / "Incredible Hulk" chain. I really enjoyed the episodes I watched. I'll have to pick this one up.
  27. Wvtvguy

    The Rockford Files: The Complete Series (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    I have the Miami Vice set too. I can't find any case that will fit the box. What a terrible choice by Mill Creek. I bought some 4 disc cases but they're too thick.
  28. Wvtvguy


    Ouch. Kind of disappointed about the edits & picture quality. Season 1 was a blind but but I really loved it. Great stories! I'm hesitant to get season 2 now.
  29. Wvtvguy

    USHE Announcement: The Six Million Dollar Man: The Complete Series

    I bought the Time Life set not long after it came out and enjoyed it. This was my favorite show as a kid & I really got into it in 1995 when it was on Sci Fi channel. I enjoy having the set & watching an episode every so often. Popped season 1 in and I started to wonder would this series...
  30. Wvtvguy

    Miami Vice Blue Ray Collection

    I just picked this set up. Most of the episodes look really good. None look bad which is a big improvement from the DVDs. "Smuggler's Blues" looked awful on my DVD but looks great on blu ray. "Prodigal Son" looks dramatically cleaner than on blu ray but the color is gone. It's kind of washed...