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  1. DaveyM

    Lionsgate starting to work on its Republic catalog?

    Do Lionsgate own the rights to the original Invasion Of The Body Snatchers? The current dvd i have is pretty lousy. I would also love to see the original cut of the film without the narration.
  2. DaveyM

    Anybody else still waiting on five free HD-DVD's?

    I got mine yesterday. It took almost 4 months. I was very disappointed when i opened the package. They had substituted all 5 of my picks with movies i have zero interest in. It was a total waste of time for me.
  3. DaveyM

    TV Movie's I would love to see on DVD eventually

    Dark Night of the Scarecrow is a favorite of mine. I would love to see it on Dvd.
  4. DaveyM

    Another hold-out... jumps in!

    I got my first HD-DVD ( A Christmas Story) in the mail yesterday. It didn't really blow me away in terms of a/v quality but it was pretty good. I had read reviews online so i knew it wasn't "demo material" to show off your your hd player with. Does anyone else have this movie on hi-def? I...
  5. DaveyM

    Non-anamorphic DVDs tripped me up after Toshiba 2.7 firmware upgrade.

    I've tried setting the player to 1080i and even 480i and the results are still the same. Another thing i've noticed, i have a format button on my tv remote and when i play a disc on the A2 player the format button wont work.
  6. DaveyM

    Non-anamorphic DVDs tripped me up after Toshiba 2.7 firmware upgrade.

    I have a Magnavox 51 inch set. I bought it July 2005.
  7. DaveyM

    Non-anamorphic DVDs tripped me up after Toshiba 2.7 firmware upgrade.

    I am using component cables. I've tried setting up the tv at a 4:3 ratio before i pop in a disc in my hd-a2 player. It still stretches the 4:3 disc to fit my screen as soon as the disc starts up. I called Toshiba and they are mailing me a firmware update disc. I hope this solves my problem. I'm...
  8. DaveyM

    Non-anamorphic DVDs tripped me up after Toshiba 2.7 firmware upgrade.

    I just got my HD-A2 player. My problem is..when i play a 4:3 dvd the player automatically stretches the image to fit my 16:9 tv. How do i correct this?
  9. DaveyM

    TCFHE Press Release: Return of Midnight Movies

    I was hoping to see a Dvd release of The Town That Dreaded Sundown. I've been waiting a long time for this one.
  10. DaveyM

    Halloween Horror Titles From Sony and Fox

    Dawn Wells does play a victim in the movie but she survives. I wouldn't mind a Charles Pierce collection either or at least give me a double feature disc of Town That Dreaded Sundown/ Legend Of Boggy Creek and i'll be happy.
  11. DaveyM

    Gomer Pyle USMC Season 2

    The only musical changes i've noticed are in episode #20 - Sergeant Carter Dates A Pyle. Different background music while Sgt. Carter is waiting to meet Gomer's cousin. Episode #21 - Little Girl Blue. The sequence where Gomer is trying to cheer up Col. Mathews daughter by singing "Put On A...
  12. DaveyM

    Midnite Movies

    Who owns The Town That Dreaded Sundown? I've been waiting forever for this one to come out on dvd.
  13. DaveyM

    Halloween Horror Titles From Sony and Fox

    Doesn't Sony own the rights to The Town That Dreaded Sundown? I would really love to see this film released to Dvd in its proper widescreen format.
  14. DaveyM

    Mill Creek release of Ozzie and Harriett

    I went to Deep Discount but i can't find any listing for the Mill Creek set. What am i doing wrong?
  15. DaveyM

    SPHE Press Release: Midnight Movies Are Back

    Any news about The Town That Dreaded Sundown being released on dvd anytime soon?
  16. DaveyM

    Andy Griffith Show Season 6 coming in May

    I like the color episodes, it's a totally different show without Don Knotts but still worthy of release. I just wish they get the Gomer Pyle USMC season sets started.
  17. DaveyM

    Any word on Gomer Pyle?

    I thought it was due out sometime this month, has anyone heard what the delay is? I'm really looking forward to getting this show on dvd.
  18. DaveyM

    Peanuts Theatricals...

    Deep Discount Dvd has it listed for $9.36 plus free shipping.
  19. DaveyM

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Stripes: Extended Cut

    I haven't had any problems with the subtitles. This may be a stupid question, but i'll ask anyway. Since the "bonus scene begins/ends" markers are in the black bars at the bottom of the screen...shouldn't they be eliminated if you view the dvd on a widescreen tv? I don't have a 16:9 set to...
  20. DaveyM

    Made-For-TV Movies...which do you want to see on DVD?

    I would love to see DEADMAN'S CURVE released on Dvd. It's a good bio of the career's of Jan Berry and Dean Torrence. I think it came out in 1978.
  21. DaveyM

    Matt Helm Lounge 4-disc set for December

    It looks like Sony has changed the release date on this to December 31st
  22. DaveyM

    Leave It To Beaver coming in 2005!!!

    I'm also looking forward to the Beav on Dvd. The previous posts about Beavers hair problems reminds me of the Sheep Dog episode. The scene where Beaver comes down for dinner with his hair plastered down looking like Adolph Hitler is classic. When Wally cracks up i always lose it too. I would...
  23. DaveyM

    Jerry Lewis movies?

    One i really enjoy is "Hook, Line, and Sinker". I think this movie came out in 1969? I would love to see it released on Dvd someday.
  24. DaveyM

    Looks like that Stripes SE will be coming soon

    I bought this tuesday. I don't like the "bonus scene begins/ends" markers that pop up while watching the extended edition. I have no clue why they did not make the markers optional. It is distracting, but i did not let it spoil the movie for me. On the plus side, the video and audio quality on...
  25. DaveyM

    Sony strikes again with Sanford and Son

    Forget your troubles and play a game of Krebege.
  26. DaveyM

    Threes Company Season 1 $5.50 Walmart

    I bought this last week. Actually $5.50 is a fair price considering the dvd only contains 6 episodes.
  27. DaveyM

    Andy Griffith Season 3 --- August 16, 2005

    I enjoy the color episodes and would buy season sets. It was not the same after Don Knotts left but it was still a good show and the later seasons are still worth having.
  28. DaveyM

    TV Shows Not Yet Released On DVD

    The Adventures Of Ozzie and Harriet (1952-1966) 435 episodes. A few episodes have fallen into the public domain and are available on very poor quality budget discs. It would be great to see a high quality release of this classic series.
  29. DaveyM

    Gomer Pyle on DVD?

    Jim Nabors and Frank Sutton had an excellent chemistry together and they made an excellent comedy duo. Every bit as good as Andy Griffith and Don Knotts. I hope Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C comes to dvd soon. I would love to retire my old TvLand tapes.