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    Michael Jackson has died!!!

    Wow, that's a surprise. He was certainly a towering talent, despite his eccentricities/problems. RIP
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    Farrah Fawcett dies

    She was an icon. Sad to see her passing so young...
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    Do you have a favorite writing instrument?

    I started using the standard Blue Papermate pens years ago when I was in accounting. I used to use more expensive pens, but they always came up missing while I was visiting clients. No one steals Papermates, and they write acceptably well for me, so I have no reason to change. I really couldn't...
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    RIP David Carradine

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    RIP David Carradine

    I ordered a copy of Circle of Iron on Blu Ray today as a tribute. Also thinking about it, I narrowly missed the opportunity to see him down here playing with a band at a festival about a year ago. I would have enjoyed seeing that...
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    State Quarters have ended, but the collection continues!

    Like most of the other territories, outside of Puerto Rico, we tend to get forgotten unless a hurricane hits us. Nice to see some recognition for a change. Might help in the future that both President Obama and Vice President Biden have been recent vacationers here, at least they'll remember...
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    State Quarters have ended, but the collection continues!

    Wow, hard to believe that the United States Mint is actually acknowledging that the U.S. Virgin Islands exist.
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    Idea's for a caribbean vacation

    I've never been on a cruise, but I see what sort of people the ships disgorge here on a daily basis. I'd definitely look long and hard at who they were marketing the cruise to, since different ships seem to have vastly different demographics. Some seem young and fun, others families with kids...
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    Idea's for a caribbean vacation

    Yeah, it's certainly not a general Caribbean thing. I live in the USVI and no one is protesting much of anything right now... Always pays to research, though. Some of the stuff that goes on in this part of the world simply doesn't make the mainland news. Better to be informed.
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    Tribute to Brunettes

    Don't have time to find a photo, but did anyone notice that former Miss. USA (and now brunette) Kelli McCarty is set to release an X rated movie??? Sex Scandal Examiners: Miss USA Kelly McCarty goes porn
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    It's freakin' COLD man!

    High 70s, low 80s here in the Caribbean. Rainy, though.
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    RIP Number 6 / Patrick McGoohan

    'Prisoner' actor Patrick McGoohan dies in LA - Yahoo! News RIP No. 6
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    It Happened Again: The Annual Black Friday Trampling

    Keep in mind too that the media makes all kinds of noise about cases where the plaintiff actually wins, especially if the facts seem strange. Unfortunately, they pick and choose what they feed to us, rarely giving us anything even remotely close to the complete picture. Often, if you hear the...
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    RIP - Bettie Page

    RIP Bettie...
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    It Happened Again: The Annual Black Friday Trampling

    ChristopherDAC explains the issue pretty well here. Unfortunately, this is one of those areas where none of the solutions are really satisfatory. From a public policy perspective, it's probably best to hold a large store liable. They have management who have experience seeing this thing...
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    Redbelt - quick review

    Just caught this last night and definitely agree with the Blu Ray presentation. Looked great. Also, I really enjoyed this movie, I'd give it a perfect five stars. Elegant, simple and catches the mood of the dojo (or kwoon if you will) and the attitude of fighters (both good and bad). This is...
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    MGM Press Release: RONIN (Blu-ray)

    I have the Japanese import Blu Ray. Not sure of the specs. It looks good, but it definitely didn't blow my socks off. Might have to pick this up anyway if I can find a deal, the Japanese version is kind of hard to navigate, due to my lack of any Japanese language skills.
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    *** Official QUANTUM OF SOLACE Discussion Thread

    I wouldn't go so far as to suggest that it made the Bourne Ultimatum, but I did feel that it added a lot to the film. At that stage of the story, Bourne was running on empty, he was having a harder time surviving his encounters with his adversaries and was coming apart. I think the choppy...
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    Singing with a non-American accent?

    Miho Hatori from the group Smokey & Miho had a noticeable accent. Nothing like Bossa Nova with a Japanese accent.
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    What do you think, can I buy a plug-in electric car in 5 years?

    Based on the brown outs I used to suffer living in Ohio during the summer when everyone was running their AC, I doubt we have the electronic infrastructure to handle widespread use of electronic cars. Of course, where I live now, they generate electicity using oil, so it's probably damned if...
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    What the he*l is this?

    That's definitely part of it, but I think the dormant commerce clause has a much bigger impact. That pretty much dates back to the Rooservelt era, starting with Wickard v. Filburn, if I remember correctly. Another case of extreme conditions making bad law.
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    What the he*l is this?

    I agree that my theory was by no means the reason why our system sprang up in the first place. However, it is one of the major justifications (among many) for keeping it the way it is, despite the obvious issues with radically different laws in different parts of the country.
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    What the he*l is this?

    In theory, each state can try something different and then we can see what works the best. Unfortunately, I think that this is rarely the case in actual practice. I'd love to see that BBC series you are talking about...
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    What the he*l is this?

    Well, as I'm sure you know given where you live, a government is defined as much by its traditions as its written laws and regulations. In the United States, this has never been viewed as the military's role. Changing the military's role in this manner encroaches on a long held and important...
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    What the he*l is this?

    Don't worry, they have tasers. They're safe.
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    Is there a BD you wish you had not purchased?

    Beerfest, not because of the quality, but because it was so stupid it made me want to throw myself off my balcony. Sometimes blind buys just go awry.
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    College Police group get taser happy on annoying Florida student

    Looking back on things, I probably missed the most important statement in the entire thread: How the heck did we allow that to happen!!!
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    Would you buy a turntable?

    I've done direct comparisons on Dark Side of the Moon and Getz/Gilberto and generally found that SACD sounded the best, followed by LP (if you can ignore some noise) followed by CD. I never did a comparison with any newer CDs.
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    I'm a Microsoft and I can't create an ad campaign

    Those commercials make me glad I don't have any TV reception at home. The only time I've seen them was while watching a football game at the local Hooters. After watching the first one, I decided that whenever one came on, I'd just avert my gaze over to one of the waitresses. Worked great .
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    Just gave Myself a $6000.00 Raise. It was easy

    I've been living without cable for about two months now and it doesn't really bother me at all (home internet also). To top it off, the only TV reception I can get is a barely visible Spanish language station that's mostly static. I don't speak any Spanish, so I just don't bother. I'll probably...