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  1. AnthonyP

    Subscriptions Are Back!

    A couple of questions with apologies if they have already been addressed. Are all previous thread subscriptions lost? I looked in my profile but didn't see them nor a means to quickly re-add them. I have yet to recieve a single thread subscription since the forum change. The lifeline that I...
  2. AnthonyP

    Known Issues With The Migration

    I haven't been able to figure out a way to subscribe to a forum and have the daily digest that is sent contain links to all threads updated that day. Is that still possible or does it just send out the digest that only includes links to newly created threads now (rather than all updated...
  3. AnthonyP

    Hudson Hawk Blu-ray sounds like a Mono Movie

    They apparently messed up the audio on the Hollow Man release also. Contact them to notify them of the defect. And, if you have a Facebook account, considering adding feedback there also. They tend to do something if they get enough pressure to do so. They seem to make a lot of mistakes like these.
  4. AnthonyP

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Color of Night -- in Blu-ray

    I believe Playing God was originally a 5.1 theatrical mix but only 2.0 in this release though.
  5. AnthonyP

    Twilight Time Announces Nov/Dec 2012 Releases

    Image Entertainment is finally releasing it in early 2013 according to a thread on
  6. AnthonyP

    A question for Mr. Belston or Mr Finn

    Follow-up to my question a couple months ago in case anyone else might be interested also. I received a reply back from AB inquiring about a dozen or so titles they have licensed from Fox and have re-released on DVD to find out if they might be coming on BD soon or eventually. Hopefully that...
  7. AnthonyP

    Twilight Time September/October 2012 Releases

    Cinema Libre last released Betty Blue. I think they have a number of the Jean-Jacques Beineix films.
  8. AnthonyP

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Bound -- in Blu-ray

    Me too. A native 5.1 track being down mixed to a lossy 2.0 track seems worthy of some stronger criticism IMO. It was reported by DVD Beaver, at least.. not sure who else, that both cuts featured separate encodes, rather than seamless branching, with each taking up in the neighborhood of half...
  9. AnthonyP

    For Robert A. Harris: are the old HD-DVDs and the current BD releases culled from 2k scans (at least

    I'm actually impressed that they offered a response. And an honest straightforward one.
  10. AnthonyP

    Blu-ray Review The Hole / Venom Blu-ray Review

    The Hole' intended aspect ratio is 2.39:1 based on things like all previous worldwide DVD releases listed on DVDCompare. This release apparently doesn't retain its native 5.1 audio track either (2.0 down mix). Unfortunately, given it has been a year and a half of EB releasing their Miramax...
  11. AnthonyP

    Twilight Time Announces Nov/Dec 2012 Releases

    Are the two other previous extra for The Blue Lagoon carried over in addition to the commentaries? An Adventure In Filmmaking - the Making of The Blue Lagoon and Brooke Shields' Photo Album.
  12. AnthonyP

    Blu-ray Review Steel Magnolias Blu-ray Review

    Amazon is useless for anything release related like tech specs and the like. DVDCompare and DVD-Basen usually will turn up some DVD reviews for most R1 releases.
  13. AnthonyP

    Blu-ray Review Steel Magnolias Blu-ray Review

    According to DVD reviews, the commentary and isolated music score were on that also. The DVD also included some deleted scenes and a 23 minute featurette with interviews with Ross, Robert Harling and Shirley MacLaine.
  14. AnthonyP

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Below & The Darkness -- in Blu-ray

    Below isn't lossless? I also read from forum members that it isn't even 5.1 but rather has been down mixed to 2.0.
  15. AnthonyP

    A question for Mr. Belston or Mr Finn

    Thank you for your time and sharing Mr. Finn. I was wondering if you can share anything about titles being licensed to Anchor Bay (or are there others outside of them and Twilight Time)? Though I imagine Fox doesn't control specifics, I was curious about whether you might be able to say...
  16. AnthonyP

    Miraxmax Double Feature Blurays on 9/11

    Unfortunately, sounds like Below only features a down mixed 2.0 track rather than its native 5.1 and omits all extras from its DVD release. Maybe Echo Bridge will get it right on another release for it.
  17. AnthonyP

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Blindness / {Proof} -- in Blu-ray

    I guess I spoke too soon. This double feature does inexplicably remove those two features that are available on the individual Blindness release based on a forum post. So it means having to buy both in order to get all of the extras for Proof and 'Blindness'. Typical Echo Bridge. Can't just...
  18. AnthonyP

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Blindness / {Proof} -- in Blu-ray

    Thank you so much RAH. Glad I passed on the individual releases since it sounds like this improved on those by including the Proof extras at the very least. I would have been very hesitant hearing there is 5+ hours of HD on the BD-50 so appreciate your reviewing this one. Any chance The...
  19. AnthonyP

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Blindness / {Proof} -- in Blu-ray

    I take it this double feature has no extras? I wonder how Blindness looks compared to the individual release for it? That one was reportedly, on, to have the 2 hour feature and another 1 1/2 of HD extras on a BD-25 versus this one apparently having the same amount for both...
  20. AnthonyP

    Deep Rising/The Puppet Masters Double feature Oct 9th

    One disc shouldn't be a negative unless they are putting both features on a BD-25. These are more than fine both being on a BD-50 with quality bit rates and room to spare. Was The Puppet Masters 5.1 originally? All I can find is IMDb saying Dolby SR, rather than DD, and with all the...
  21. AnthonyP

    Pure frivolity..The Devil Wears Nada...favorite nude scenes lost on DVD

    Some I think are of some note seen in an open matte release. Adventures of Baron Munchausen All the Right Moves (BD release is framed differently during the Lea Thompson scene) Bad Manners Best Friends Body Shots Capone Carrie (CBS/Fox VHS only) Carried Away Dangerous Beauty Ghost Story Jackie...
  22. AnthonyP

    Win a signed copy of The Carol Burnett Show: The Ultimate Collection on DVD

    I don't remember how I ended up stumbling upon The Carol Burnett Show. It was when I was a kid, 5-8 at the most I would guess. It would have been off the air for years at that point and I don't recall my parents sharing it with me. Was it in syndication for a time after? I don't ultimately...
  23. AnthonyP

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ High Noon -- in Blu-ray

    Is that a fairly typical amount, $100k+, for a studio to create a new 4k master or does it vary wildly so that that figure is entirely specific to 'High Noon'? Are more recent films much less expensive to do the above for?
  24. AnthonyP

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ As Good as it Gets -- in Blu-ray

    Presuming the following is accurate. There was apparently a planned Blu-ray release for this back in late 2006 that was cancelled. Was the image harvest and master used for this TT release one created in advance of that release or something revisited by Sony more recently? Would a harvest...
  25. AnthonyP

    Big Lots Sale

    Thank you for the list BobO'Link.
  26. AnthonyP

    Coming Soon From Olive Films

    Thank you for the update. I know most of those are B movies, at best, but I would have been interested in a couple. Too bad the elements were not viable.
  27. AnthonyP

    Coming Soon From Olive Films

    I noticed Black Day Blue Night was listed in the IMDb list and no longer is. Is that another title to add to that list?
  28. AnthonyP

    Coming Soon From Olive Films

    Would putting the posters in spoiler tags work for everyone or does that still cause readability issues for some?
  29. AnthonyP

    Big Lots Sale

    Any chance that has both the wide screen/full screen sides or just the full?
  30. AnthonyP

    Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip?

    How is the quality of the DVD? I never picked this up because I really don't want to put money towards buying DVDs but I wouldn't mind revisiting it some day also (watched, I think, every episode when it aired).