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  1. Bryan Tuck

    Theater Screen Masking (or lack thereof)...

    I couldn't find a thread for this, so I hope it's okay if I start one here. Has anyone noticed that in recent years, some theater chains have more and more been forgoing screen masking in some or all of their auditoriums? Many of the "premium" auditoriums at AMC (Dolby Cinema and AMC Prime)...
  2. Bryan Tuck

    The Muppets - 2015 TV Series

    Has anyone seen this trailer? Just curious about opinions. This looks horrible to me. The intention is apparently to spoof "mockumentary" shows like The Office and Modern Family (much like The Muppet Show spoofed the variety shows of its day), but in addition to being about 5 years too...
  3. Bryan Tuck

    Blu-rays With Missing Elements in the Primary Audio Track

    There was a thread for Blu-rays with missing original mono tracks, but I wanted to see if we could put together a list of Blu-rays in which dialogue, music, or effects have been dropped, significantly altered, or even added on the primary audio track. For example, on the BD for The Last...
  4. Bryan Tuck

    Auro 11.1 - Barco

    Has anyone gotten to see/hear anything in Barco's Auro 11.1 sound format? Apparently, Barco trying to position the format as a legitimate competitor to Dolby Atmos, but they don't seem to be doing a very good job of promoting it. Barco's website will show you which theaters (and which...
  5. Bryan Tuck

    Amadeus - 30th Anniversary?

    Has anyone heard whether or not Warner might be preparing a 30th anniversary edition of Amadeus? I heard rumors a while back, but nothing concrete. I actually don't own the current Blu-ray, due to all the negative reviews. From what I understand, this film could do with a remaster. I also...
  6. Bryan Tuck

    The Day of the Doctor (Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special)

    Didn't see a topic for this, so I thought I'd start one. This just came out today as a Best Buy exclusive, a week ahead of its wide release. For anyone else that picked it up, is it just me or has the special been slowed-down to 24p? The sound has certainly been altered in some way, as there is...
  7. Bryan Tuck

    Mr. Holland's Opus on Blu?

    Has anyone heard anything about the possibility of this film on Blu-ray? I guess it would probably be a Mill Creek budget title, but even a merely serviceable HD presentation would be nice, since it never even got an anamorphic DVD in R1. A special edition probably wouldn't happen, but if it...
  8. Bryan Tuck

    Subtitle Shift/Zoom functions on Oppo (or other players)

    I apologize if this has been answered elsewhere; couldn't find anything in a search. I've been thinking about getting the Oppo BDP-103 for a variety of reasons, but mainly for the subtitle shift function. I don't have a CIH display, but I do have some old, non-anamorphic letterboxed DVDs of...
  9. Bryan Tuck

    A Nightmare on Elm Street Collection - Best Buy Exclusive

    Did a search and couldn't find a thread for this anywhere. Does anyone know what's happening with this release? Best Buy had it on their website last week, and even showed it as being in stock at some stores. I went to one of my local stores today, and it had apparently been completely deleted...
  10. Bryan Tuck

    HTF BLU-RAY REVIEW: Beauty and the Beast: Diamond Edition (Combo Pack)

    Bumping again; does anyone know if there was ever a corrected version of the movie disc that restores the missing shot from the theatrical version? Maybe in the 3D Combo Pack?
  11. Bryan Tuck

    GULLIVER'S TRAVELS starring Jack Black

    Has anyone seen the trailer for this? Normally, I don't like to judge movies solely on their trailers, but this looks almost intentionally awful... http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/fox/gulliverstravels/
  12. Bryan Tuck

    "Return to the 36th Chamber" & John Woo's "The Killer" - Dragon Dynasty

    I couldn't find a thread for this, but apparently DD is releasing The Killer and Return to the 36th Chamber on DVD on March 30 (along with The Killer on Blu-Ray). I'm not familiar with 36th Chamber, but I really hope they've done right by The Killer. After the disappointment of their Hard...
  13. Bryan Tuck

    RIP Alaina Reed (Olivia from "Sesame Street")

    AP story here: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20091222/ap_on_en_tv/us_obit_alaina_reed_amini_2 I was quite a bit older than I should have been when it hit me that all the "grownups" on Sesame Street were just actors. There was something about the universe that show created that you just believed...
  14. Bryan Tuck

    The 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards (List of Nominations)

    Couldn't find anyone discussing the Golden Globe nominations. I was just wondering what everyone thought... --------------------------------------- 1. BEST MOTION PICTURE – DRAMAAVATAR Lightstorm Entertainment; Twentieth Century Fox THE HURT LOCKER Voltage Pictures; Summit Entertainment...
  15. Bryan Tuck

    Masters of Horror-Season 1 Box

    For some inexplicable reason, I haven't seen any of these yet, so I thought about picking up the Season 1 set. Can anyone tell me if there's anything in the Mausoleum Box that isn't in the 2 separate volumes (disc-wise, that is)? The price for both volumes would be about the same as the...
  16. Bryan Tuck

    Tales From the Crypt - Season 2

    Hey, I was just wondering if anyone had this yet and could tell us whether or not the title sequences are included with the actual episodes, or if they are just part of the DVD menu as with Season 1. Not really a deal-breaker, but if Warner listened to all the complaints last time and kept...
  17. Bryan Tuck

    Annie Hall question...

    I've been wanting to check out Annie Hall (I know I should have seen it years ago; shame on me), but I've heard that there is a problem with the current edition's subtitles. Can anyone fill me in?
  18. Bryan Tuck

    Film school...

    Hi, everyone. I haven't posted a whole lot lately (in fact, I've never posted much in the After Hours lounge) because I've been in the process of moving from North Texas to Southern California. Today was my first day attending classes at the graduate film school at Chapman University in...
  19. Bryan Tuck

    Any Death Becomes Her news?

    I was just wondering if anyone had heard anything new about a new release of this. A special edition would be great (with all the deleted scenes, if possible), but I'd settle for just a nice anamorphic transfer. The old disc is at Wal-Mart for $8.44, and it is tempting, but it's MAR, of course...
  20. Bryan Tuck

    Night Court Season 2 and beyond?

    Has anyone heard anything about more seasons of Night Court? I can only assume it's in the planning stages. Anyone know how well Season 1 is selling? Hope it won't be too long.
  21. Bryan Tuck

    Anyone else having trouble finding Errol Flynn Collection?

    I went to the local Hastings, Best Buy, Circuit City, and even Walmart and Target today, and none of them had it. Was there a problem with shipping this out? I know all the movies are 60+ years old, but Best Buy, and even our local Target are usually pretty good about stocking new editions of...
  22. Bryan Tuck

    James Whale's The Road Back?

    I was just wondering if anyone knew if this film had ever been released on any home format. Does Universal still hold the rights? Has the film been lost? Of course, this is the film that the studio took away from Whale and hacked to bits. But it still would be interesting to see, I think. Of...
  23. Bryan Tuck

    So did anyone watch the MTV Movie Awards?

    I know, I know...but every once in a while there's something funny on it. At any rate, this year's show was pretty pathetic, even by MTV standards. There were a few moments that were kind of funny, but most of it was just...well, desperately trying to be funny. And even not trying, at times...
  24. Bryan Tuck

    Carol Burnett on TV Land

    Did anyone catch the Carol Burnett and Friends marathon on TV Land this past weekend? Such a great show; it really crossed all kinds of genre and demographic boundaries. I love my mom, but we tend to have pretty differing tastes in movies and TV, yet we can sit and watch Carol Burnett and...
  25. Bryan Tuck

    Highlander Immortal Edition vs. Regular Edition question

    I was thinking about picking up Anchor Bay's release of the original Highlander, but I was just curious: Is the bonus CD with the Queen songs the only difference content-wise between the Immortal Edition and the regular version? Mainly, I'm wondering if the Queen music videos are on the...
  26. Bryan Tuck

    A Request to ALL Studios Regarging Trailers on DVD

    I realize that there have been various threads directed at specific studios regarding this issue, but I want to address this to all studios, because it is a trend that more and more have been following. It is, as the thread title suggests, simply a request. One of my favorite DVD extra...
  27. Bryan Tuck

    ***Official ALIEN Director's Cut Discussion and Review Thread***

    Sorry if someone already posted about this; couldn't find anything. At any rate, this is almost too good to be true.
  28. Bryan Tuck

    Dark Crystal VHS/LD/DVD question

    This may sound like a really goofy question, but it's something I've been wondering. On the Columbia Tristar DVD of The Dark Crystal, during the end credits, there are two very noticeable edits in the music. Obviously, this happens all the time, but I seem to recall on the Disney VHS version...
  29. Bryan Tuck

    Discount Anime DVD

    I've recently discovered BOOTLEGG URL REMOVED BY OWNER - DO NOT REPOST Has anyone ever ordered from them? How reliable are they? They seem to have a terrifc selection and some very good prices. Just curious if anyone has had any dealings with them. Thanks.
  30. Bryan Tuck

    Missing Trailers

    This may not seem like such a big deal, so I apologize if I sound like a whiny DVD geek. I don't mean to. Something I always look forward to when checking out a new DVD is watching the original theatrical trailer for the film on the disc. I just enjoy seeing how the film was advertised, and...