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  1. Megan_A_D

    FOX: *gasp*, I beg you.. please!!

    Just read DVDFile's review of Star Wars AOTC and I'm utterly dismayed by the following:
  2. Megan_A_D

    Columbia: Mad About You, only two discs?

    Isn't that trying to cram too much onto a single disc with 11 episodes per disc? Am hoping it's just an error in the information that's gotten out so far.
  3. Megan_A_D

    any chats scheduled soon?

    I looked through all the stuff at the top of the page but I don't see any mention of upcoming chats... Of course it could be because there are none currently scheduled but I'm not a very frequent visitor (every 2-4 months I show up for a few days) and I was just realizing that Peter Staddon...