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  1. Kevin McCorry

    Dr Who- Key to Time Set Problem With Toshiba

    Disc 3 of the Dr. Who Key to Time set, "The Stones of Blood", won't play on my Toshiba 5109. It only goes as far as the BBC logo and then freezes. This disc, however, does play on my Malata. So far, "Power of Kroll" and "The Armageddon Factor" have played without problems.
  2. Kevin McCorry

    Space 1999 Mega Set Bonus Disc

    Yep, you read right. There is going to be a seventeeth bonus DVD with the Space: 1999 Mega Set to be released by A & E this month. Details are sketchy but there will reportedly be remastered episodes (probably first season) with audio commentary by Sylvia Anderson, Johnny Byrne, and...
  3. Kevin McCorry

    Peter Hunt, Bond Editor & Director RIP

    Don't know if this was mentioned already on some other thread but Peter Hunt, director of On Her Majesty's Secret Service and editor of the first five James Bond movies, has recently passed away.
  4. Kevin McCorry

    MGM- More Pink Panther Cartoons on DVD, Please

    The Pink Panther Cartoon Collection was released on DVD in 1999 and since then no follow-up. I recall hearing about plans to release the other videos in the 1997 compilation line on DVD but as yet nothing. With MGM's admirable record of releasing UA catalog titles, I would think these...
  5. Kevin McCorry

    Martian Chronicles TV Miniseries (1980) & World War III (1982)

    The Martian Chronicles TV miniseries starred Rock Hudson, Roddy McDowall, Bernie Casey, Nicholas Hammond, Barry Morse, Darren McGavin, Bernadette Peters, Fritz Weaver, Gayle Hunnicutt, and an ensemble International cast and sported some excellent visuals of a Martian landscape and colony. I...
  6. Kevin McCorry

    The New Avengers TV series on DVD!

    Steed, Purdey, & Gambit are now together on DVD. Contender Video in the U.K. has released all 26 episodes on DVD. I just got my set today and am watching the episodes. Prints are the same as the ones aired on Canada's BRAVO! TV channel in 1998-9, except for "Obsession" and "Lion and the Unicorn"...
  7. Kevin McCorry

    Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (Warner Bros.)?

    I see that there is a release of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde coming from Warner on July 23. But no detals as yet as to which version this is. Hopefully it's either the Fredric March or Spencer Tracy version. But probably it's something else.
  8. Kevin McCorry

    Will The Day After (1983) Come to R1?

    I see this nuclear holocaust TV drama is on DVD in Region 2 Japan. Seems rather pricey, though. I'd buy it if I knew for sure this movie isn't due to come out on DVD in Region 1.
  9. Kevin McCorry

    R1 Doctor Who DVDs for Sale

    Region 1 Doctor Who DVDs for sale. Used less than 10 times. Robots used only twice. Excellent condition. Spearhead From Space The Robots of Death The Five Doctors All $12. Though I live in Canada, that's $12 U.S..
  10. Kevin McCorry

    Centre-Disc Blobs

    I've been noticing that a majority of the DVDs to pass through my hands of late have milky swirls that look like blobs in the area around the centre hole of the discs. Not on the data part (milky swirls there are a whole other subject) but on the inner rim. On some discs, they look like bubbles...
  11. Kevin McCorry

    Double Amarays and Disc Damage?

    Came across a complaint at Amazon.com about the double Amaray hub causing a TPM feature disc to crack and then took a look at mine. And to my shock, I found a scratch on the upper side of the disc around the centre. It doesn't look like a crack. Only a scratch. But the question is, what...
  12. Kevin McCorry

    Star Trek TOS- 40 and 2 "Cages"

    The final volume of Star Trek TOS is now in my hands. The transfers of "The Cage" and "Turnabout Intruder" are excellent, but I wonder why the color/B&W 1986 version of "The Cage" is on the disc together with the full color one. Isn't it rather redundant to say nothing of being obsolete. The...
  13. Kevin McCorry


    I've just received the Carlton R2 Season 2 boxed set of Space: 1999 and have sampled all episodes. If A & E uses the exact same transfers, these discs will far outshine the first season discs. All episodes are rich in color and detail and look absolutely pristine, and the episodes that came...
  14. Kevin McCorry

    Treasure Island 1989 Heston/Bale

    The 1989 Treasure Island is often regarded as the definitive movie version of this story. With Charlton Heston as Long John Silver and Christian Bale as Jim Hawkins and such a distinguished supporting cast as Christopher Lee, Oliver Reed, Julian Glover, and Richard Johnson, not to mention the...
  15. Kevin McCorry

    Fawlty Towers Set Packaging- A Disgrace!

    I just spent a tortuous half-hour extracting my three Fawlty Towers DVDs from their package. Rather than give each disc its own keepcase, BBC and Warner put them in a booklet with transparent plastic and utterly inflexible spindles. Putting the package on everything from tables to carpet...
  16. Kevin McCorry

    TV Guide Looks at Science Fiction- Pixellation

    The thread title is self-explanatory. This Image disc, a single layer one, breaks into pixels during the Twilight Zone segment. In my Toshiba player, it completely locks up, and in my Malata, it pixelates slightly but continues to play. Has anyone bought this disc and experienced the same...
  17. Kevin McCorry

    No Doctor Who Straight Lay Releases

    BBC North America and Warner have abandoned plans for simultaneous releases to VHS and DVD of Doctor Who serials. The intent had evidently been straight lay releases on DVD of any Who titles yet to be distributed on VHS. Now, we can only expect DVDs of Who titles given the DVD treatment in...
  18. Kevin McCorry

    COSMOS Box Set Now OOP

    According to Amazon.com's listing for the Cosmos Collector's Edition Set, the studio no longer prints this title. Amazing. From bestseller to out-of-print in little over a half-year. What could have happened? Did everybody all over the world who wanted Cosmos buy it shortly after release and...
  19. Kevin McCorry

    FOX- Planet of the Apes TV series

    With the release of the new Apes movie and the revived public interest in the franchise, the time is ripe for not only a re-release of the 5 feature films but a DVD set of the whole 1974 TV series. Is there any chance at all of our seeing that on DVD as well, perhaps in a simultaneous release...
  20. Kevin McCorry

    Amazon to Canada No Longer Duty-Free

    From 1999 until last month, every DVD shipment sent to me from Amazon.com had been delivered by Purolator Courier, and no matter how large the shipment, there was no charge for import taxes or processing. Now, packages come by one of two carriers. The regular post and by DHL. There's no...