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  1. Paul_Ptaaty

    Want to add a second sub to my Take 5.2 setup

    That STF-2 is a great sub at that price point...I finally heard one and was very impressed. I have an SVS PB2+, and while the STF isn't as loud or low it was enough to easily shake the couch in my friends room...and sound tight while doing it. I would say yes, spend the extra $$
  2. Paul_Ptaaty

    Outlaw vs SVS

    Another factor is the looks department...the Outlaw is a nice looking sub. The SVS isn't too bad either but it isn't really finished the same. Your performance question would be a little more fair comparing the PB2-ISD to two co-located Outlaws. If subs were not so heavy it would be nice...
  3. Paul_Ptaaty

    "Secrets" reviews the Outlaw LFM-1

    Thanks Tony. Using more than one sub is a good way to help reduce the room effects. Subs can be placed so that one subs nulls and peaks are offset from the other. In addition, placing subs in the middle of the wall is another tip. Fellow Secrets reviewer (actually Senior Editor as well)...
  4. Paul_Ptaaty

    Frequency waterfall charts of a few familiar favourites

    I actually use a BFD filter to remove some bass at 18-22Hz, the boost was just too much and overpowering. I had the ultimate room curve going on, and as much as it is really cool to feel the floor moving (and rattling the OUTSIDE of my house)...I have a new BFD setting which is mostly flat...
  5. Paul_Ptaaty

    You Won't Bleive It (SVS 25-31)

    Try walking around the room when it is playing. You will notice you have a standing waves and different freqs will be emphasized. Get a BFD or other param eq... for now put the sub in the listening position, walk/crawl around the room to find where it sounds best. then put the sub where it...
  6. Paul_Ptaaty

    Denon DVD-2200 or other?

    So pretty much they are both good, but completely different :)
  7. Paul_Ptaaty

    PB2+: Boomy-Bass with Underworld?

    In your small room I am sure there are modes and nulls aplenty in the bass region. go here: http://www.snapbug.ws/sinewaves/ get sine waves for one sixth octaves from 20 to 80 Hz, break out the Radio Shack SPL meter and plot your freq response curve. As the bass goes lower the meter is not...
  8. Paul_Ptaaty

    Yamaha rxv 1400 ypao (MERGED THREAD)

    If you want power in a midline reciever, the Pioneer Elite 45/53/55Tx are good choices. Among the exceedingly rare in the price range to deliver nearly the same power for 1 channel as 5 channels. However with only 4 digital inputs in the back (other than i-link or usb)...there are limitations...
  9. Paul_Ptaaty

    First post...where should I go with what I have...

    Agree with the others here, spend the full $1000 on speakers, and make sure you get something you really like. If that means only 2 speakers for now, rest later that is OK. The last thing you want to do is buy some speakers that are just OK and wish you had more. If you already have a 5.1...
  10. Paul_Ptaaty

    Which Receiver?: Yamaha RX-V2400 or Denon 3803 or H/K AVR630

    I would put the Denon 3805 (due out march) on my shorlist. The new Denon 3805 does have a higher power rating than the 3803, but the real kicker is it now has Denon-link to pass DVD-A digitally and should allow for SACD as well in the near future (firmware). THe new Denon also has a room auto...
  11. Paul_Ptaaty

    to ISF or SVS- that is the question...

    Brad in that case... scrap all I said :) I figured you were technically competent and willing to delve in. I sometimes forget that not every enthusiest is like me (Mechanical Engineering degree, absolutely fearless with technical things) If your TV is right out of the box (with the...
  12. Paul_Ptaaty

    to ISF or SVS- that is the question...

    Greg...from a calibrator... :) would I expect any less! The tweaks are written by highly competent and experienced ISF calibrators who are experts and own the TV themselves, with step by step instructions they follow to calibrate the TV... Of course, as Mike said, you can look at it either...
  13. Paul_Ptaaty

    to ISF or SVS- that is the question...

    Spend $25, get a membership at the hometheaterspot.com with access to the tweaks. It takes some effort, but you can get your TV looking very good, the biggest thing you just cannot do is grayscale, although you should get a very watchable (for most). Using the tweaks you should get your color...
  14. Paul_Ptaaty

    Is this a good HT setup in the 5K range: What about the speakers?

    If you like energy, can you squeeze in the Encore sats? As far as true satellites (vs bookshelf or monitor) they are very nice for the money.
  15. Paul_Ptaaty

    Will a Denon 910 better my panny S35 for PQ ?

    I'd try interlaced on your S35 as well, at least for the time being, let your TV handle it. Sometimes this can result in suprisingly good PQ. From your wording you may be inputting progressive into your TV from the S35, then the TV will not deinterlace... I'd switch to progressive if you...
  16. Paul_Ptaaty

    Pioneer Elite VSX-53TX

    You'll be very happy with the newer elites. The 45tx has been tested at 138WX5!! Nice amps for a receiver in this range! Beautiful build and features. MCACC is great, the mic cable is about 15-18 feet and usis a mini-phono plug (like a portable headphone) and should be easy to extend. I...
  17. Paul_Ptaaty

    Standalone DVD vs. HTPC - From the Standalone side

    Amen Scott... Especially on something like the newer Hitachi CRT RPTVs, I have a 51SWX20B and the internal scaler is very good, so I do not get any of the benefit of the upscaling of the HTPC or something like a Bravo D1. On good well encoded properly flagged DVDs, the HTPC (DVI) was about...
  18. Paul_Ptaaty

    SACD David Elias "The Window" Nice!!

    I really love song 12, "The Window" A bit somber. It is a nice shift through the set from the more upbeat songs upfront to the later songs with a bit more pain in his voice. He does seem like a nice guy, he sent me an email after I ordered the disk and asked me a few questions. It is very...
  19. Paul_Ptaaty

    SACD David Elias "The Window" Nice!!

    Thanks Phil. I just wanted to bring it back up for those new here.
  20. Paul_Ptaaty

    SACD David Elias "The Window" Nice!!

    I am sure this SACD has been covered but I would like to give my props to David Elias, an independant who took an acoustic folk band and recorded it in a studio, pure DSD including mixing. This SACD sounds extremely good. Normally I don't pay attention to folk but the music, in addition to...
  21. Paul_Ptaaty

    Axiom QS4 questions

    I ended up trading mine in for QS8s because they are more effiecient, play lower and have the same drivers as the rest of my axioms.... however, their overall "quadpolar" design is awesome. It is diffuse enough to do a great job with environmental effects, but still direct enough to provide...
  22. Paul_Ptaaty

    Is DVI really that good?

    Sorry David! When I was shopping for components I noticed RAM and Bluejeans looked similar....I didn't realize they didn't have DVI, just RGBHV and HD15. I could have sworn that someone had emailed bluejeans and they made a DVI cable as well. It is something to try, sorry about leading you...
  23. Paul_Ptaaty

    Is DVI really that good?

    David, All you had to do was remove the protective (glare) screen! :) Many people have the glare problem with RPTVs...so much so that Mits has theirs "user removeable" in less than 5 minutes. then viewable with bright rooms with windows....not that I wouldn't use a FP if I had the room for...
  24. Paul_Ptaaty

    Best HTPC vs best DVD?

    Something like the 5900 will give you the best possible consistant picture. As far as I know all HTPC DVD programs are flag readers, and if a dvd is improperly flagged will produce artifacts for those scenes.
  25. Paul_Ptaaty

    HTPC novice

    I just noticed someone asked if the geforce mx440 was as good as the radeon 9600 pro....NO WAY the 9600 pro is FAR FAR more advanced, don't even consider the mx440 for a new PC, it will be the bottleneck
  26. Paul_Ptaaty

    questions regarding denon 2900 and 2200

    They both use the Sony CXD-2753 Second Generation DSD Decoder (used in numerous sacd players) which is then fed through the DAC. The Denon 2900 has a custom designed BurrBrown 1790 DAC, which was the top DAC made by texas instruments at the time. It is supposed to be very similar to the 1792 and...
  27. Paul_Ptaaty

    How about some newer artists for SACD/DVD Audio??

    DVD-A I think. Still in the "no firm release date" catagory if I remember correctly. BTW: I just ordered hybrid SACDs of Bob Dylan's Blonde on Blonde and Highway 61 for $5.99 each off bmgmusic.com....sweet! not a new artist but still a great deal.
  28. Paul_Ptaaty

    Help narrow my search for a hdtv rptv.

    Hitachi 51s500 supposed to be as good as my 51swx20b, using software to overcome the cheaper components plus better stretch modes. Hitachi is also #1 in reliability according to consumer reports. I would suggest, removing protective screen, setting up per AVIA, calibrated the color decoder...
  29. Paul_Ptaaty

    How about some newer artists for SACD/DVD Audio??

    Thanks, I'll probably be picking that one up. That is what I am talking about...except make it become the new standard for many of the front line artists. It seems a bit much to ask but if the music industry wants to charge near DVD prices, they need to deliver the content and make it...
  30. Paul_Ptaaty

    How about some newer artists for SACD/DVD Audio??

    I haven't checked the actual rap section at Best Buy....I just went to the DVD-Audio area for Stankonia. I asked someone at Circuit City where there DVD-Audio section was and they gave me a look and said that the do sell dvd players...and they had never heard of SACD. I am relatively young...