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  1. Bob McLaughlin

    Wild West Kids

    Hi, My daughters and I finished another new movie, a Western called "Scallywags", hope you like it! (Sorry I haven't posted much lately but work has been super-busy).
  2. Bob McLaughlin

    Why no "The Iron Giant" on Blu-ray?

    I can't believe this isn't on Blu-ray yet! Any news on this? Is there a petition we can sign somewhere?
  3. Bob McLaughlin

    Kid invents matter duplicator

    Hi, please check out my latest movie, "Too Many Addies"! Let me know what you think!
  4. Bob McLaughlin

    Guaranteed smile!

    All hype aside, please help my 4-year-old daughter realize her dream of 1,000 views for our newest movie, "Jillian & the Beanstalk"! If you like this, please forward it to as many people as you can. Thanks! Here is the link: http://www.viddler.com/explore/foresthillsbob/videos/1/
  5. Bob McLaughlin

    Blockbuster Video shelf display cards make great mini-posters

    I went to a local junk shop that recycles items from closing businesses. I found hundreds of little thick cardboard mini-posters that Blockbuster Video had been using to hold space on the shelves when the videos were checked out. Each one is about 7 inches tall and about 5 1/2 inches wide and...
  6. Bob McLaughlin

    I made another movie preview!

    I made a new movie preview! Last year I was taking a walk in the woods with my daughter. Deep in the woods, we found a cleared-out area, and we saw something that we could not explain. Thank goodness I had my video camera, because when we went back later, it was gone. I took the footage...
  7. Bob McLaughlin

    Recommendations for general use desktop computer?

    Hi, time to upgrade my 9-year old klunker of a computer. This is NOT for HTPC and would be a general usage computer, except for some minor video editing. Budget: under $1,000. Around $800 would be even better. Needs: -Desktop computer -Flatscreen monitor -DVD burner -Protection/maintenance...
  8. Bob McLaughlin

    Just wondering...what would you buy on Amazon if you had a $75 gift certificate?

    I just received an Amazon gift certificate for $75 and I can think of a million things I would like to buy. Part of me says spend it wisely, part of me says spend it on a "splurge" item that I wouldn't ordinarily get for myself. Just curious: how would YOU spend a free $75 gift certificate on...
  9. Bob McLaughlin

    Friend of mine will be on "Jeopardy!" tonight

    If any of you watch "Jeopardy!", make sure you tune in tonight. My friend George Long will be appearing on the show tonight, and possibly beyond that. He was not allowed to tell me if he won any episodes, so I have no idea if he'll last beyond today's episode. He is a real movie buff (he...
  10. Bob McLaughlin

    Last day of school memories

    One of my co-worker's kids has his last day of school today. We were talking about some of the things we did on the last day of school (we both went to different Catholic grade schools) and I wondered if other schools still did these things. I also wanted to hear people's favorite memories of...
  11. Bob McLaughlin

    Selling a house from out of state

    I have relatives from out of state who want to sell a house in my city. They are exploring all options but since they live hundreds of miles away it is not practical for them to fix up the house and get it ready for sale on their own. I can't see them hiring contractors to do roof and drainage...
  12. Bob McLaughlin

    Arranging DVDs non-alphabetically

    I currently have my DVD collection arranged alphabetically, but this system never really worked to my satisfaction. A significant number of my DVDs are sets that contain multiple movie titles, so there is no accurate way to arrange them alphabetically. Also I hate having to move around all my...
  13. Bob McLaughlin

    YouTube muted my videos!

    I was miffed to discover over the weekend that YouTube has muted most of my home video movies! I like making silly little movies with my kids and will sometimes put background music on during the opening credit sequences. I use YouTube so my relatives can watch the movies without having to email...
  14. Bob McLaughlin

    I saw a silver-skinned man today

    I was walking down 5th Avenue on my way to work and I saw what I thought was a person wearing make-up. He was an otherwise normal-looking businessman in his 50's, but his skin was a dull metallic gray, very much like lead or dull silver. I thought it was some promotional gimmick but I noticed...
  15. Bob McLaughlin

    401k getting clobbered? Cash out!

    Some guy in my office has lost so much money in his 401k, he has this "brilliant" plan of cashing out what remains and writing off the losses somehow. He says the tax penalty for cashing out early will be offset by the fact that he's writing off the losses. Is there any validity to this? I don't...
  16. Bob McLaughlin

    Virtual snowflake maker!

    Here's a fun diversion, an online snowflake maker. It folds the paper for you and all you do is make some cuts. It's neat because you can "preview" the snowflake to see what effect your cuts have, plus you can "undo" cuts (not something you can do in real life!) Here's the site: Make-a-Flake -...
  17. Bob McLaughlin

    Fans of Kubrick's "The Shining", check this out...

    For my daughter Adelaide's upcoming first birthday party, I made a video and sent people a DVD with this movie instead of a regular paper invitation. Fans of "The Shining" might get a kick out of this. Let me know what you think!
  18. Bob McLaughlin

    My Halloween 2008 Yard Decorations

    This is a little late, but I finally got around to taking pictures of my Halloween yard decorations for 2008. New things this year: the skeleton riding the spider, the zombie, and the goat-man kid-eating monster. Yes, that's the same horse the woodpecker invaded. Enjoy! The whole yard...
  19. Bob McLaughlin

    Hockey Talk: The Official NHL 2008-2009 Thread

    All right guys, another season of the fastest, most exciting professional team sport is underway! Just a few topics for discussion to kick things off... Can the Red Wings repeat? Or more importantly, can anyone stop these guys? And now they have Hossa for one season, will this make them even...
  20. Bob McLaughlin

    Woodpecker invaded my Halloween decorations

    I have a life-sized headless horseman on a horse that I carved out of styrofoam as part of my big Halloween yard display. The other day I noticed a bird on the horse's neck and upon further investigation I saw it was a woodpecker! I checked under the horse's chin and sure enough there is a...
  21. Bob McLaughlin

    Is this too scary for kids?

    My wife saw this trailer I made for my latest movie project, and said it was too scary to show to the kids. What do you think?
  22. Bob McLaughlin

    Three Little Pigs - The movie

    Here's my latest creation, the promised follow-up to the teaser trailer I posted last month. Stick around for the outtakes reel at the end! YouTube - Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf I made liberal use of the tripod this time and did more exterior shots to take advantage of the...
  23. Bob McLaughlin

    Virtual walks using Google Maps - ideas/questions

    Google Maps launched the beta version of walking directions yesterday. My wife uses a treadmill regularly and plans on doing a virtual walk across the country. Now she can plan her route using Google Maps walking directions. My question is, does anyone know if a hack/site exists to input your...
  24. Bob McLaughlin

    A few questions about extension ladders

    I am sick of paying some guy to clean my gutters every year and am thinking of buying an extension ladder. A few questions: 1. How do I know what size ladder to get? Is there an easy way to measure the distance from the ground to my gutters? I am not a good judge of distance and height so I...
  25. Bob McLaughlin

    Check out this movie trailer

    Given the lackluster response to my first two movies (a combined 180 hits on YouTube last time I checked), I've decided to hype up my next movie with a teaser trailer. I am hoping to have the final product ready by the end of the month. Constructive criticism welcome! YouTube - Three Little...
  26. Bob McLaughlin

    Is she old enough?

    I want to take my daughter to her first theatrical movie (we're planning on seeing Wall-E). She is 2 years and 9 months old but is fairly movie savvy already thanks to Daddy's dedicated home theater. She can sit still for a long time and doesn't talk through the movie, which is more than most...
  27. Bob McLaughlin

    Two silly movies starring my kids

    I put together a couple movies starring my two young daughters. These are my first efforts at movie editing. I have a bit of a dark sense of humor so be forewarned. Hope you enjoy! Birdnapped: YouTube - Birdnapped Goldilocks & the 3 Bears with Alternate Ending YouTube - Goldilocks & the...
  28. Bob McLaughlin

    2008 Stanley Cup finals

    Any hockey fans out there? I was surprised there wasn't at least an NHL postseason thread, let alone an NHL thread. Sure, it would have been nice for the Penguins if the Red Wings/Stars series had gone to seven games, but I'm glad to see Detroit win it--they are a consistently great team with...
  29. Bob McLaughlin

    Men who hate grilling

    I know, the grill is supposed to be one of the last bastions of manhood, right? As a man I am supposed to relish the opportunity to play with fire, serve up the kill, etc. But sorry, I hate grilling. Maybe it's because I don't like cooking much to begin with. Maybe I'm a control freak and...
  30. Bob McLaughlin

    Does Google do requests?

    Does Google have some kind of suggestion box? I have an idea I would like to submit to them. It's one of those things I think would be right up their alley at Google.