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  1. JGCramp

    Digital Codes for Sale

    I have several surplus codes listed below. Unless otherwise specified all 4K codes were acquired from US 4K UHD discs and HDX from US blu-ray discs. They should redeem in 4K or HDX as indicated but I can't absolutely guarantee any specific redemption quality 4K Codes Alien $5 Marvel's The...
  2. JGCramp

    Jaws iTunes Code from Blu-Ray *gone*

    I have an unused iTunes code for Jaws from the blu-ray I purchased. The code slip says the film redeems in SD, but my UV copy redeemed in HDX, so I don't know whether it'll come in iTunes as SD or HD. I'm happy to give the code to the first person that responds. If you could give me a like in...