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  1. EarleD

    Dreamcast for trade. Offers?

    Has been traded Thanks for any interested Earle ------------------ Reciever: Denon AVR3200 Speakers: Klipsch KG4.2's/KG2.2v/KSB 3.1's/SVS 20-39's Amps: B&K Ref 4022(mains)/Fidek 600 watt(subs) DVD: Toshiba 3109 TV: Sony 32" monitor A pair of Aura Bass Shakers
  2. EarleD

    Dreamcast for trade. Offers?

    I have a near new Dreamcast that I no longer use. Included in the deal are 2 controllers(1 with memory cartridge),S-Video cord, and several games(NFL2K1, NBA2K1, Dead or Alive 2, Tee Off, and 4 Wheel Thunder). Have orignal box(i think). Looking for a basic LD Player with RF out, but willing...