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  1. Terry H

    Lonesome Dove

    I don't doubt that this isn't OAR and I understand that is usually the kiss of death. But... look at these BD screenshots from dvdbeaver Lonesome Dove - Blu-ray Robert Duvall Tommy Lee Jones This will never be your gold standard BD demo disc but the PQ is vastly better than the current OAR...
  2. Terry H

    Desperate Housewives season 4 thread

    Actually, they dropped a big fat hint with that one month anniversary card Susan gave Mike. I thought that was odd at the time but I now realize it was a device so people would "get" the timing. I'm fairly sure they married quickly after Ian departed and either man could be the father. True? I...
  3. Terry H

    Friday Night Lights Season 1 Music Edits

    Well, I saw a post on another forum complaining that episode 17 Rogue Wave's song "Eyes" was replaced. I never watched this but was thinking about buying blind and catching up before the start of season 2. Not now. Another show down the crapper.
  4. Terry H

    Marantz SR4001

    I don't own one but have always liked Marantz. They don't get much mention I suppose because big box stores don't have them and you can't usually buy discounted online...at least not from an authorized dealer. Marantz is usually considered to be a very musical receiver. Worth the effort to find...
  5. Terry H

    if you had $2000...

    I don't think there are any. A bit higher and you're looking at Onkyo 674. I think the new Marantz SR4001/5001/7001/8001 may also do what you require... but I won't swear to it. I was going to buy Marantz SR8001 but decided to hang back for a year or three, until the HDMI mess gets sorted out.
  6. Terry H

    if you had $2000...

    What is the use... movies, music or both? If both, what % of each? How big is the room? I just replaced an Onkyo that died after only five years with the Panasonic XR-57 and I love it. I produces more power and has better sound than the Onkyo ever did. At < $300 there is no better bang for your...
  7. Terry H

    digital receiver panasonic SA XR 700

    I'd wait for the HDMI mess to get sorted out if you can (wait for 1.3 and reviews of the products). I would never have purchased a receiver right now if mine hadn't died. If you are determined to buy now try to get your hands on the speakers impedance curve and make sure it doesn't dip below 6...
  8. Terry H

    digital receiver panasonic SA XR 700

    Old. ;) JBL Studio series. S-Center, S-310 fronts and S-26 Surrounds. Oh, and a 12" HSU sub. The Panny doesn't drive the sub of course but I had to mention it.... I just love that sub.;).
  9. Terry H

    digital receiver panasonic SA XR 700

    This man knows what he's talking about. I replaced my (dead after only 5 years) Onkyo 575x with a Panasonic XR57 and let me tell you this little Panny rocks the house. It has power that 70 Watt rated Onkyo never delivered. It outshines famous name amps at more than twice the price. Absolutely...
  10. Terry H

    Smallville Season 5: No ENGLISH Subtitles! Why? Does R2 have them?

    Well, it isn't just Smallville. It appears that Warner in region 1 doesn't use English subtitles on any sets. I'm not sure when it started but The West Wing season 6 and Veronica Mars season 2 do not have subtitles either. It seems clear to me that Warner execs (region 1) don't give a damn about...
  11. Terry H

    Smallville Season 5: No ENGLISH Subtitles! Why? Does R2 have them?

    It also sucks because closed captions won't work in a with a progressive scan player (no 480p). They don't work with 1080i (upscaled) either.
  12. Terry H

    Anone got a review on "My Name is Earl" yet? Music Intact?

    Yeah, and that's only half the season. I have no doubt it's actually worse than it appears. I looked over the package in a store today and nowhere on it was the music replacement mentioned. That's just plain dishonest.
  13. Terry H

    Anone got a review on "My Name is Earl" yet? Music Intact?

    Well, they had to know the show was going to dvd and they still didn't secure all the music rights. Pitiful. They just don't give a damn.
  14. Terry H

    Veronica Mars season 2

    I'm not certain if it is true for all equipment but my 65" Mits and any one of three dvd players will NOT display closed captions (CC) in progressive mode. I've checked with a few other people and it appears CC only works in interlaced mode. It seems that none of the recently released Warner...
  15. Terry H

    High Definition DVD: What is Holding You Back?

    Yeah, I've heard this rumor too. No offense intended, but as far as I'm concerned that is all it is, a RUMOR. If the studios are serious about holding off on ICT for "the next few years" they need to announce exactly how long they are going to delay implementation. This is the primary...
  16. Terry H

    Where do the studios stand on HDMI issues?

    It has always been my understanding that ICT was chosen so studios could be selective in what they downrez. I assumed (perhaps wrongly) that new releases and studio money machines like Star Wars, LOTR, Star Trek etc. would get the ICT token while lesser catalog titles might not. I have no doubt...
  17. Terry H

    Deadwood Season 2 dvd??

    I don't blame you. Season three is done and I have no doubt there will be numerous dangling plot-lines that will be unresolved forever. I HATE networks that do that to a show ... or to the fans. I will never support their actions by purchasing the abandoned show on DVD. I thought HBO was better...
  18. Terry H

    Deadwood Season 2 dvd??

    Looks to me like the third season is shot and soon to air and the fourth season is cancelled. What that means to me is there will never be any satisfactory conclusion to the series. That pretty much kills any interest I had in purchasing the program.
  19. Terry H

    Martin & Lewis: Volume I June 13

    So what happened to this? It still doesn't seem to be available for pre-order anywhere.
  20. Terry H

    The Cutting Edge SE is not anamorphic

    Any widescreen non-anamorphic disc is inexcusable and unacceptable. However, Sony is not the only studio to do this crap. The Universal TV series House was non-anamorphic.
  21. Terry H

    We knew it was coming: A new trend in standard vs SE pricing?

    Oh, please... studios made rivers of money off DVD. They still do. I would think they would want to keep my goodwill to induce me into HD purchases rather than make a few extra bucks by inflating prices on a faltering product. Apparently not. I guess they assume we won't see what they are doing...
  22. Terry H

    We knew it was coming: A new trend in standard vs SE pricing?

    And I pretty much have, my rental account is never idle. Personally, I think the studios have brass balls milking the public for every last cent when HD is just around the corner and dvd is approaching the end of it's life. They are certainly not making their nearly dead product more attractive.
  23. Terry H

    Shortened Broadcast Seasons

    While many more are using DVRs and simply skipping the commercials. :D
  24. Terry H

    Frasier and Cheers S8: June 13th!

    Frasier... I own all the sets released so far but it was at the beginning of this season I quit watching. Do I remember wrongly or did the show suddenly lose all the wit and charm of previous seasons? I have never see most of this season so I'm asking for opinions. Do you think this season is...
  25. Terry H

    COACH - Finally coming!!

    Full season price for half a season. Must be Universal.
  26. Terry H

    Any GUNGA DIN Reviews Yet?

    Thanks for the information. I didn't know that review archive existed. Odd the review seems to have been removed from the HT Software forum. There are certainly much older and less useful threads there... DVD-Basen is indeed my new best friend. :D
  27. Terry H

    Any GUNGA DIN Reviews Yet?

    So what happened to the review? The search function isn't coughing it up... I would appeciate some more opinions on the video quality of this release. I have read two reviews and they conflict. :frowning:
  28. Terry H

    I fear Universal dropped the ball on Kate And Allie

    Exactly my point. I'll be shocked if the number of episodes is prominently displayed and you know the vast majority will not be savvy enough to look at runtimes. The backlash should be amusing. :D
  29. Terry H

    I fear Universal dropped the ball on Kate And Allie

    Almost none if they realize there are only six episodes. If the packaging says "the complete first season" or similar how many people will understand there are only six episodes in the set?