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  1. Dave Mack

    Last survivor of the Titanic passes away...

    http://news.aol.com/article/last-tit...-dies%2F505453 RIP Millvina Dean, and all the others who were on the ship on that night to remember...
  2. Dave Mack

    SCROOGE (Albert Finney) is coming this October to Blu-ray!

    I see that it's on HDnet next week. They just recently showed "Saturday Night Fever", also a Paramount title that Ron has confirmed is coming to BD next year. Ron? Any news? Would be great to have but until then I'm sure the HDnet version will tide me over.
  3. Dave Mack

    VERY odd. TV movie on TNT MAR'd from it's OAR

    Hi All! Watching "A christmas carol" with Patrick Stewart on TNT and it's letterboxed! Now this was a 4X3 TV film done for TNT years ago. My DVD is 4x3 FS, suppossed OAR. Now TNT is doing MAR on it's own programs and showing them WS to boot? Strange... Happy holidays!
  4. Dave Mack

    In an hour and a half, my thirties are GONE!!!! :(

    The big "4 0" in 93 minutes. :frowning:
  5. Dave Mack

    Neutral as of tonite. Opinions needed for 1st HDdvd viewing experience...

    Hey y'all. I was a smurf but as of tonite I'm a barney. What's a good first exclusive title or 2...? Wanna grab a flick on the way home to test out the new player. I am eager to see Forbidden Planet, Eternal Sunshine, Kong... Not interested in films that are also on BD as I've...
  6. Dave Mack

    Well, I did it. Soon to be neutral.... :(

    With Paramount defecting, SNF and Trek coming up and the too good to pass up Amazon deal, I couldn't help it. The HD-a2 + 3 Free HDdvds from a select list for $202 shipped with my earlier 10% discount. And then the 5 freebies making a total of 8 movies. Couldn't hold out. The Smurfs at AVS...
  7. Dave Mack

    Anyone watching the Meteor shower?

    Saw one AMAZING one so far, it's early here, 12:30pm. The main action is suppossed to be around 3am... :)
  8. Dave Mack

    Kid saved his dad who was a trucker who had a seizure... wants a PS3...!

    Interesting story on CNN. The kid sounds like a hero and when they asked him and his dad what he wanted, they said a PS3 and it was mentioned SEVERAL times in the story. Then of course the co0anchor dimwittedly said at the end, "I have a PS3 and I can't figure the thing out..." Project Hydra...
  9. Dave Mack

    Re: *** Official THE SIMPSONS MOVIE Review Thread

    Wow. 70+ million opening weekend! :0 But how on earth did it cost 70 million just to make the film itself...?!?! (pre-marketing...)
  10. Dave Mack

    Woo Hoo! The Crow and Gangs of NY announced for BD in the UK...!

    http://www.dvdtimes.co.uk/content.php?contentid=65347 EIV Blu-ray in August Entertainment in Video have announced their support for the Blu-ray Disc high definition format with the release of seven blockbuster titles on 13th August 2007. Priced at £24.99 each is a collection of titles that...
  11. Dave Mack

    Just got the BD of Springsteen: Live In Dublin... OOF!

    Well, I got it yesterday. (Early father's day gift, my FIRST! ) and MAN, what a dissapointment in the PQ. Ok, I know they went for a darker look in the concert lighting then say, the PBS show in London but even then it looks REALLY dark. Like the cameras were stopped down a bit (or done in post...
  12. Dave Mack

    Web experts, opinions needed for domain name registration...

    Hiya guys! I am releasing my CD next month and need to get my website going. Can you give me advice on what's the best and most reasonable domain name register service? I have seen several. Also for site hosting, maintenance? I am a TOTAL newbie to this. Thanks! d
  13. Dave Mack

    The genre films of 1982....!!!!!

    Ok, I got this idea from AICN where they are celebrating the year 1982 through the genre films. (geeky, Sci-fi, horror etc...) "...BLADE RUNNER and E.T. and DEAD MEN DON’T WEAR PLAID and THE THING and STAR TREK II and POLTERGEIST and FIRST BLOOD and CONAN THE BARBARIAN and HALLOWEEN III and...
  14. Dave Mack

    Is the CD playing ability through 2 channel analog as good on the HD-a2 as the HD-a1?

    Is it the same DACs...? I'm aware that the HD-a1 and Hd-xa1 are fab sounding for analog CD playback. Curious if the HD-a2 is as good. I know it doesn't have the 5.1 analog audio outs but AFAIK it does have 2 channel (L,R) analog out. # Audio Output # Analog 2ch 1 # Digital Optical 1...
  15. Dave Mack

    Anybody order from Amazon.uk recently... having trouble

    Hey y'all, Every few months I order some DVDs from Amazon.uk as I am region free but tonite I had a wee problem. They have always taken off the VAT (17.5% tax) that is included in their selling price as it is not applicable when placing an order from the USA but tonite I tried twice with 2...
  16. Dave Mack

    BD Fox titles for May 8th

    List of Fox releases for May 8 2007. Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid Edward Scissorhands Man on Fire Master & Commander Predator The Battle of Britain A Bridge Too Far Platoon The Graduate :)
  17. Dave Mack

    new standalone sales figures....

    Hi guys, don't know how accurate this info is so if it's not, don't shoot the messenger and please stay on topic. NPD group is a marketing research group that's been around since 1967. http://www.videobusiness.com/article...ml?text=hd+dvd "...High-def player sales even, says NPD Group...
  18. Dave Mack

    So the buy.com google deal is over. Where is the cheapest place to buy BDs..?

    Hi Guys! I missed out on the google checkout deal. Where is currently the best place to order? Any deals like the previous one? Thanks! dave
  19. Dave Mack

    New BD owner looking to buy some used BD discs!

    Hiya! I need to feed the new PS3! Good condition obviously. Thanks! dave
  20. Dave Mack

    Re: PS3 reviews... looking forward to some hands-on comments...

    Well, I took the plunge.... Well, I took the plunge..... I signed up for the amazon raffle type offer for the 20gb PS3 and tonite I logged on and I was eligible! ".. Congratulations! You got the deal! You have been assigned one of a limited number of claim codes that entitles you to...
  21. Dave Mack

    Netflix newbie question here...

    Hey guys, We decided to do Netflix again, (wifey is preggers so we stay in more) and surprisingly I'm noticing that very often they only have an older non-anamorphic or non SE of many titles. Just checked True Romance and The Black Hole, Rocky and a few others and disappointedly saw that this...
  22. Dave Mack

    Anyone get the new Black Christmas SE today?

    Curious to see how it looks/sounds.. :)
  23. Dave Mack

    Any other Scoobies gonna watch the Buffy Thanksgiving epsiode tonite or tomorrow..?

    Hey Y'all! We're gonna watch Season 4 "Pangs" tonite. Classic quotes... Buffy (staking a vampire): And they say one person can't make a difference. Buffy (about construction-working Xander): Very manly. Not at all Village People. Anya: I love a ritual sacrifice. Buffy: Not...
  24. Dave Mack

    So I need to get a pricematch/partial refund from BB on a hard drive. Am in for hell?

    Hi Y'all! I recently (2 weeks ago) bought a Seagate internal Hard drive from BB for $89.99 Seemed decent deal as pricegrabber only had one store for less by $10 and I would have had to deal with shipping. Anyways, today in Sunday's BB circular the very same drive is now $49.99. With tax that's...
  25. Dave Mack

    Hey guys, my MySpace Artist page is up! Check it out!

    Hi y'all! Over the last year out here in Cali. I have been recording my little Irish heinie off. (Tough to do because I record all the parts myself, no band...) and I have 4 original tunes on my new MySpace artist page. They are all slightly different style-wise. One is dancey-new wave, one is...
  26. Dave Mack

    Is it me or is this one of the goofiest examples of "a little knowledge is a..."

    http://www.amazon.com/gp/discussionb...x1WG68D7W9LKES "...You can have an ANALOG based stereo and still buy a digital chord from RADIO SHACK to up grade your sound if your stereo is compatible with that..." digital "chords"..? Older stereo owners can't hear all the remastered CD...
  27. Dave Mack

    Any comcast HD subscribers in the Bay Area?

    Hi y'all, ok, WTF is going on with comcast lately?!?!? They had both INHD and INHD2 until recently but a few weeks ago dropped it for FSN which has NOTHING on! EVER! It just has the stupid logo spinning with music and NO programming! Ok, INHD2 wasn't the greatest but at least it was ON! Now...
  28. Dave Mack

    Happy Halloween!!!!

    To all my fellow Htf'ers! Boo! Enjoy the day, and nite! d
  29. Dave Mack

    21 grams Collector's edition. Worst double-dip of the year?

    http://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/read.php?ID=24173 an 18 minute featurette added. ooooooooooooooooh! The studios are shameless.... Great film that IMHO deserves more, at least a commentary trk.
  30. Dave Mack

    I need a new cellphone... opinions needed!

    hey y'all, My 2 yr. old Verizon contract is up this week and supposedly I get $100 credit towards a new phone through my old plan. My current phone is a decnt samsung (970?) cameraphone but it's had the hell beat out of it over 2 years and the battery is starting to go. So, time to upgrade...