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  1. Michael Silla

    Tarintino DVD's for sale

    Hello all, I want to get rid of some copies of Tarintino DVD's that I have. As well I have some DVD's to sell with them that I don't have a need for either. I'd like to sell everything as a set. The following DVD's are included.... Jackie Brown SE Pulp Fiction SE Resevoir Dogs SE...
  2. Michael Silla

    How much wear do you get out of your Dockers?

    Kinda of a dumb title but oh well. It seems like I have to buy a couple of new pairs every six months or so. I wear the things 5 days a week. They get washed weekly (duh :rolleyes:) bur they don't seem any better than most "non-labelled" brands at staying for the lack of a better word -...
  3. Michael Silla

    Anyone dislike ABC's presentation of the NBA finals?

    I'm watching this in HD. There has been issues over picture quality, primarily dealing with focus issues with certain cameras (visit AVS's HDTV forum if you want to read up on that). Something in me though wishes that this was still on NBC. The NBA feels pretty bland on ABC. Their announcers...
  4. Michael Silla

    What is the best Leather care product for couches?

    Specifically, what do most of use use for leather care? I just bought a reealy nice couch that I'm told will need treatments every six motnhs or so. i held off buying the store fed product for fear it might be a bit overpriced. They wanted to sell me a cleaning kit for $40 which I think included...
  5. Michael Silla

    When do you give up on a old car?

    At what point do you consider giving up on an old(er) car? I haven't really been in this situation until recently. I have owned my '97 Nissan 200 SX SE-R since it was new. Taken care of it well (oil changes every 3000 miles + regular maintenance). In return it has given me mostly trouble free...
  6. Michael Silla

    Cleaning house

    The first 70 dollars takes the following: Resevoir Dogs (10th anniv - Mr White) Pulp fiction CE Jackie Brown CE Dusk till Dawn Shaft (2000 and 1971 versions) Chris Rock Bigger and Blacker Vanilla Sky MI-2 Chasing Amy (Criterion) I want to sell this as a group. Each and everyone of...
  7. Michael Silla

    Musical guest on Leno 2-7-03 (friday)

    Who was she? I missed her name and I was going to look for her today when I was over at Wherehouse today. She had a strong unique voice that I dug. Who was she???? Michael
  8. Michael Silla

    Considering the RCA DTC-100 Opinions?

    I have the opportunity to pick up a used DTC-100 locally for $150. It is a well used unit that seems to not have a properly functioning Direct TV tuner. Apparently, it has no problems with OTA broadcasts which is what I want it for. What are peoples experience with this unit? Can it properly...
  9. Michael Silla

    Calgary - a Dangerous City to live in?

    Okay, I've had a long day ;). This morning I found out that my brother, who has lived in Calgary for the past 2 years, was jumped, hijacked (by 4 youths in a car) and THANKFULLY released after an hour minus his jacket and a shoe. This all in the Southwestern part of town - a supposedly...
  10. Michael Silla

    Behind Enemy Lines appreciation thread

    Yah, it's kinda late to be heaping praise on this movie but up until I got the recent Fox demo DVD I have been avoiding a rent, nevermind a purchase. Thanks to Blockbusters new unlimited rental program I decided to "take a chance" on this puppy. Freak! - What a great movie. I had this movie...
  11. Michael Silla

    What aspect ratio was "The Shining" shot in?

    Rented "The Shining" last night. Loved it - my second time seeing the film. The DVD is in 1.33:1 (Full frame) - deos anyone know if it was shot in 2.35:1? Reason being, this film absolutely CRIES OUT for a wide aspect ratio. Some of the shots of the Colorado wilderness are simply gorgeous...
  12. Michael Silla

    Scary Looking David Lee Roth on Last Call with Carson

    Ugh, did anyone else suffer through this?. I thought his performance was horrible, almost pathetic. I kept hoping that some sort of sleeping gas would hit the stage so that he'd just stop in his tracks. Up until David Lee Roth, Carson's show tonight was good mostly. Amanda Peete, wow...
  13. Michael Silla

    Possibly dumb dating question.....

    Actually it is more of a "Situation." Let me explain. I am good friends with a former co-worker of mine. We don't spend super amounts of time with each other but on occaision she is the primary person I "hang out" with. We enjoy each others compnay and see things pretty much the same. When we...
  14. Michael Silla

    Blockbusters $24.99 Monster ETC rental deal

    Same promotion as was run with Lord of the Rings. I am going to pick this rental card up again. I hope Blockbuster continues to make these offers. Even with the mandatory 1 rental a week requirement (with subsequent loss of rental if you don't use it that week) it still works out to a "steal of...
  15. Michael Silla

    Single guy wondering if big RPTV's turn women off?

    Do they? My sister swears so. I have only had my set for a couple of months and haven't had any ladies over (I'll leave the chiding to others :rolleyes. I did have a group of friends over the other week and the ladies didn't say much although no outright disapproval was voiced at my HT...
  16. Michael Silla

    Can Receiver and DVD player be safely put on top of the RPTV?

    That's what I experimented with this past weekend. Currently, my Player and Receiver sit at an unfavorable angle on wall shelving. All my remotes have trouble reaching the equipment and it is a certifiable pain in the butt to keep bending ackwardly so that the remotes can "see" the equipment...
  17. Michael Silla

    Trying to find a non-offending PG or G rated film for a Movie night

    Do any of you have any suggestions?. I am going to have a movie night at my place in a couple of weeks. My guests will want to see a film with very little violence or sexual content. At the same time I don't want to have to watch cartoons all night ;). I think the best bet would be a...
  18. Michael Silla

    Which Service is offering the CHEAPEST way to get into HDTV - Dish or DirectTV?

    I have been shopping both services the last couple of weeks and basically have been put off by the high price of entry. Do I really have to spend ~$1000 to get started?. The cheapest DirecTV receiver I have seen is a Hughes model over at Best buy for $499. When you add the cost of the...
  19. Michael Silla

    Red Dawn

    I haven't been able to find this movie yet on DVD. Does anybody know if it has been released yet?. If not, has anybody heard about a "definite" release date?. I have had a hankerin' to see this movie again, especially now that I have my new RPTV. Michael.
  20. Michael Silla

    New Widescreen set - What titles are MUST HAVES

    Hey folks, I just bought my pride and joy tonight - a Hitachi 53UWX10BA. Well, as you might surmise, I wanted to throw some grade 'A' meat at this puppy as soon as I get it. Some titles currently in my library: T2:UE Gladiator Fast and the Furious Predator Saving Private Ryan (non-DTS)...
  21. Michael Silla

    Shaky knees on new HDTV purchase (please help)

    Hey all, I have come along way in the past motnh or so in finalizing a desicion to make a HDTV purchase. I have settled on the Hitachi 53UWX10BA widescreen set. This, to me, seems the right compromise for my financial situation right now. I got a couple of questions: 1) Is $2200 a good price...
  22. Michael Silla

    Ed - I love this show

    Did anyone catch tonight's episode?. I love this show. Cheswick just cracks me up. I feel sorry for Ed, yet again although I'm still confused about the ending. Is there a small chance that Carol has "some" feelings for Ed?. Michael.
  23. Michael Silla

    Windows XPHome and LAN access

    Hello all, I have read in this forum and in other forums that XP home does not include support for setting up LAN access. Is the absolute only way to get this function present in XPpro or is there a another (read: cheaper) solution available from a Third party source? The reason why I ask is...
  24. Michael Silla

    XP and Swap Files

    Do the same rules that applied to Win 9X/Me Apply to XP?. Due to some unsual circumstances, I now have 768 MB in my system. By managing the virtual memory setting myself, will I see a appreciably increase in performance?. As it stands, with windows doing the management, I am really not seeing...
  25. Michael Silla

    Which driving movie excites the senses more - Ronin or The Fast and the Furious?

    I spent this past weekend dusting off "Ronin." It used to be that if I wanted to see some "fine drivin'" I'd play this disc over and over. Now I find myself suddenly beholden to that "Johnny-come-lately" disc, the Fast and the Furious. I realize that the type of driver featured in Ronin is...
  26. Michael Silla

    Problems playing "The Fast and the Furious"

    Is anyone else out there having problems with this disc?. The disc stops completely in Chapter 8 for me, right around the dinner scene. I am playing the DTS track on the disc using my Playstation 2. Unfortunately, I don't have a second player to try it on. I am trying to figure out if I just...
  27. Michael Silla

    Vikings Fans unite - Complain here!

    This once proud Viking fan has received his final, crushing death blow. Lions 27 Vikings 24 I never got to watch this game (Thank the Lord) but after this season I may have to rethink my long standing Viking loyalty. Been a natural fan all my life but it seems each year this team has become...
  28. Michael Silla

    "Unreal" gas pricies

    Hey folks. Filled up for $1.109 this evening - about the cheapest gas I've seen for 3 years or so. I know one of these types of threads occurs every so often. That said, indulge me.....what is everyone else paying?. Any Utahns out there paying less?. Michael.
  29. Michael Silla

    What resolution do you all run your desktop at?

    The reason why I ask is that I am trying to get adjusted to my new 19 inch monitor. I got so comfortable running at 1048 X 768 on my old 17 inch monitor that I'm having trouble deciding whether to go for 1280 X 1024. Right now I have the refresh rate set at 100 HZ. My monitor is a NEC Multisync...
  30. Michael Silla

    Grey Cup Webcasts - Where do I find them?.

    Hey all. I was wondering if there were any CFL fans out there that were not in Canada and still wanted to listen to the game live. I tried the CBC's website but the link to their webcast seems to be broken. Does anybody know if TSN or somebody else is carrying the game?. Michael. Go...