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  1. kamyiu

    the new cars

    http://www.thenewcars.com/index.cfm anyone hear about this? it seems so wrong. elliot easton, greg hawkes, kasim sulton, todd rundgren, prairie prince. why? granted, benjamin orr is dead, but ric ocasek and david robinson are still around. rundgren is a pioneer, he doesn't need this.
  2. kamyiu

    isobel campbell & mark lanegan > ballad of broken seas

    it's pretty cool. it's got this lee & nancy kinda vibe. isobel's voice is oh so sweet, i love it. i kinda wish she didn't leave belle & sebastian. i'm not as familiar with mark lanegan apart from the odd screaming trees song, but there are a couple tracks where lanegan's voice reminds me of tom...
  3. kamyiu

    jenny lewis with the watson twins

    "rabbit fur coat" was recently released. the arrangements are spare and jenny lewis' voice is lovely. kinda alt-country if you have to label it. i'm really in love with this album right now, which is a little strange because i'm not into rilo kiley , which is her other band. i saw RK last year...