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  1. Michael_V

    Replacing the B&W panorama 2...

    When my seven-year-old plasma TV died and I had to replace it with an LG 4K OLED, my ability to keep using my beloved Bowers and Wilkins Panorama 2 went out the window thanks to its inability to pass 4K through HDMI. Man, that bar sounded good! I have the matching PVD1 subwoofer, which is...
  2. Michael_V

    SHORT FUSE! Need 5.1 HT Receiver under $350! HELP!

    Putting together an HT for my parents. Got them a Panasonic G10 plasma and some Energy RC mini speakers but the Sony 333ES receiver I picked up for them (used) went on the fritz and I lost the surrounds. Not going to get it fixed. HDMI switching would be nice but not required. What can I get...
  3. Michael_V


    Just set up my parents new plasma and noticed there isn't any sound coming from the rear speakers in their HT. I ran Avia 5.1 speaker identificaton to confirm. I can barely hear the test phrases ("right surround" then "left surround" through the subwoofer). I also switched the wires and verified...
  4. Michael_V

    Paradigm Studio 5 Speaker Surround Package!

    For sale is a pair of Studio 40v2s, a pair of Studio 20v2s, and a Studio CCv2 center. The 40s and 20s are finished in gorgeous cherry wood (not veneer!), and the CC is finished in black. These were well loved and gently used by an adult nonsmoker until I upgraded to Dynaudios. The Paradigms...
  5. Michael_V

    Brief Subwoofer Impressions (SVS, Velodyne, JL Audio)

    I just went through a subwoofer upgrade, so thought I would share my thoughts on the few I tried out, to help possibly save others some time (and shipping costs!). First off, understand that my HT is also my living room, so how things look is important, particularly to my wife. Second, the...
  6. Michael_V

    Paradigm Reference Studio vs Energy Veritas

    Been trying to decide between these two for weeks now. I have owned the Paradigm Reference Studios (40v2, 20v2, CCv2) for years now and like the sound a lot. Just always had a fondness for the Energy sound, which seems more dynamic to me but also a little more polite, and now I have a chance to...
  7. Michael_V

    Need multichannel amp advice!

    I'm in the process of renovating my HT. Use is about 50/50 movies and music, with sound quality very important to me. I particularly love the middle and upper registers where female vocals inhabit. Sound should be dynamic, silky, and smooth. Right now I am using an Anthem AVM20 that is soon...
  8. Michael_V


  9. Michael_V

    FS: SVS 20-39PC Cylinder Subwoofer

  10. Michael_V


    Again, for a home theater I am putting together for my parents! Should be in excellent working and cosmetic condition. Prefer black. Thanks!
  11. Michael_V

    WTB: Sony ES Non-HD receiver

    Looking for an older DD 5.1/DTS Sony ES receiver to upgrade my parents into (from a GE!). Actively do not want or need HDMI for them. Love the pairing of Sony ES with the Energy Take 5 sub-sat system, so interested in that, as well. Thanks!
  12. Michael_V


    ***************SOLD***************** Boutique pre/pro. Retail is $3K. Silver. Excellent condition. Version 1.12. Or ... Denon's flagship DVD-5900. Retail is $2K. Also excellent. PS3 must also be in excellent condition and come with all cables, cords, and controller. Remote +/-...
  13. Michael_V

    UPGRADE AVM 20 or get INTEGRA DTC 9.8?

    I have already gone through the "is trueDD and DTS-HD worth the upgrade?" thread and decided that, for me, it is. So here goes.... What I have: PS3 Blu-ray Anthem AVM 20v1.12 Parasound 1205A 5 channel amp Paradigm Studio 40s (fronts) and 20s (surrounds) and equivalent center SVS...
  14. Michael_V


    Excellent condition! Sounds amazing! Version 1.12 so never did get the DSP board upgrade, which costs $300. I can have my local service center do it and increase the price accordingly or sell it without for $800 + shipping. Original books and remote. Hate it let it go but time to upgrade...
  15. Michael_V

    WTB: Paradigm Atoms/Titans

    To be used as surrounds for a friend's new HT. Any version but should be in fairly good condition! Prefer black. Thanks!
  16. Michael_V

    FS: Behringer Feedback Destroyer PRO

    Behringer FeedBack Destroyer Pro DSP1124 for sale in FACTORY FRESH, NEW condition, never used, taken out of original box exactly ONCE to admire and then put back! $90 shipped. Paypal preferred.
  17. Michael_V


    I have a very nice set of component cables custom made for me by the nice folks at bluejeanscable to correct the Y/C delay seen with the Denon 3800 (eliminating its only significant flaw in the Secrets Shoot-out). The Y is 3 ft long and the Pb/Pr cables are each 21 ft long. They are in...
  18. Michael_V

    Denon LOST my 3800!

    Several months ago I purchased a Denon 3800. Within two weeks of its arrival, it started to show intermittent freezes, so at a personal cost of $30, I sent it to the Denon factory in California for service. That was September. It is now mid January. About two weeks ago, I called Denon to...
  19. Michael_V

    Paradigm Speaker Problem

    Well, the midrange in one of my studio 40s just stopped working recently. I switched the woofer and midrange to see if it was the driver, and it wasn't: the midrange fired just fine when attached to the woofer wires, while the woofer sat dead silent when attached to the midrange wires. So...
  20. Michael_V

    Denon 1600 problem

    Got this unit about three weeks ago. Every once in a while when I power on, I will get either an "F893" error message or the "Welcome to DVD World" message will repeat over and over. Turning it off and then on again a couple of times usually clears it up, but it makes me nervous nonetheless...
  21. Michael_V

    No true 16:9 on PS2?

    I am putting this here because this is a question about the PS2 as a DVD player and not as a videogame system. I just moved our PS2 into the bedroom to serve double duty as a DVD player while I wait for my new Denon to arrive, and I noticed something interesting. It seems that setting the PS2...
  22. Michael_V

    RP91 Tale of Woe!

    Well, as some of you may know from other recent threads, my beloved Panasonic RP91 died the other day after two years of faithful service. To make matters worse, tonight my daughter came and told me our new Spirited Away DVD was still inside the player, so I tried my best to open the disk...
  23. Michael_V

    RP91 vs DENON 1600/3800?

    After two years of service, my Panasonic RP91 finally died. Since this is its second failure (had a $150 fix about a year ago), it is time to replace rather than repair it. Apart from this reliability issue, I have been pleased with the performance of the RP91 and liked being able to scale...
  24. Michael_V

    FS: Behringer DSP1124 Feedback Destroyer Pro!

    If you are reading this, you know what this thing does and how dramatically it can impact the performance of your subwoofer. This one is brand new, in the box, never been opened. Retails for $119.99 + shipping. Will sell for $95 + shipping. I am a silver trader and accept paypal. Thanks!
  25. Michael_V

    FS: a few items

    Behringer Feedback Destoyer. New in box. Never opened. $95 + shipping. For description see: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/srs7/...back+destroyer Monster Video 3 component cable (2m). Excellent condition. $45 + shipping. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg...3066?vi=glance "Now Showing"...
  26. Michael_V

    + + DVDs FS/FT + +

    All are in excellent condition and most have been watched only once or twice. $7 each + $4 Priority Shipping per address. I am a silver trader and do paypal. Haves: What Women Want (SOLD) William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Erin Brockovich Shakespeare in Love The Green Mile (SOLD)...
  27. Michael_V


    Hello! I am building a CWAL bass trap and have all the required materials except thermafiber mineral wool padding. Since I am stationed overseas with the military (mailing address is in San Francisco, though), I need to find someone who can mail six sheets of 1-1/2 inch thick, 24 in x 48 in...
  28. Michael_V

    FS/FT: DVDs

    All are in excellent condition and most have been watched only once or twice. $7 each + $2 Priority Shipping for the first disk and $4 for two or more. I am a +10 good trader and do paypal. Haves: What Women Want (SOLD) William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Erin Brockovich Shakespeare in...
  29. Michael_V

    WTT: SVS 20-39 PCi for . . . ?

    Since moving out of our large home with a dedicated HT to a smaller home (overseas) with the HT in the livingroom, I am having a very difficult time placing this beautiful beast in a place that is both acoustically good (for me) and aesthetically pleasing (for my wife)! I think I need...
  30. Michael_V

    Subwoofer and Poor Room Acoustics

    This was part of another recent thread but the problem remains so here goes: We recently moved into overseas military housing built of concrete blocks and designed for one purpose: to withstand typhoon force winds. With smooth, cement walls and hard, tile floors, it is an acoustical...