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  1. Andrea W

    FS: Boston Acoustics Lynnfield VR950 Speakers

    These main/floorstanding speakers (left and right channels) are VR950's, Dual 5.25" bass, 1" tweeter, 150 watts, $700 MSRP. I purchased them in the year 2000. Specifications: Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: $700.00 (USD) Type: Floorstanding Frequency response: 46Hz - 20kHz +/- 3dB...
  2. Andrea W

    FS: Alpha Cases w/ Custom STTNG CoverArt & Special 10-Disc Case w/ Alien Quad Artwork

    I have for sale 7 alpha cases with Ric Easton's Star Trek: The Next Generation cover art for Seasons 1 - 7 plus an alpha case with the STTNG Supplements artwork. Also included is 10-disc case with Alien Quadrilogy artwork. And to pack the box completely, an extra 7-disc alpha case is included...
  3. Andrea W

    FS: Highlander Season 1 through 6

    Here is a complete collection of Highlander The Series tapes (Seasons 1 - 6). $50 OBO plus actual shipping cost. All in excellent condition.
  4. Andrea W

    Yard Sale Tips?

    Anyone have any yard sale tips? Next month, I'll be participating in a multi-family yard sale and none of us have ever done one. I'm looking for general advice and have a few specific questions to start with. 1) How much cash (and in what denominations) should we have on hand to make change...
  5. Andrea W


    This has been approved by Gregg Loewen and Patrick Sun. All proceeds from this auction will go to the HTF Donation Fund. Up for auction is one new, factory sealed, OOP, limited edition Akira Tin. Bidding is open until Midnight EST on February 14th. Please post your bid in this thread...
  6. Andrea W

    Rechargeable AAA Batteries?

    I have a wireless mouse that uses two AAA rechargeable batteries. They are Ni-MH 700 mAh batteries. I want to find something (Ni-MH) with more mAh, so they last longer. Any suggestions?
  7. Andrea W

    WTB: Fox Demo Disc 1

    I'm looking for Fox Demo Disc #1. Does anyone have an extra that they could sell me?
  8. Andrea W

    Where to find inkjet printable CD-Rs?

    Does anyone know of a retail store that sells inkjet printable CDRs? I've tried calling OfficeMax, Office Depot, CompUSA, Best Buy, Circuit City, and Walmart. Zip. (I'm in San Antonio, Texas.)
  9. Andrea W

    Best Buy $5 Off 3 DVDs Coupon

    At Best Buy, while I was picking up Speed Racer, I was handed a brochure looking thing. It says on the front: Build The Ultimate DVD Collection with the GREATEST OVERLOOKED PERFORMANCES as Listed By... Entertainment Weekly In the back, there is a $5 off 3 DVDs coupon. It expires...
  10. Andrea W

    Baby Block Letter Images

    Anyone know where I can find images (or a font) to get the individual block letters similar to this: I'm trying to spell Thomas Orion.
  11. Andrea W

    MX-500 at Costco

    Costco has MX-500 remotes for $99. http://www.costco.com/product.asp?lo...prdid=10028331
  12. Andrea W

    Which Cinderella DVD To Buy On eBay?

    My niece loves Cinderella. I want to get it for her on DVD. I know nothing is officially available from Disney, so I'm looking to buy something from eBay. *cringe* Can someone help me find the right thing to buy on eBay? I want the 1950 Disney Cinderella (not the 47-49 minute version that...
  13. Andrea W

    What Font Is This?

    What font is this?
  14. Andrea W

    America United DVD: $0.00 at DVDEmpire

    http://www.dvdempire.com/Exec/v4_ite...item_id=457667 If you order 4 DVDs, you get free shipping. So order 4 of these (at $0.00) and get free shipping (make sure to pick USPS at $0 because it's not the default shipping method). I've never heard of this, but at that price, I ordered 4...
  15. Andrea W

    Stars Wars Episode II at buy.com for $17.99

    buy.com now has Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones (Widescreen) available for pre-order for $17.99 (41% Off) plus FREE shipping (ships 11/12/02).
  16. Andrea W

    Pre-order ''Monsters, Inc.'' 2-Disc DVD with Exclusive Bonus

    Just got an email from disney online about their Monters, Inc. offer. Bring last year's monster hit home along with our exclusive bonus. Bonus features on both VHS and 2-Disc DVD include ''For the Birds'' short, never-before seen ''Mike's New Car'' short, outtakes, ''Company Play,'' and a...
  17. Andrea W

    Nickelodeon DVD Sampler

    My 3 1/3 year old daughter loves this DVD. Please release more Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. shows on DVD. Or even another sampler. She would love one with: Oswald Franklin Little Bear Maisy Hey Arnold Chalk Zone
  18. Andrea W

    Highlander Season 1 DVDs $99

    I just got an email from the highlander store (highlander-official.com). The Highlander series season 1 DVDs are on sale for $99.95 (regular $129.95). Offer expires 11:59p (PST) June 27th.
  19. Andrea W

    Kenwood Sovereign DVD Cover Art

    I made some cover art for the Kenwood Sovereign DVD. Link Removed You can download it from: Link Removed You can get this free Kenwood demo disc from: http://www.lucidfusion.com/kenwood/formmail.htm
  20. Andrea W

    Help: Adding a Fan to my Cabinet

    I want to add a cooling fan to my enclosed cabinet that houses my bedroom HT equipment. It gets super hot in there. Anyway, I did do a search and found some posts, but I'm an idiot because I don't understand how to power the fan. From the searches, I decided that I want to get a Silencer 80mm...
  21. Andrea W

    Searching Is Great

    I just wanted to say how wonderful it is to be able to search the forums in the middle of the day. ------------------ http://darius.mobius-soft.com/~andrea/ht/
  22. Andrea W

    Time on the Server is Fast

    I've noticed that the time on this server is about 10 minutes fast. Is that something you guys can correct or get your ISP to adjust. ------------------ http://darius.mobius-soft.com/~andrea/ht/
  23. Andrea W

    Priority Mail & Canada

    Can you send a package to Canada via Priority Mail or that is a U.S. only service? (Just wondering because I would like to use the free boxes.) ------------------ http://darius.mobius-soft.com/~andrea/ht/
  24. Andrea W

    Wicker Man LE - My Case Is Backwards

    I ordered several copies of the Wicker Man LE (wooden box) from DVD Empire. One of them is assembled backwards. That is, it opens from the left to the right. The other copies open from the right to the left like I would expect them to. Anyone else have a backwards Wicker Man...
  25. Andrea W

    Need Help On Mattes

    Forgive me for asking this question. I know it's been asked many times, and back in April I saved a link to an awsome thread here on the subject, but procrastinated too long and now it's gone. I'm looking for suggestions on and examples of mattes. I have a Hitachi 43FDX01B RPTV, which has an...