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  1. alexAN

    Custom Cover Blu-Ray Custom Cover art thread

    I made some stuff during the last month... the latest being this Apocalypse Now UHD alternative cover... I have it (actually, all of my stuff) available freely at my deviantart account and at uncovered.
  2. alexAN

    Custom Cover Blu-Ray Custom Cover art thread

    Oh, and something I made out on a sleepless night a few days ago, which some may find useful. The Old Dark House (Cohen)
  3. alexAN

    Custom Cover Blu-Ray Custom Cover art thread

    I noticed something quite funny while checking recent Criterion releases. On the left, the front cover of a custom cover I made for myself back in 2011 for "Ugetsu Monogatari" (in spanish, the title is barely translated "Tales from the Pale Moon", hence the moon reference in the upper half of...
  4. alexAN

    Pre-Order 2001: A Space Odyssey (4k UHD) Available for Preorder

    You can even read the audio channels distribution in the same label. L / LC / C / RC / R / x / LS / RS
  5. alexAN

    Custom Cover Blu-Ray Custom Cover art thread

    This is made in english, but for a spanish disc (although having english subtitles, it might interest some). The funny thing is... the official cover has some wrong information (nothingg unusual), but especially in the back, there's a "Rosemary's Baby" photo appeared, as if Ms. Castevet was one...
  6. alexAN

    Custom Cover Blu-Ray Custom Cover art thread

    Interesting. Here in Europe, it is distributed by Universal, hence the mistake. Thanks for the nitpick. BTW, another thing made just for fun Wargames: http://repopo.deviantart.com/art/WarGames-EN-Juegos-de-guerra-601665761 Explorers is now corrected, and shows the proper Paramount logos...
  7. alexAN

    Custom Cover Blu-Ray Custom Cover art thread

    Aaaand... another made just for fun. Someday they'll release it... but probably they won't use the original theatrical poster. Explorers: http://repopo.deviantart.com/art/Explorers-BD-ENG-601017939
  8. alexAN

    Custom Cover Blu-Ray Custom Cover art thread

    Made just for fun. I believe this is still unreleased, but yet... I loved the original theatrical poster. Available for download here: http://repopo.deviantart.com/art/Into-The-Night-EN-Cuando-llega-la-noche-600885727
  9. alexAN

    Custom Cover Blu-Ray Custom Cover art thread

    Something I made for fun. For the Theatrical Cut. version... Available to download here: http://repopo.deviantart.com/art/The-Natural-BD-ENG-599910518
  10. alexAN

    RYAN’S DAUGHTER: Discussions for a BD Release (2015 - 2022)

    Demonizing the whole spanish market is unfair, also. Yes, there are bootlegs, and they seem to be in high quantities. As I mentioned, Resen releases between 20-30 titles each month. But in fact, it's only one or very few labels who does that (Resen and Llamentol, mostly) which lately also...
  11. alexAN

    RYAN’S DAUGHTER: Discussions for a BD Release (2015 - 2022)

    I would like to add some to the discussion regarding the spanish Blu-ray. It is a bootleg, indeed. Taken from the Amazon HD streaming copy available legally on amazon.com. The legal copy used for this Blu-ray is at 720, so the BD is a reencoding, ending up on a fake 1080p disc. At a spanish...
  12. alexAN

    Custom Cover Blu-Ray Custom Cover art thread

    Playing a little... these came out. I hope you find them interesting. Blade Runner [A]: http://repopo.deviantart.com/art/Blade-Runner-US-BD-Cover-596581629 Blade Runner : http://repopo.deviantart.com/art/Blade-Runner-US-BD-Cover-Version-2-597077057
  13. alexAN

    Custom Cover Blu-Ray Custom Cover art thread

    Reading yesterday how Bill Hunt announced the new Warner special edition, this morning I played a little to have a cover in spanish. Also, an english version especially made to share here. Hope you like it. Available here: http://repopo.deviantart.com/art/American-Sniper-ENG-596020733
  14. alexAN

    Custom Cover Blu-Ray Custom Cover art thread

    Started with the theatrical US poster in the front, and inspired byt the european soundtrack album for the back. Meant to be used with the UK Blu-ray. Available free for download here: http://repopo.deviantart.com/art/Streets-of-Fire-ENG-593718037
  15. alexAN

    Heart of Midnight (1988) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    Is there a longer cut of the feature, other than the 93' one included in this bluray?
  16. alexAN

    Custom Cover Blu-Ray Custom Cover art thread

    Thanks. With all the nerves and rush to share it, I forgot to add this link, where it's available to download. http://repopo.deviantart.com/art/Lawrence-of-Arabia-592008000
  17. alexAN

    Custom Cover Blu-Ray Custom Cover art thread

    Axaxax, Lawrence's porn cover!... perhaps tinypic is a problematic site to link images from? Note taken. Thanks, that means it's visible now (at least for some!). No, it's from a 2012 theatrical "50th Anniversary Restoraion" release. The back art comes from a 60s program, though.
  18. alexAN

    Custom Cover Blu-Ray Custom Cover art thread

    Strange... I can see it with no problem. Perhaps... a low-post account limitation? Lawrence ENGLISH Mini by alexAN posted Feb 23, 2016 at 12:24 PM I used Tinypic and linked it here. I'm trying again, using the HTF tools in this message. Is it visible now?
  19. alexAN

    Custom Cover Blu-Ray Custom Cover art thread

    This is something I made a couple days ago, I hope you find it's interesting.
  20. alexAN

    Frozen 3D Bungle?!

    Looks like that 3D version now in Amazon... Is a marketplace, UK release, isn't it?
  21. alexAN

    A Few Words About 'While we wait for A few words about...™ Spartacus -- in Blu-ray'

    I can't believe what I've seen in those samples. Thanks, Mr. Harris. For all the effort and hard job you personally, and the tech team behind it must have given, and each sample proves. Obviously, I've already preordered it, but I can't wait to have it in UHD. Definitely it will be my door...
  22. alexAN

    Some Blu-rays and DVDs on Amazon are now only available to Prime members

    As an european customer, this is a bad policy which means a mistreatment for me. Now I can't buy the recent "The Cell" blu-ray or Ryan Gosling's directorial debut. My money is suddenly not wanted and since there is no real Prime alternative for me (I'd pay those 100 in a heartbeat, but... In...
  23. alexAN

    International Seven Sony Classics coming to blu-ray June 13, 2013 in Germany.

    Here in Spain most of those titles have also been released, and some found for as cheap as 6€. All of them are common discs, shared with the mentioned countries, therefore without forced subtitles in any language.
  24. alexAN

    Adding subtitles to foreign Blu-rays...

    TSMuxer is the key for me. I do this operation quite ofte, adding spanish subs to Region-A, english-subs-only titles. Check for that little program. Manuals are not hard to find. In short: rip the movie to your hdd, load the playlist which contains the movie (in order to automatically keep the...
  25. alexAN

    3D PS3 3D update

    This update allows 3D content to be seen on 3D TVs, but disables HD Audio output on 3D titles.
  26. alexAN

    "The Third Man" (Studio Canal) September 14

    In Spain we had a local release about one year ago, and PQ was very similar (only slightly darker) to Criterion. This could perfectly be the master used by Studio Canal, since it wasn't the first example of a Studio Canal licensed to a local spanish company.
  27. alexAN

    Apocalypse Now

    Keep this quote in mind: "IT WAS LIKE CUTTING A PAINTING ACCORDING TO THE SIZE OF THE WALL WHERE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE DISPLAYED" Now re-read the explanation on the choosing of the "golden ratio". So... I don't get it. It seems Da Vinci was a HD guru. Are we nuts???
  28. alexAN

    The African Queen available for preorder

    Though there's no a release date, but I hadn't read anything about it anywhere... Here at amazon
  29. alexAN

    The Sand Pebbles - Menu on Blu Ray Disc

    It's been available for some time here in Spain, at least, as "El Yang-Tse en llamas".
  30. alexAN

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Gladiator -- in Blu-ray

    Thanks for the comment, I agree with most of what you've said, but just pure plain curiosity: after all the noise and when the disc has been available for almost 2 weeks, what took you so long? Many of us were expecting your few words, even with more expectation than usual