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  1. J

    Silent Movies The One Woman Idea and Honeymoon Hate?

    Has anyone seen either of these movies? I know they were on TV at one point, because my grandmother had seen them, but I don't think they have been released on DVD or VHS. If they are, I'd love to know where I could buy them from, because I am somehow related to one of the actors, named Shirley...
  2. J

    Apple Once Again Removes Select Movies from...

    Apple has pulled the ability for users to donwload or stream select movies that they have purchased. Movies include Gone Girl, Birdman, If I Stay, and others. When will iTunes become a legitimate digital movie provider, and offer guaranteed movie streams for the life of the user, like Vudu? My...
  3. J

    Disney Movie Anywhere V.S. Ultraviolet

    When DMA first came out, many digital media enthusiasts commented that DMA was better than the UV ecosystem because it was able to connect to iTunes. It later added Amazon, Google Play and Vudu. But DMA lacks many other important features that UltraViolet has. For instance, Disc to Digital and...
  4. J

    Classic Bond Films Get UV Treatment!

    The complete collection of James Bond films now have UV status as of today, minus 3, which are: License to Kill Never Say Never Again Man with the Golden Gun, The I am sure the remaining three will be added soon, as they are being released on Blu with codes in two weeks. I am surprised...
  5. J

    Link your UV account to Paramount Movies and get free movies!

    If you set up an account at Paramount Movies, and link it to an UltraViolet account, you can get up to four free Mission Impossible movies. First, set up your PM account and link it to your UV account. Then click on the promotion page, and click on the movie you want to add to your account...
  6. J

    Vudu 4K is Coming!

    I found this page. http://www.watchvudu.com/uhd/
  7. J

    Disney Forces Vudu To Remove Content From User's Library

    According to Vudu, Disney has instructed them to remove the 3D version of Malificent that many customers purchased for 19.99 because of a pricing error. In the past, Vudu has honored purchases with pricing mistakes. I once scored a movie for 99 cents because the rental price was mapped to the...
  8. J

    Flixster Movies adds AppleTV support

    A recent update to the Flixster Movies app allows users to play their UltraViolet movie collection on their AppleTV via Airplay. Now there isn't a popular multimedia device left that doesn't play UV movies.
  9. J

    What can UltraViolet do to compete with iTunes and DMA?

    I have read the previous thread asking what people like or don't like about UltraViolet. A lot of those arguments have been debated and addressed. Some of the workarounds discussed deserve some additional attention, so maybe a better solution will be implemented. Many reviews about the launch...
  10. J

    New UltraViolet Website

    Two weeks ago, UltraViolet launched an updated website that included a complete redesign that is more consumer friendly, with new features, such as being able to delete unwanted freebies and duplicates from your library. For the first week, many people were unable to load their entire library...
  11. J

    Review of UltraViolet Services

    When UltraViolet was first launched to the public it had a lot of problems. You needed multiple accounts to redeem codes. Some people couldn't login to their accounts at all. Some devices didn't have apps available right away, and it was unclear whether you would get a SD or HD copy with your...
  12. J

    iTunes Movies Removed From Library, Can't Re-download!

    I feel ripped off. I just went to look at all the movies I still had in iTunes. I noticed that three of my iTunes movies were missing from my library. Jumper, I Want Your Money, and The Inconvenient Tax. They are not in my Hidden Purchases either. One isn't even in the store anymore, and I can't...
  13. J

    Vudu Offers HDX Starter Pack: Your choice of 5 Free HDX films

    Vudu is now offering a choice of 5 free HDX films for free, just for signing up. You can choose from a list of 30 titles. After signing up, you can purchase 3 more films for only 5 dollars each, from an even longer list, with more new releases. A great deal if you ask me, and there are actually...
  14. J

    The History and Milestones of UltraViolet

    If anyone is in doubt about the progress that UV has made in a very short time, or is just curious, take a look at this timeline of events. 2010 July 20: DECE reveals "UltraViolet" system 2011 Jan 5: Five Major Studio's + Lionsgate, announce support for UltraViolet (Minus Disney) Jan 6...
  15. Wicked (2024)

    Title: Wicked Tagline: The untold story of the witches of Oz. Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance Director: Jon M. Chu Cast: Cynthia Erivo, Ariana Grande, Jonathan Bailey Release: 2024-12-25 Plot: Wicked tells the story of Elphaba, the future Wicked Witch of the West and her...
  16. J

    UltraViolet Reaches 10 Million Registered Users!

    Business Insider: Soon Everyone Will Be watching Movies On the Go with UV!
  17. J

    Wreck-It Ralph Arrives on Digital HD Early with Extra Features!

    Wreck-It Ralph has arrived on Digital HD with four extra features. It's also $10 cheaper than the blu-ray on Amazon.com. Check it out, and let me know if you think this is worth it! http://www.vudu.com/movies/#!content/384789/Wreck-It-Ralph
  18. J

    You can now upgrade your DVD's to HD using Vudu's At Home Disc to Digital

    Boom!!! http://www.vudu.com/in_home_disc_to_digital.html Fixed!
  19. J

    An Open Letter to Ultra-Violet Haters

    You are not entitled to an iTunes digital copy just because you purchased a DVD or Blu-ray. The digital copy was always just an added bonus. For years, only people who used an iTunes device or a PlaysForSure Device (and I don't know anyone who did) were able to enjoy digial copies. The studios...
  20. J

    UltraViolet codes wanted!

    I am looking for UV codes for the following movies: Paranorman The Expendables 2 Seeking a Friend for the End of the World Jaws If you have any of these, please let me know what price you are willing to sell it for. I put 5.00 because I had to put a price. Also let me know if it came with a DVD...
  21. J

    Best Buy's CinemaNow Launches UV Support

    I was just looking through their catalog and a lot of films now have the UV logo in their description! Here is one example. I don't have a Cinema Now account, so I don't know how well it will work, but this is one more step forward for UV! http://www.cinemanow.com/title/476333
  22. J

    Important Info for Redeeming Ultraviolet Digital Copies.

    It is not necessary to create accounts for each studio to redeem UV digital copies. You can redeem UV titles directly on the retailer's website. On vudu, the title does not even have to appear in the array of movie posters. You can redeem many more titles by typing the name of the movie you...
  23. J

    Lionsgate Releases it's first UltraViolet title "The Hunger Games" Next Friday

    Lionsgate will bow theatrical hit The Hunger Games as its first UltraViolet release on Aug. 18. In an Aug. 10 conference call with analysts, CEO Jon Feltheimer said the teen fantasy film, which has generated more than $683 million at the box office, would be available through UltraViolet...
  24. J

    What is this anime?

    A while back I happened to have a roomate that watched anime, and I am interested in this one series he was watching, but I can't remember the name of it. I only saw a few eps, but I knew someone on here could help. Here's the setting. There is this world, and it's inside some sort of...
  25. J

    Mini-DV Camera with digital capture?

    I'm looking for a Mini-DV camera that allows me to capture video from my VCR to my computer in digital format. The last time I asked for advice about video capture devices, I got responses that reccomended using the feature on a Mini-DV camera, instead of buying a seperate device. I have asked...
  26. J

    Switched from Sirius to XM

    At one time, I was a great champion of Sirius on this forum, as well as other forums. I pushed it hard, to my friends, and discussed the advantages of Sirius on many public forums. I explained to anyone who would listen, that satellite radio was better than AM/FM radio, and also, that Sirius was...
  27. J

    What should I use to capture video from VHS tapes?

    I have some VHS tapes I need to convert to DVD. With this is mind, I read some reviews on the Dazzle DVC 150. Some of the reviews were good, some were bad, but most of the people that had probelms seemed to be using slow PC's, and some seemed to be inexperienced. I don't fall under either of...
  28. J

    I need to purchase advertising for web site.

    I'm looking for some more exposure for Widescreen Advocate. I'd like to buy some advertising on some DVD or movie sites. I'd like to find a smaller site to advertise on. My advertising budget is about $30. Anyone know of any sites with low rates? And how do I go about purchasing the advertising...
  29. J

    Comprehensive List of Pan & Scan DVDs (Version 3)

    The other thread was getting long, and confusing with talk about different aspect ratios and such, so I have decided to start a new one. It's gonna be a little bit different this time. I have created a PHP script to handle the list. It is called the OAR Watchdog. I can edit this list much...
  30. J

    SIRIUS Satellite Radio Passes 1 Million Subscribers!

    I knew that it would happen this year. Sirius passed the 1 million subscriber mark with several days to go before the year end. This is great news for Sirius, and it's also great news for Satellite Radio. I think with over a million customers, that Sirius will definitely make it, and there is no...