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  1. EricSunde

    Round-up for Spider-Man 3 Video Game store freebies

    I bought the Xbox 360 version, and they gave me the Xbox Spider-Man 2. I didn't think to ask whether I could have gotten one of the other ones.
  2. EricSunde

    Round-up for Spider-Man 3 Video Game store freebies

    Circuit City is offering a free copy of Spider-Man 2 for the PS2, Xbox, or Gamecube with the purchase of the PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, or Wii version of Spider-Man 3. FYI, Spider-Man 2 is one of the Xbox backwards compatible titles on the 360, the GC version is playable on the Wii, and the PS2...
  3. EricSunde

    HD DVD: Smokin' Aces

    I had no problems at all playing Smokin' Aces in my 360 add-on unit. All the features worked fine, and the video looked very good.
  4. EricSunde

    Sticker on "Children of Men" HD DVD COMBO ruined my case!

    The sticker on my copy did the exact same thing. I didn't like what was left, so I used my thumbnail and got the remaining pieces of lettering off. (Which was far easier than I expected.)
  5. EricSunde

    WeeklyRoundUp 2-7-2006

    The Waiting... Bonus Disc at Wal-Mart is only available with Fullscreen versions of the movie. It had the Video Commentary (that is also on the CC Bonus Disc), Highlights of the premiere, and Cast Audition Videos.
  6. EricSunde

    Weekly RoundUp 12-20-2005

    Notice for Sci-Fi Fans: According to a poster on the DVD Talk Forums, there is a coupon (on the packages) to get $10 off Battlestar Galactica 2.0 and Serenity when you buy them together.
  7. EricSunde

    DDD 20% Off Sale?

    Well, my first shipment arrived this morning with my mail, safe and sound, so it took 17 days total from the day DDD said it shipped. Thanks for the feedback, gang. Off to watch the Hitchcock set!!
  8. EricSunde

    DDD 20% Off Sale?

    I did contact them on Monday after I got the 2nd order package. They said to contact them again after 15 business days had passed since the 1st one was shipped.
  9. EricSunde

    DDD 20% Off Sale?

    I am a concerned about one of my orders. According to DDD, my first order shipped on November 15th, and the second on November 19th, both USPS. My second order arrived on the 28th, but there is no sign of my first order anywhere. Any similar experiences that didn't end up with the items having...
  10. EricSunde

    DDD 20% Off Sale?

  11. EricSunde

    Weekly RoundUp 10-11-2005

    Just as an FYI, when I picked up Arrested Development S2 and Veronica Mars S1 at Best Buy today, only Arrested Development automatically was marked down by the POS to the $24.99 RZ price. I had to point out to the cashier that it wasn't automatically being marked down to the $37.99 price and she...
  12. EricSunde

    Weekly RoundUp 9-27-2005

    The Family Guy Bonus Disc from Circuit City is a Fox Comedy Sampler. It has episodes from Stacked (A Fan for All Seasons, non-anamorphic), American Dad (Francine's Flashback, non-anamorphic), and one of my favorite shows, Arrested Development (Good Grief, anamorphic). The Robots figures are...
  13. EricSunde

    Desperate Housewives Best Buy Coupon Not a good deal!

    I did not find any copies of Desperate Housewives at Best Buy that had that rebate offer, and there were plenty to look through. According to the weekly ad, it says if you buy DH and Lost on the same receipt, you will get $10 off. I wonder if something changed.
  14. EricSunde

    Lost DVD news!

    OK, the insert thing is officially weird. I went to another Best Buy than I purchased it at to exchange mine to get one with an insert. The Customer Service employee opened three copies (1 with the Bonus Disc, 2 without), none of which came with the booklet. I sent an e-mail to Buena Vista...
  15. EricSunde

    Lost DVD news!

    Hmmmm... That's interesting about the insert. I was guessing it had to do with the bonus disc, but that is not the case. What got me wondering about it, other than the pocket for it, was that the pics posted earlier show a booklet insert.
  16. EricSunde

    Lost DVD news!

    Was there an insert in anyone else's? All that was in the pocket was a Buena Vista TV on DVD ad and a postcard.
  17. EricSunde

    Weekly RoundUp 8/23/2005

    I grabbed Gladiator at Fry's for 22.99, noticed they had Layer Cake for $17.99, so I grabbed it and saved myself a trip to CC.
  18. EricSunde

    Weekly RoundUp 8/23/2005

    Looking at Costco.com it shows that Sopranos S1-5, Six Feet Under S1-3, Oz S5, and Deadwood S1 all are available with the $20 off. Sex and the City is listed, but is not part of the $20 off. There is no listing for Entourage (or Band of Brothers). :frowning:
  19. EricSunde

    Weekly RoundUp 7/5/2005

    CC had placed the Das Boot Extended in the section (with the other ones, too), with the original $34.99 tag on it. It still rang up at that price, and I asked if there was an error in the ad. They called someone over, and she told them to override it. I am sure I got lucky there. I also got the...
  20. EricSunde

    Weekly RoundUp 6/14/2005

    Mike - FYI, Casino is also available in FS and WS. The only reason I know is that a store I went to had it out for sale this past week, and they only had the FS available. (Otherwise, it would already have been mine!)
  21. EricSunde

    Which Seinfeld series catchphrase/s do you regularly or occasionally use ?

    I use sidle quite a bit. Elaine: All because of this creepy new guy at work. He just - he just comes out of nowhere and he's right next to you! Jerry: So he just sidles up? Elaine: That's right! He's a real sidler. Jerry: Maybe you didn't see him. Elaine: You never see him. He...
  22. EricSunde

    Weekly RoundUp 5/31/2005

    It sounds like I lucked out, since when CC refused to sell me one last week, the manager gave me a raincheck "just in case" for when it did go on sale. I'll know when I go get it later. Edit - I went to get them this evening, and there were none on the floor, and the space for them was empty...
  23. EricSunde

    News Radio: 5/24/2005

    Hopefully they can at least print the pop-up comments as a subtitle track like on the Seinfeld DVDs. It would be cool to have it in its original form, though.
  24. EricSunde

    Weekly RoundUp 5/24/2005

    My CC wouldn't sell Moonlighting to me, either. The cashier scanned it, and she seemed confused. She looked in the ad and saw it was in it. Then, she tried to find a way to override it, and called over a manager to help her. They got stuck, and then when they brought a person from that...
  25. EricSunde

    News Radio: 5/24/2005

    I am thrilled these finally made it out on DVD, and I cannot wait for Season 3 to be released. I was able to attend the taping of the episode "Arcade", and that experience cemented that series as an all time favorite for me. And it was a great episode, to boot. In between scene set-ups, they...
  26. EricSunde

    Weekly RoundUp 5/10/2005

    Yes, it was.
  27. EricSunde

    Blade Trinity -- 2 Covers?

    On the US Unrated DVD I got, it says the R rated version is included.
  28. EricSunde

    What DVD box set would you say is the best produced with most extras?

    As far as sets I own, I would have to go with the Twilight Zone Definitive Edition sets. I don't own the Freaks and Geeks Yearbook set, but it is pretty loaded...
  29. EricSunde

    Penn & Teller: BS! Season 2 NOT IN STOCK!?

    Here is the topic/episode list for S2: P.E.T.A. Safety Hysteria The Business of Love War on Drugs Recycling The Bible Yoga, Tantric Sex, Etc. Fountain of Youth Death, Inc. Profanity 12-Stepping Exercise vs. Genetics Hypnosis Personally, I found the PETA and Recycling episodes...
  30. EricSunde

    Penn & Teller: BS! Season 2 NOT IN STOCK!?

    Oh, I knew the DVDs weren't censored (How ironic would that be, considering what the series is all about!), but I wanted to get the uncensored one for consistency with my S1. That is an interesting note about the change in packaging, though. I can't remember the last set I got that was...