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  1. Terry H

    And from the marketing hall of shame...

    How pitiful is this? ;) http://www.videobusiness.com/article/CA6263357.html
  2. Terry H

    [I]The Princess and the Pirate[/I] due May 17

    This nearly slipped past me. My favorite Bob Hope farce can be had for less than $10 - in technicolor! I really hope this is in good shape.
  3. Terry H

    Amazon kills "Share the Love"

    From Amazon STL page:
  4. Terry H

    Amazon sale on Fox sets

    http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg...343386-8383926 A few different items and different pricing this time around.
  5. Terry H

    Planet of the Apes: The Evolution Box Set - finally anamorphic??

    Several places have this listed as a "new release". I can't seem to find out if it is truly new, that is finally anamorphic or merely a price drop. I'm suspecting price drop althought some places are listing as anamorphic. You would think at this stage of the game they could at least get that...
  6. Terry H

    Beware of Amazon "Share the Love"

    STL and other discounts are being dropped from many Amazon orders. If you ever use this discount program you may want to check recently shipped orders.
  7. Terry H

    TIVO picture quality?

    Considering replacing VCR as recording (timeshifting) device. How would you rate Tivo's best record quality against the best quality of a standard VCR? Better? Much better? About the same? I also wonder about PQ of various PVR units. I've heard it said that Replay is better than Tivo...
  8. Terry H

    McDvd? McDonalds dvd rentals

    For a buck ($1) a day! Check it out: http://www.usatoday.com/money/indust...23-mcdvd_x.htm
  9. Terry H

    Store pays for breaking street date

    http://www.thehollywoodreporter.com/..._id=1000514721 See, it can happen. :eek:
  10. Terry H

    Any word on revisiting the Planet of the Apes set?

    I know there is a new Planet of the Apes SE which boasts a new anamorphic transfer. I hate to buy it and then have an anamorphic set announced.
  11. Terry H

    Blaze - aspect ratio?

    This movie is released tommrrow and I cannot find any info on the AR of the movie. IMdB is a blank. For that matter, most places don't have the AR of the dvd either. :frowning: DVD Empire shows 1.85:1 (for the dvd) but I don't know how accurate they are. Any info?
  12. Terry H

    More Abott and Costello

    The Digital Bits is reporting that The Best of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello: Volume 2 will arrive 5/4. I have to admit that is much faster than I expected. :)
  13. Terry H

    Has the Fox Studio Classic lineup for '04 been announced?

    I know about My Darling Clementine and The Grapes of Wrath. Is there a list somewhere?
  14. Terry H

    Woman crushed in rush at DVD sale

    Here is my favorite part: On hold for her? Jeez, that Wal-Mart is really a class act. :rolleyes http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/3249574.stm
  15. Terry H

    "The Gods Must be Crazy" available for preorder at Amazon

    Title says it all. Amazon lists release date as 3 Feb. MSRP $29.99, Amazon price $20.97. Details are sparse ...to say the least. They don't even list studio yet. Anyone know who owns this property?
  16. Terry H

    Stagecoach SE?

    I seem to recall seeing someone recommend in one of the "Best Westerns" threads that the person hold off on the purchase of this title because a SE was "in the works". Now I can't find the thread so I have to ask... Is this a fact or merely wishful thinking? Thanks.
  17. Terry H

    Oar, Oar, Oar

    Everyone uses this term constantly but is there common agreement on what it means? Can anyone point to an authoritative source where the definition of OAR is written? Thanks.
  18. Terry H

    negative ratio vs. intended ratio?

    Talk about Giant got me curious about George Stephens and his movie Shane. When Shane was released I was assured (not here) that 1.33:1 was the correct and intended ratio. That was also what IMDB indicated although I would have sworn I recalled it in widescreen. Now it appears IMDB has modified...
  19. Terry H

    DDD deals

    Surprised this isn't here already: http://www.dvdpricesearch.com reported a few good deals at ddd yesterday. Among them: Glengarry Glen Ross - $10.63 Reservoir Dogs - $10.63 Basic Instinct - $7.97 Total Recall - $7.97 I assume all are price reductions.
  20. Terry H

    Buena Vista DVDs 20% off at BestBuy.com

    Buena Vista dvds 20% off. Mixed bag, lots of titles, something for every taste. Deals range from crappy to great. http://www.bestbuy.com/movies/promo.asp?m=270&p=3201
  21. Terry H

    x-files season 5 - $68.84

    http://dvdmode.com/ I have used this Canadian site with good result and they are getting much deserved good press on dvdtalk. Do a search at dvdtalk for more recommendations.
  22. Terry H

    x-files season 2 - $60.xx

    http://dvdmode.com/ Buy two or more and get free shipping. Look under specials and don't forget to use the currency converter.
  23. Terry H

    Support Your Local Sheriff/Gunfighter - disk quality?

    Anyone own these? How is the quality? I thought there was a review floating around but a search didn't turn one up.
  24. Terry H

    North American Dvd Deals Of The Day

    dvd pricesearch http://www.dvdpricesearch.com/ seems to always have the scoop on the NorthAmerican deal of the day. Strangely, the deal is not listed on the NorthAmerican DVD site. Today (23 Feb) the deal happens to be the Die Hard Set, Alien Set and Stargate season 1. These guys have had...
  25. Terry H

    Today only! 50% off 3 boxsets

    Day ended deal dead.
  26. Terry H

    Sweet March price reductions

    Looking through DDD today http://www.deepdiscountdvd.com/ I see that March is an especially good month for me. Many old favories are reduced from a MSRP of $20 to $15. Preorder reduces the price to less than $10. Several $10 titles caught my eye: RUNNING MAN, THE HIGH NOON QUIET MAN, THE...
  27. Terry H

    Harry Potter digital deal

    Best Buy has an online deal where they will send you a $10 digital certificate if you preorder Harry Potter for $20. Unfortunately, no instore pickup on preorders and shipping is a grotesque $4. :frowning: I expect Potter to be a major loss leader but doubt they will beat $14 in the store...
  28. Terry H

    x-files season five IS widescreen

    according to dvd file: http://www.dvdfile.com/software/dvd-....html#01312002 "And last but certainly not least, we received a confirmation from Fox PR today that the upcoming The X-Files: The Complete Fifth Season will indeed be in anamorphic widescreen, and we'll be received a full press...
  29. Terry H

    Players with user upgradable firmware?

    I just cannot understand why manufactures have not made this a standard feature. There have been a few... I read about one nuon enhanced player that allowed the buyer to download and install updated firmware. Naturally, nuon was a flop and I suppose the player was also. I would guess that the...
  30. Terry H

    Give me your opinion of "The Searchers" and "Red River"

    I enjoyed these films greatly right up till the end where, in my opinion, both were ruined by stupid endings. I grew up in the 60s when it seemed that fully half of all TV shows and movies were westerns. I admit that I see most westerns as light entertainment or as some would say nowdays...