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  1. Bill_Mis

    The next live DVD from QUEEN will be....

    I wonder if any of these versions will be released in a hi-def format? Since the concert was shot on film I hope they choose to release this in hi def. That would get me interested in one of the formats at least.
  2. Bill_Mis

    Anyone else still have the Pioneer SD-533HD5?

    I have the 533HD5 and its been going strong for years. I had it ISF'd about three years ago and it still looks great, especially on HD cable channels. I have not jumped into the hi res disc formats yet, but will once things get settled on a format and some of the high end companies start making...
  3. Bill_Mis

    What was the First concert you ever went to?

    1977 Queen with special guest Thin Lizzy at the Richfield Coliseum. Best double bill show I have ever been to and it was my 1st. Queen was supporting A Day at the Races and Thin Lizzy was doing Live and Dangerous.
  4. Bill_Mis

    Speaker Hum from Cable Ground Loop

    I connected all of my plugs from amp, receivers, subs to the same power strip and it solved my problem. Mine was caused by cable but the amp was on a different power strip than everything else and so plugging it into the main strip solved my problem.
  5. Bill_Mis

    Queen+ Paul Rodgers announce 2006 USA tour

    Just want to echo the same comments after seeing the Pittsbugh and Cleveland shows on the 20th and 21st. It really was two great shows that brought back memories of their tours from 25+years ago. Attendance at both shows was really bad with only about 7,000 people total/each venue I would...
  6. Bill_Mis

    opening acts at concerts

    Saw Thin Lizzy open for Queen in 1977. Never saw a better double bill than that.
  7. Bill_Mis

    Queen+ Paul Rodgers announce 2006 USA tour

    I'm down for the Pittsburgh and Cleveland shows on March 20th and 21st. Spring can't get here soon enough.
  8. Bill_Mis

    Queen+ Paul Rodgers announce 2006 USA tour

    It really doesn't matter how you call it, Brian May and Roger Taylor will be playing Queen songs with a new singer and supporting band. They haven't been here in this capacity since 1982. I am looking forward to this show because I know it will be great. If you are really skeptical, pick up the...
  9. Bill_Mis

    Yamaha RX-V2600

    Yamaha's have been incredibly reliable for me. I had an integrated amp from them bought in 1987 that still works today as well as a RX-V995 and RX-V3300 which are used in my everyday systems. They are very well made and given proper care and ventilation, will last a long time.
  10. Bill_Mis

    Yamaha RX-V2600

    Robert, My apologies on the 4600 and the XM input. You are correct the 2600 only has that feature. I've corrected my inaccurate post. I am a big Yamaha fan and currently have the RX-V3300 and am considering the 4600.
  11. Bill_Mis

    Yamaha RX-V2600

    Neither 2600 or 4600 have XM radio standard. The 2600 has the input for an optional $50 antenna that will allow XM radio to be received and displayed. Actually only the 2600 has that capability. The reason for getting the 4600 mainly is the inclusion of i-link inputs. This allows dvd-audio and...
  12. Bill_Mis

    BIOS won't recognize new drive

    I did set the jumper seting on the Pioneer to cable select. It shipped with the jumper on master but I switched it to cable select because the Samsung cd-rw I replaced had it in that position and from what I understand Dell configures their drives in this manner. Since windows recognizes the...
  13. Bill_Mis

    BIOS won't recognize new drive

    Dell use the Cable Select setting for both drives so I stayed consistant with that.
  14. Bill_Mis

    BIOS won't recognize new drive

    I have a Dell 4700 that had a dual drive with dvd-rom on top and a cd-rw drive below it. Yesterday I swapped out the cd-rw drive for a Pioneer dvd-rw model 110. My problem is that BIOS does not see it and I get stopped at start-up by BIOS. If I F1 and continue its fine and windows definitely...
  15. Bill_Mis

    Anyone Have a Yamaha receiver?

    Also double check to be sure the optical input you selected on the Yamaha coincides with the input you have selected to view your cable box. Yamaha allows custom mapping of inputs in the setup menu to specific optical and coax inputs so be sure you have them matched correctly. And also be sure...
  16. Bill_Mis

    Queen+ Paul Rodgers "Return of the Champions" live CD w/ exclusive bonus DVD

    Am I the only one who bought this dvd? It totally rocks so why doesn't everybody chime in there reactions to it.
  17. Bill_Mis

    Queen+ Paul Rodgers "Return of the Champions" live CD w/ exclusive bonus DVD

    Watched the dvd tonight and was impressed by the performance. Don't overlook the bonus live clip of Imagine taken from the Hyde Park outdoor gig from the Summer. Its on DTS 96/24 Surround too.
  18. Bill_Mis

    Best/favorite guitar solo?

    Eric Johnson - Cliffs of Dover - awesome instrumental
  19. Bill_Mis

    QUEEN to tour in 2005 - official news

    TommyJD, Those are really some great songs from the Queen II era, I'm really hoping some day that Brian May decides to set some time aside and redo Queen II in DVD-audio 5.1 Surround. I've been collecting Mobile Fidelity discs but sadly they concentrate only on the new albums and so the first...
  20. Bill_Mis

    QUEEN to tour in 2005 - official news

    That brings back memories Rick. I know I have that live recording and if memory serves me it was a pause right in the middle of "March of the Black Queen". Incidentally that is my favorite Queen song as well, from Queen II. Freddie pauses like Rick said and then cuts right back to the song...
  21. Bill_Mis

    QUEEN to tour in 2005 - official news

    I can also bear witness to the great Queen concerts of the 70's. The Thin Lizzy / Queen double bill was the best concert I've ever seen. The Billy Squire/Queen was good too, but not as good as the Lizzy/Queen combo. I also am a collector and would love to see some more of the 70's concerts...
  22. Bill_Mis

    Next QUEEN DVD-Audio? "A Day at the Races"

    I agree Queen II would make a great multi-channel recording. That album has never been touched by any of the makers like Mobile Fidelity and the like. Its got great potential but sadly with no commercial hits, it will be last on the list to get the 5.1 high resolution treatment.
  23. Bill_Mis

    Denon 2200 issue with ELO "Zoom"

    I have the same problem with my 2200. A workaround is to select audio from the remote control instead of the menu, but you are out of luck with accessing the special features from the menu. Later in the month DenonJeff may have a different software fix available than the Alien one which may help.
  24. Bill_Mis

    Yamaha rx-v3300

    I too owned the 995 til last year in January when I upgraded to the 3300. The amps in it are clearly better and more powerful than the 995. But on the other hand, I would rather have some of the new features of the 2400 to custom tailor a wide variety of situations compared to the 3300. You...
  25. Bill_Mis

    Toshiba SD-4900 problem (blank screen w/ Progressive Scan)

    I have the 4800 Toshiba and on the rear of the machine there is a switch between Interlaced and Progressive. Just be sure that its placed in Interlaced if the tv is not compatible to safeguard against this happening again. After you unplug the unit and move the switch, plug it back in and you...
  26. Bill_Mis

    What Size Florescent (sp?)Light To Reduce Eye Strain?

    Backlighting is an essential part of any display that is shown in a darkened room. It doesn't matter if your set is professionally calibrated or you use Avia or VE. The trick is to find a backlight that will be approximately 10% of the peak brightness that you encounter when watching movies. The...
  27. Bill_Mis

    Comcast HD services

    Just remember that ABC (Monday Night Football) is not available in Indy on Comcast. And there is no word when that may change. I actually bought a OTA STB just to cover this omission.
  28. Bill_Mis

    Directors How many "stuttering" songs can you think of?

    Nobody's fault but mine - Led Zep
  29. Bill_Mis

    Is this a KILLER deal for Snell setup?

    I'm a big fan and owner of Snell and for that combo of speakers you are getting an absolute steal. Just that center channel alone is arguably worth that much. I know because I have one. My system is slightly different because I have the XA-60's instead of the E's but have the same back channels...