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  1. Bill_Mis

    BIOS won't recognize new drive

    I have a Dell 4700 that had a dual drive with dvd-rom on top and a cd-rw drive below it. Yesterday I swapped out the cd-rw drive for a Pioneer dvd-rw model 110. My problem is that BIOS does not see it and I get stopped at start-up by BIOS. If I F1 and continue its fine and windows definitely...
  2. Bill_Mis

    Messenger service annoyance

    I have Windows XP and those super-annoying messenger service ads keep popping up, is there any way to stop or defeat them?
  3. Bill_Mis

    Dumb XP question

    Please looking for a simple answer to a frustrating point: I just converted OS from Win 98 to XP and had lots of frustrations including updating the BIOS. All is well now except for one issue. In 98 when I shut down the system the monitor and tower would shut off together, but in XP the...