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  1. Prof. Ratigan

    10 All-Time Favorite Film Noirs

    On Letterboxd, I put together a list of my favorites, really just a ranking of all the noirs I've seen, but perhaps more interesting for you is this calculated list based on how often a movie shows up in noir lists.
  2. Prof. Ratigan

    The Devils (1971)

    I would bet that a 4K restoration of The Devils would actually sell very very well because of the highly restricted release. Whether Salo is a great film out not, it will consistently gather the curiosity of the film buff. I have no doubt that if Criterion released it, it would sell out at the...
  3. Prof. Ratigan

    4k Wish List 2022

    A lot of great titles mentioned. Of those not mentioned, The Third Man, Pride & Prejudice, Tree of Life, and (in the never gonna happen category) Star Wars theatrical cuts.
  4. Prof. Ratigan

    HDMI Signal Detecting Issue With Samsung Blu-ray Player on our Sony Bravia TV Has Recently Inexplicably Developed!!

    My 4K player has developed a strange issue where it won't automatically come up when I turn it on. I have to press the play or Home button on the remote before I get the interface to come up. May not be the same issue, but it sounded the same to me.
  5. Prof. Ratigan

    The Disc Collection of Mike Frezon

    I haven't gotten the cabinets yet, they're pretty big and heavy so I'm going to wait until we get a house. I probably wouldn't bother with locks, nobody is going steal your movies one at a time.
  6. Prof. Ratigan

    The Disc Collection of Mike Frezon

    Sadly I can't find the link to the YouTube video that converted me to putting my movies in sleeves, but this video shows the space saving. In the video I can't find, the collector used these custom cabinets and filed alphabetically.it was a beautiful sight. Personally, I'm waiting on buying the...
  7. Prof. Ratigan

    Poll: Top-10/20/50 list of your favorite Westerns

    My top rated. Once Upon a Time in the West No Country for Old Men The Man from Laramie The Furies Bend of the River Broken Lance The Good, the Bad and the Ugly The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance Winchester '73 The Far Country Ride Lonesome The Wild Bunch High Noon Butch Cassidy and the Sundance...