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  1. twobelowpar

    *NEW* Canada Digital Codes: Updated Weekly

    With Google Play now the standard for Canadian releases, it provides some consistency and I'm going to start a new thread for I have here each week. Canadian Google Play accounts will link to Movies Anywhere, allowing you to redeem many cheap Canadian codes and port them to your MA account. The...
  2. twobelowpar

    New and old US HDX and iTunes HD codes.

    Straight Outta Compton HDX - $4 / iTunes - $2 Ted 2 HDX - $2 / iTunes - $1.50 Minions HDX - $3 / iTunes - $1.50 The Giver HDX - $3 Night at the Museum 3 HDX/iTunes - $3 Rio 2 HDX/iTunes - $2 Inside Out DMA - $5 The Giver HDX - $3 Aloha HDX - $3 Chappie HDX - $3 Jurassic World HDX - $3 / iTunes...
  3. twobelowpar

    UV and iTunes HD codes. Weekly updates

    Hi everyone. I have a list of codes here for sale. Thanks. USA code unless indicated. Focus HDX - $5 (Canadian code) Project Almanac HDX - $6 Project Almanac iTunes - $3 As Above So Below iTunes - $2 Captain Phillips HDX - $2.50 (Canadian code) The Equalizer HDX - $3 (Canadian code) Fury HDX...
  4. twobelowpar

    HD UV / iTunes Titles. Updates Often!

    One left of the following: My Big Fat Greek Wedding UV & iTunes full US code - $4 Les Miserables - $7 Pitch Perfect - $7 Big Hero 6 DMA - $6 Big Hero 6 DC+ - $5 Into The Woods DMA - $7.50 Into The Woods DC+ - $6.50 About Time - $5 Dracula Untold - $4 (iTunes $3) Full code - $6 Dumb and Dumber...
  5. twobelowpar

    My Big Fat Greek Wedding UV/iTunes

    Full US code. I believe it redeems twice. $5!
  6. twobelowpar

    Hobbit, Apes, Unbroken HD codes

    Hello all. I've bought a few codes here before but only ever sold one. However,I have a few I'm looking to get rid of tonight. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes UV or iTunes (choose one) - $4 Unbroken UV - $6 The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies UV - $6 Send me a PM and we can work it out! :)
  7. twobelowpar

    Strange black blob on plasma screen

    I've only had this set for 5 1/2 weeks and this showed up on the screen last night. I'm quite concerned about it. The store says they only deal with repairs within 30 days of purchase (?!) even though they are a licensed Samsung repair centre. So I was told to call Samsung myself. Has anyone...
  8. twobelowpar

    Wanted: Veep Season 3 iTunes

    Anyone help me out?
  9. twobelowpar

    Need some basic HT help

    I just purchased a 60" Samsung F5300 to replace my 42" Panny. I still have a Panasonic Bluray / surround sound system. In my old setup i had my satellite remote programmed to control the TV as well. I could turn both TV and audio on with one press of the power button, and control volume with it...
  10. twobelowpar

    Rio 2 UV HD for sale or for trade

    $3 or an equivalent trade but only for iTunes HD please!
  11. twobelowpar

    Looking for a new plasma before they're gone

    So I currently have a 42" Panasonic 720p plasma (the X1 series). Purchased in 2009. Have never had a problem and still love it. With all the major players giving up on plasma *cries* I would really like to upgrade to a 60" before prices start to skyrocket and maybe relegate this one to the...
  12. twobelowpar

    Looking for Veep Season 2

    Can anyone help me out?
  13. twobelowpar

    Looking for Disney digital copies

    HD is preferable but not a must. Titles I am looking for... Cars Cinderella Finding Nemo The Little Mermaid Monsters University Peter Pan Ratatouille Robin Hood Tangled I'll pay right away! :)