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  1. David K. Johnson

    Alec Baldwin Accidentally Kills Cinematographer And Injures Director With Prop Gun On Movie Set “RUST”

    As a long time member, of the Gold Camp Victorian Society, in Cripple Creek, Colorado, and their armorer, I can state, that there is no excuse for this tragedy. Rules were not followed, from start to finish (Baldwin). We, in the "Smokin' Guns" section, of the club, are trained, and re-trained...
  2. David K. Johnson

    Defective Lionsgate 4K Disc - No Response from Lionsgate...

    I have a defective 4K Lionsgate disc of Midway, and have placed several unanswered calls, to them. Anyone got any ideas, or maybe a different contact number? I've been using 310-449-9200. Thanks
  3. David K. Johnson

    Warner DVD's not working thread - watch to make sure they still play

    I've got two bad Warner discs (that I know of) - Skyfall 4K, and LOR Fellowship, Blu-Ray. I've written to Sheri, and one other Warner rep, on multiple occasions, back to 8/20. She/they have not responded, to my last email, dated 3/28/21. Sheri has said, last year, because of Covid, they are...
  4. David K. Johnson

    Matching Center Channel to Front Speakers

    Just an option - I have a rather expensive HT - Multiple amps, Marantz pre-pro, Martin Logan Ethos L/R, and, until recently, a ML Theater, center, with 6 SVS Prime Elevation sourrounds. We were also having trouble, understanding dialog, both on satellite feed, and, sometimes, on 4K Panny player...
  5. David K. Johnson

    rp 91 or 47ai help me choose!

    I'll second that, Joey!! On a 65" Tosh, they (DV-47's) put up an incredible pic.
  6. David K. Johnson

    Is my Denon refurbished? Red ink stamp on bottom.

    Mike: If it's any consolation, I bought my 4800 (Apx. 1 1/2 years ago) from Ubid. It was advertised as a factory refurb. At the time they were selling new for $2,000. I paid $1,167. It's still up a running strong! David
  7. David K. Johnson

    Movies that contain cameos by you, your house, etc...

    One of my golf club customers (I am a teaching pro, & custom fit/build), is Burton "Bubba" Gilliam, who has been in many movies, & TV shows. His most famous part was playing opposite Harvy Korman in "Blazing Saddles" (first guy in movie, on push cart, with black vest), & he was the "Pace...
  8. David K. Johnson

    Advice on SVS subs

    Another 16-46Pc owner seconds & thirds the advantages of ANY SVS over the competition. Lower, flatter, louder, smoother!!:D
  9. David K. Johnson

    anbody bought a denon from an unauthorized retailer

    I bought my 4800 from Ubid.com (refurb. by Denon) for $1,167.00. At the time, they were $2,000. No problems after over one year. Love it!!
  10. David K. Johnson

    Toshiba service manual for TW65X81

    I've got one coming. Thanks. David
  11. David K. Johnson

    Toshiba service manual for TW65X81

    Anybody want to part with their service manual for the Tosh. TW65X81?:)
  12. David K. Johnson

    Will the SVS PC 16-46 be too much for Def Tech ProCinema 200s?

    Keith, I'll second that. I have the 1646PC. Calibrate, calibrate, calibrate. Goes much lower, & MUCH less peaky than my old Velo.:)
  13. David K. Johnson

    SVS Subs

    They're as good as you are reading!! I went from an Alon Centris to a Velodyne fsx-12, to the SVS 16-46pc (new driiver, old amp). I should have given away the first two!! No comparison - way deeper, flatter, LOUDER!! And you'll find no better customer service in the world.:D
  14. David K. Johnson

    1646 SVS the right one for me?

    Just one of many super happy 1646PC owners. We normally listen to movies at -10db from reference in a 17X23 open ended room, & I never cease to be amazed at how low, loud, AND smooth it is!! Even when listening at lower overall volume levels, it maintains the smoothness. Best regards for a job...
  15. David K. Johnson

    Speakers for Dolby EX rear surrounds

    Any advice re: Using Monitor Audio Silver Series for the rear/side? I already have their 9I's in front. Is there something better/cheaper that will match up with the 9I's? Thanks, David
  16. David K. Johnson

    SVS Owners Help Me Decide!

    I too have a large room (17x23) with an open end, & high ceilings. I was a little apprehensive about getting the 1646PC vs the 2039PCI, because of this room size, but since I found the 1646PC used, I got it, & couldn't be more pleased. I should have GIVEN AWAY my Velo. FSX-12!! There is no...
  17. David K. Johnson

    subwofer setting

    Hi Guys: Just another bit of info - According to the guys at SVS, Rick's method is preferred. Their recommendation is covered on their web site. David
  18. David K. Johnson

    Question for Tom or Ron SVS

    This is for Ron: I just emailed your partner yesterday with my system config., room size, etc. This poor guy has 500 emails starin' at him, orders out the ears, but low & behold, here comes his response (not one, but three different mssg's.!!) I definitely will be ordering one soon - although...
  19. David K. Johnson

    Query for Pioneer dvd player admirers

    So far, the best of players I've seen in the Pioneer line is their DV-37. Progressive scan into my Tosh TW65X81 was mush better than their DV-05. David