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  1. Steve Adams

    JVC 61G787 HDMI not working..any ideas?

    I have a JVC d-ILA unit and the HDMI inputs are not working. anything I should look for? its really frustrating me!
  2. Steve Adams

    Sanyo PLV Z1 setup

    I just got my plv z1...got it setup through Svideo. the picture is rather grainy, anything I can do in setup to get it clear? lots of wavy lines going thru....etc
  3. Steve Adams

    looking for small good sounding speakers for my recroom

    I am looking at a set of small speakers.... I was looking at the energy take 5's, athena has a set thats similar as well.... any others I should take a look at?
  4. Steve Adams

    Need info on NEC GP-3000 proj!

    there is one here for sale and I need info on it....what is the image like....it's crt, also, will I need a video processor like a taw rock ro something like that? what kind of price should it be....thanks.
  5. Steve Adams

    TR Research vs KLH vs FLUANCE

    OK, I know that theater research are the infamous white van speakers, but they are DIRT CHEAP on ebay. now how do they compare sonically to the likes of other cheap brands like KLH, or Fluance. Like I can get a set for like 150 bucks or so...now, these are not for my Theater, but just for my...
  6. Steve Adams

    How do regular sherwood receivers fair in sq?

    I am getting the sherwood P-965 and A-965 for my main theater. But im wondering how the normal sherwood receivers sound compared to say a pioneer unit, or a low end yammie or something like that? If they sound close to the newcastle stuff, I would get these receivers for the rest of my house...
  7. Steve Adams

    Swan Speakers Opinions....thank you!

    Hi people. Im looking at swan speakers...they LOOK amazing...but how is the performance? what do they compare to? thanks.... Steve
  8. Steve Adams

    Anyone using outlaw audio seperates?

    Im looking at getting seprates for my home theater...either the newcastle system or outlaw audio... im looking for opinions on the outlaw audio...for 400 cheaper I get 100 w extra. and I know outlaw is pretty good gear...i have never been in the presence of sherwood so I could not comment...
  9. Steve Adams

    The new sherwood/newcastle amp and prepro....ANYONE?

    Hi. I was wondering if anyone has the new newcastle amp and pre pro...wondering what it is like? sound wise and features wise? thanks.
  10. Steve Adams

    Ok, have the new house being started in MAY NEED HELP!

    I have app a 14x15 room for my theater..... how does this sound.... Insulate the walls, (tight packed or loose packed) 5/8" plywood, resiliant channel, 5/8 gyproc, for wall construction. Im thinking no subfloor. Carpet on floor and half the wall, then 2 difusers made from 2 x 4...
  11. Steve Adams

    As soon as it's built, I have to move....but!

    Hi, earlier on I posted my 12x11 ht, which imo sounded pretty good. However do to job circumstances, I have to move back to my home town. Now, I thought I was going to loose my HT, but the house Im looking at buying has a room that is 9x18. Hello, new HT. Im looking for some ideas on how to...
  12. Steve Adams

    My theater is done, well almost!

    The room is finished, and equipment is in. I royally messed up my rear speaker mounts in the wall. im not very pleased about that. and there is a little more sound tranmission than I would like outside the room but that was with the system running really good. inside, the room sounds excellent...
  13. Steve Adams

    Psb Alpha Modification instructions.

    Im looking for the instructions for the psb alphas. there is a place that tells you how to seal them off for better sound and sand the port, little things like that. thanks in advance.....
  14. Steve Adams

    Psb alpha "mod" instructions

    anyone have the link to the modification instructions for the alpha av? I am performing this mod on my speakers and need the instructions.:emoji_thumbsup:
  15. Steve Adams

    peoples thoughts on nikko amps?

    I have an alpha 220 amp, what are your thoughts on this amp? is it worth using? I plan to run my mains with it. then later on down the road, buy 2 more to run the ceter and rears off of too. I really like the punch it has. very clean....
  16. Steve Adams

    opinions on the sony dual 10" sub?

    Hi everyone, what are your opinions on the sony dual ten inch sub for a small room? would it work good? thanks..
  17. Steve Adams

    my ht, what should I do?

    I have a 12 x 15 room to put my ht in. the washer dryer is in there too, but only sticks out about 12" into the room I will have the room built around them. what should I do to make the room very sound efficent and sound resistant to the apartment on the other side of the wall? also, what's some...
  18. Steve Adams

    Getting my new tv today!

    I have a sanyo flatview tv, there are some problems that has risen in it, terrible hum when started in the mornings, and on video1 the video cut's in and out. So im bringing it back, and getting the new model with component video and a few more features! oh, the remote dont work either!......so...
  19. Steve Adams

    12x13 room for a ht, some hints, tips and things wanted.

    I have purchased a new house, I have a 12x13 room downstairs that im going to use for my ht. im looking any tips etc that might help me. thanks
  20. Steve Adams

    Subwoofer for 500 cdn or less?

    Hey, what would you recommend me having a listen to in sub's 500 and under? im looking for a good sub in this price range. Im open to all suggestions except infinity and polk. Im not interested in either of them..... thanks steve
  21. Steve Adams

    New psb image series?

    Hi everyone, I was at my local dealership when I saw some nice speakers. They had no grills on them they were all silver, and very appealing. I asked the manager what they were and he said that they were the new psb image series, so I listened to them....they sounded awsome.....I looked at...
  22. Steve Adams

    anyone using the harmony remote?

    Hey, anyone here using the harmony remote? i would like to know your thoughts on the remote, it seems to be very good....
  23. Steve Adams

    Not a fan of HTB's but.............

    My dad purchased pioneer's htd 520. sounds pretty good for a htb. speakers are obviously it's weak point. but it has dolby digital, prologic 2 and dts. power output is better than the sony strde445 that it replaced. All in all, a good beginning system, or system that work good for someone like...
  24. Steve Adams

    Car stereo for my upcoming AMG!

    Hey guys, i figure this is the best place to ask this question. im getting a 2003 c32 amg, it dont come with a cd player, and im pretty well a basket case audiophile, so i need to upgrade. this is what i have in mind. Eclipse, Pioneer premier, alpine, or nakamichi head unit. mcintosh amp...
  25. Steve Adams

    Everyone's thoughts on my proposed setup.

    here it is. Pioneer vsx-d810s Nikko alpha 220 for mains psb alpha a/v for front, alpha center, and minis for the rear and surrounds sharp dlp projector kenwood dv 5900 dvd player toshiba sd 2800 dvd player 2 sony sa-wm40 subwoofers, modified express vu 5100 recevier and recorder rca...
  26. Steve Adams

    pioneer vsx-d810s vs. sony str-de445

    i have a sony str-de 445. im looking to upgrade. I can get a pioneer vsx-d810s for 350.00 tax in. cdn dollars. think it's worth my money to do this. i like the fact that I can hook up an external amp. i have an old nikko alpha 220 amp that would run the mains nicely for my set up. what is...
  27. Steve Adams

    Your thoughts on the panasonic SA-HE100

    I was wondering what everyone's thoughts on this reciever is. here are some of the spec's 6ch amplifier, 100x6 dd pl 2 dd ex dts es dts neo 6, component in/out 3 svid in/ 1 out, a/b speaker selector, dsp, hall,club,live,theater,sim surround,party. independant sub control, 4 digi...
  28. Steve Adams

    Thoughts on the outlaw 1050, 950/775 combo, and dlp projectors.

    I am very interested in the outlaw series of amps/receivers. im thinking about getting the 1050 $499 american, but I also like the deal for the 950 and 775 amp $2800 american. Anyone have any thoughts on this. also I was looking at the sony projector for 2999.00 american. I think it's 3999...
  29. Steve Adams

    Peoples thoughts on the Velodyne cvt 8" sub

    hi, as the subject says, what are your thoughts on the cvt 8" from velodyne? going to be used with a full psb alpha speaker package. thanks steve
  30. Steve Adams

    Good sub for Psb alpha h/t?

    Hi everyone, This site rocks, I have a question, what would be a good inexpensive sub to match my psb alpha system. I have the a/v's in front, minis in the rear, and the center in the center. I am currently running a sony str-de445 receiver but will be upgrading that to a marantz sr-6200...