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  1. Mike Wadkins

    Robin Hood

    Hi Charlie, are you able to talk about this yet? I really enjoyed it, and as always with the Scott brothers love the extended cuts. Has much been changed in the new cut?, and has the film presented any new challenges?
  2. Mike Wadkins

    Panic Room on Blu-ray

    Now while I adore the three Disc DVD set (one of the best sets ever made), I would really like to see it in HD. With Se7en coming out, and The Social Network on its way, and even Alien3 this year are there any plans at Sony to Release Panic Room? I understand you can't carry over all the...
  3. Mike Wadkins

    1492: Conquest of Paradise out in France Oct. 6th

    Did you work on this one Charlie?
  4. Mike Wadkins

    Alien Movies what is the Directors Pref version ?

    As per the title, what version of the 3 movies (alien 3 is out of this for obvious reasons) is the directors preffered version ?
  5. Mike Wadkins

    Spy Game

    Hi, not shure if you worked on this but was wondering if you could clear up an issue I have. I own the UK dvd and the US BRD There is a changed shot on the BRD that is not on the dvd Dvd BRD The tree line has changed, is this change at Tony's request or just diff prints in diff regions ...
  6. Mike Wadkins

    The Last Boy Scout

    Is there any news about (in the least) a remastered S/E DVD (or better) a BRD S/E ? Tony Scott talked about it candidly in the new issue of Empire, it would be great to see real features on the movie
  7. Mike Wadkins

    Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen

    Hi David, I saw this twice yesterday and was wondering if you are working on the BRD/DVD ? If so does work start this early in putting a disc together ? And I was also wondering if the IMAX version would be used for the BRD a la The Dark Knight ? Thanks in advance
  8. Mike Wadkins

    Revenge Director's Cut

    Good evening Mr De Lauzirika, I just watched this on BRD for the first time today. I noticed you masterminded the featurette and I am guessing most of the disc. It is a good disc but there is not much in the way of extras, I understand there are budgets for these discs and it must have been...
  9. Mike Wadkins

    James Bond Ultimate Ed Framing Issues

    Just bought this morning Goldeneye (uncut) and Dr No upon taking a few grabs to see if they have renewed the goldeneye transfer i noticed that they have reframed the film: new old Living Daylights this transfer is stunning the difference in encoding is amazing...
  10. Mike Wadkins

    James Bond Ultimate Edtions Surface in the uk

    Well now im happy one last blast on sd-dvd for me and Mr bond it is then : http://www.dvdactive.com/news/releas...-editions.html
  11. Mike Wadkins

    M:I-2 special ed announced

    http://www.dvdactive.com/news/releas...ossible-2.html no details yet looks like a cash in job as per the first film no dts and little in the way of extras. Roll on the blu-ray edtions
  12. Mike Wadkins

    last boy scout s.e. any chance ?

    Now that Shane black's kiss kiss bang bang is finally coming out any news of a last boy scout s.e. of even the long kiss goodnight ? Tony Scott does commentaries and its a fantastic movie badly in need of a new transfer
  13. Mike Wadkins

    day of the dead best version ?

    Im in need of some advice from people in the know. After looking at dvdbeaver's comparisons im heading towards the divimax Day of the dead is this the best?. Im multi region and able to get any dvd or laser funds will allow. So floor open what do i go for ? thanks in advance
  14. Mike Wadkins

    Casino: 10th Anniversary Edition 14th june

    dvd answers have made alot of people happy today : http://www.dvdanswers.com/index.php?...5929&n=1&burl=
  15. Mike Wadkins

    first umd movie disc announced

    first umd disc announced the psp umd format has a great little launch title spiderman 2 ! made for the screen size and shape and sound of the psp it should blow the dvd away linkage :http://gamesradar.msn.co.uk/news/def...sectionid=1585
  16. Mike Wadkins

    another movie goes 2 disc in the uk and 1 disc in the us

    avp is getting an extreme ed in the uk like the irobot disc this year we get the extra res and the extra disc ! (not that that will save the flick) 2 disc uk 1 disc uk us 1 disc what is going on it used to be i imported everything !
  17. Mike Wadkins

    help please what is this movie??????

    help was just watching haute tension with my bro and he said i showed him a film once and i cant remember it !!!!! he said it was 2 kids they were french or german and they wore mac's or big coats and went into houses and killed people one of the kids were shot but they rewound the film...
  18. Mike Wadkins

    any chance of a "hackers" or "beetlejuice" spec ed

    this film has a huge cult status and is (as i confirmed by dusting off my laser) great fun. with a s.e. of softly's "backbeat" he may be up for a commentary. Hopefully sony will milk mgm's movies like it does cthv any one heard anything about plans or rumors And now burton has done...
  19. Mike Wadkins

    The Fifth Element SE (CONSOLIDATED THREAD)

    again with the fith element ! whats going on with cthv?. oh and at long last a leon special ed but where is the comentary that was promised from the great dvd answers : Columbia SE's Starring: N/A (Various) Released: 11th January 2005 SRP: $24.96 Each Further Details Arriving...
  20. Mike Wadkins

    Predator 2 special ed

    finally predator 2 special ed
  21. Mike Wadkins

    killing zoe

    can anyone recommend a version of killing zoe im torn between the r1 and r2(french) r1 or r2 dts
  22. Mike Wadkins

    little shop of horrors

    i have searched before anyone suggests it and cant find an answer. the question is what is missing from the current dvd of little shop i hear an alt ending but mine has one if anyone can help will be grateful
  23. Mike Wadkins

    spider-man 2 dvd already !!!!!

    the god of all dvd sites has posted the r2 cover art now that was quick ! spidy
  24. Mike Wadkins

    any chance of darkman spec ed or color of money ?

    what with spidy out any news on darkman as a spec ed? also with scorsese doing new versions of his movies is there any word on the color of money ???
  25. Mike Wadkins

    A uk criteron disc ???????

    in the new issue of uk sci-fi mag sfx there is an ad for the blob the criteron edition are they now letting the uk get there flicks ???
  26. Mike Wadkins

    help me RE: jack ryan collection

    is the jack ryan collection currently available dts on all four titles ?
  27. Mike Wadkins

    dts lossless

    lossless bit for bit with master http://www.homecinemachoice.com/ int the news bit cant direct link
  28. Mike Wadkins

    spider man super bit cover art uk

    boring i know but at least it wasnt a hoax !!
  29. Mike Wadkins

    Top Gun criterion?

    there is a whisper going arround that paramount stoped their 2 discer for a criterion with the rock and armageddon already there could it be true any1 know?