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  1. Kevin McCorry

    Region 2 Looney Toons coming in 2003...

    When it comes to R1, I think every major character will get a disc each. We may see a simultaneous release of six DVDs, one with Bugs, one with Daffy, one with Tweety, one with Road Runner, one with Porky, and one with another character (possibly Foghorn, Pepe, or, to maximize Bugs releases...
  2. Kevin McCorry

    Region 2 Looney Toons coming in 2003...

    I certainly hope the R2 configuration won't be done in R1 because looking at the projected price, it's probably just going to be a Best of Bugs Bunny disc, following the VHS model of maybe 8-10 cartoons on the disc, possibly as many as 12 or 14. From precedent, contents will probably include...
  3. Kevin McCorry

    Region 2 Looney Toons coming in 2003...

    It's interesting that R2 is getting the DVDs first. Maybe Warner is testing there to see what configuration works best. I can see the Tweety and Road Runner discs being full series releases, but not Bugs and Daffy. The Tweety and Road Runner sets (including the DePatie-Frelengs) could comprise...
  4. Kevin McCorry

    1967 first Spider-Man cartoon coming to DVD restored no less

    The music and sound effects are the best part of the series! Tamper with that and I won't buy it. I'll stick to my VHS recordings from Teletoon and the two episodes currently in release on DVD.
  5. Kevin McCorry

    Casino Royale?

    The layer change occurs right after Le Chiffre (Orson Welles) is shot in the head by SMERSH and collapses as the equipment around him goes up in smoke.
  6. Kevin McCorry

    Space 1999 Mega Set Bonus Disc

    Still no news about A & E's plans for the bonus disc.
  7. Kevin McCorry

    Paramount brings us "Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown" and "Hey, Arnold!"

    Word has it at another forum that an Easter Peanuts DVD is expected as well. It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown, with additional specials not yet determined. It's a Mystery, Charlie Brown is a good choice because Woodstock's nest is an issue in that as it also is in a subplot in the...
  8. Kevin McCorry

    Paramount brings us "Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown" and "Hey, Arnold!"

    Excellent! Good choice of specials. Here's hoping for an Easter release and Arbor Day release as well. It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown/It's a Mystery, Charlie Brown/He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown It's Arbor Day, Charlie Brown/Charlie Brown's All Stars/You're a Good Sport, Charlie Brown
  9. Kevin McCorry

    Doctor Who ?

    Here's what I'd like to see next. Doctor Who- Season 13 Box Set "Terror of the Zygons", with commentary by Nicholas Courtney, Elizabeth Sladen, and Philip Hinchcliffe "Planet of Evil" with commentary by Tom Baker, Elizabeth Sladen, and Frederick Jaeger "Pyramids of Mars" with commentary by...
  10. Kevin McCorry

    Dr Who- Key to Time Set Problem With Toshiba

    Update. "The Ribos Operation", "Pirate Planet", and "The Stones of Blood" all quit on my Toshiba after the BBC logo but play fine on my Malata. Were they all Region 2 encoded by accident?
  11. Kevin McCorry

    Dr Who- Key to Time Set Problem With Toshiba

    Disc 3 of the Dr. Who Key to Time set, "The Stones of Blood", won't play on my Toshiba 5109. It only goes as far as the BBC logo and then freezes. This disc, however, does play on my Malata. So far, "Power of Kroll" and "The Armageddon Factor" have played without problems.
  12. Kevin McCorry

    Space 1999 Mega Set Bonus Disc

    Anybody buy this today from Best Buy & have reviews to offer of the bonus disc?
  13. Kevin McCorry

    FINE T.V. MOVIES Not yet on DVD...

    World War III with David Soul, Cathy Lee Crosby, Rock Hudson, Brian Keith, Jeroen Krabbe, Herbert Jefferson Jr., Katherine Helmond. The Martian Chronicles with Rock Hudson, Roddy McDowall, Bernie Casey, Gayle Hunnicutt, Nicholas Hammond, Darren McGavin, Barry Morse, Fritz Weaver. The...
  14. Kevin McCorry

    Paramount TV series?

    Put me down for: Peanuts Specials Mission: Impossible Hawaii Five-O Police Squad! Star Trek Animated
  15. Kevin McCorry

    James Gregory R.I.P.

    Dr. Tristan Adams and General Ursus. Strange, in the course of a week we've lost two more Apes actors. The following are all deceased. Roddy McDowall, Kim Hunter, Maurice Evans, James Daly, James Gregory, Sal Mineo, Claude Akins, Lew Ayres, John Huston, and Mark Lenard. Though he played...
  16. Kevin McCorry

    Space 1999 Mega Set Bonus Disc

    It may be a better idea to wait and see what A & E does with the extra disc. It could be released in its own keepcase with a nice looking sleeve.
  17. Kevin McCorry

    Fantasy classics still unreleased on DVD

    Jack, That's excellent news about The Shape of Things to Come! Another VHS that I can retire. No mention of a release date yet, though.
  18. Kevin McCorry

    What irritates you about DVDs?

    1) DVDs arriving off their hubs and floating in cases, becoming scratched. Replacement then has to be arranged, which arrives in same condition. 2) DVDs arriving on hubs but with scratches, scrapes, and possibly incipient cracks around center hole. 3) Double Amaray cases that put...
  19. Kevin McCorry

    Fantasy classics still unreleased on DVD

    Yes to Starcrash. If Battle Beyond the Stars could make it to DVD, why not Starcrash? And how about Starship Invasions with Robert Vaughn and Christopher Lee and The Shape of Things to Come with Jack Palance and Barry Morse? Two Canadian gems made atmospheric primarily by the late...
  20. Kevin McCorry

    Space 1999 Mega Set Bonus Disc

    Scott Michael Bosco now has a review of the Mega Set and the bonus disc available at the link below. It sounds awesome, but no word yet on when it'll be released separately. And when it comes with the Mega Set, it won't have its own keep case...
  21. Kevin McCorry

    Space 1999 Mega Set Bonus Disc

    A & E have a few options here. 1) They could reissue Set 8 as a 3-disc box to include the bonus disc and everyone who bought Set 8 can send their old box in as proof of purchase and receive the reissued Box 8 containing the bonus disc and room for our already purchased Vols. 15 & 16 to...
  22. Kevin McCorry

    Space 1999 Mega Set Bonus Disc

    From what I'm told, A & E planned to release the bonus disc with Set 8, but there was a hold-up getting clearance for "Message From Moonbase Alpha" from the U.K. fan-based organization that produced it. By the time the problems were resolved, Set 8 had already been released. As said above...
  23. Kevin McCorry

    Space 1999 Mega Set Bonus Disc

    Scott, I checked and Furure Shop is only offering the 16-disc set at an inflated price. Guess I'll have to pass on this one until A & E decides to release the disc separately. A good idea might be to release a further 2-disc set along the lines of The Best of the Avengers. Include this disc...
  24. Kevin McCorry

    Space 1999 Mega Set Bonus Disc

    The Bonus disc will definitely consist of the three remastered episodes, "Death's Other Dominion", "Dragon's Domain", and "The Testament of Arkadia", plus "Message From Moonbase Alpha", Keith Wilson 1976 interview footage, some deleted "Collision Course" footage, and commentaries from Byrne...
  25. Kevin McCorry

    Space 1999 Mega Set Bonus Disc

    Yep, you read right. There is going to be a seventeeth bonus DVD with the Space: 1999 Mega Set to be released by A & E this month. Details are sketchy but there will reportedly be remastered episodes (probably first season) with audio commentary by Sylvia Anderson, Johnny Byrne, and...
  26. Kevin McCorry

    Paramount: Any chance of seeing these Charlie Brown movies on DVD

    What I'd like to see is themed compilations of the TV specials to include as many pre-1977 specials (those with the Vince Guaraldi music) as possible. How about something along these lines: Charlie Brown at Sports: Charlie Brown's All-Stars You're a Good Sport, Charlie Brown You're the...
  27. Kevin McCorry

    Earthquake in Sensurround!

    Earthquake is a film to be experienced in the theatre at 8 years of age, the first non-Disney flik one has ever seen. That's how I saw it and it made quite an impact. Though I recall getting very impatient for the earthquake to hit, once it did I was riveted to the screen, and upset by all the...
  28. Kevin McCorry

    Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (Warner Bros.)?

    I've finally received my DVD of the Michael Rennie Jekyll and Hyde. It appears to be from original film elements, including all of the film grain and sound hiss. But it is a nicely done DVD. There is a menu with scene access, and they did a good job of removing the Climax! openings and...
  29. Kevin McCorry

    Looney Toons on DVD...NOT! Please Sign Petition Link Here!

    While Extremes and In-Betweens will be a nice DVD in honor of Mr. Jones, is this all we're going to get this year despite the rumblings I'd read (can't recall if it was here or at the ToonZone message boards) of something big coming (I seem to recall Jerry Beck mentioning this, something...
  30. Kevin McCorry

    Peter Hunt, Bond Editor & Director RIP

    Don't know if this was mentioned already on some other thread but Peter Hunt, director of On Her Majesty's Secret Service and editor of the first five James Bond movies, has recently passed away.