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    Pioneer SC75 Resolution Setup Help Needed

    I was exploring my settings today and experimented with the Resolution settings in Video Parameters because something changed. A remote fat finger or family member screw up? I found it set to 480p. I cycled through the 720,1080i, and pure settings (my tv is a 1080i) and got expanded or...
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    Passing Component Through A Receiver?

    I have an Onkyo Receiver (see signature) and it has 2 two sets of component video inputs and one output set. What is the advantage or draw back of routing my Onkyo DVD through the reciever? Right now I only have the DVD player going directly into the TV via component with the audio going...
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    Need suggestion On TV Choice.

    Hi Folks, Long time No See. Well the divorce is in full swing and she gets the 5 year old 53" Hitachi Ultravision. I gotta one-up her! I just cannot decide which one. I have not been keeping up with the times in the TV technology. I need your help. I do want 1080p and I am told LCD is...
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    Which Cheap Surround in a box would you get?

    A friend who knows I get into my system asks, " I only have 500.00 to spend. I just want surround and to be better than my TV sound. What ould you get?" Anyone have an idea?
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    Thinking of replacing our Infinity BU2

    We have new HT sound. Click above gear icon to view equipment. Our Infinity BU2 is 9 years old. It's not a sloppy unit. Just wondering how long can it last? Has it lost quality so slowly I don't notice? Or is it better with age. It has been played every day since purchase. Are newer, year to...
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    Down firing on Carpet or Hardwood?

    I seen a setup where a fella had a 12" Sub sitting on a peice of wood between it and the carpet. Whats that about?
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    To THX, or Not to THX?

    I am running Onkyo's 800 series Receiver & DVD player through the larger of the QX line of Dahlquist speakers. I am not convinced THX is such a big deal. I have been experimenting with the THX mode and it always sounds like someone tossed a blanket over my system. I am VERY happy with my setup...
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    OnkyoTX-SR800 surround option questions

    We have the OnkyoTX-SR800 receiver connected to an Onkyo DV-SP800 DVD player. The speaker setup is 7.1. We watched "Pearl Harbor" in the DVD's "DTS 5.1" option. WoW! Now my question. The receiver surround option is set to "PL-II Movie". I notice there are more options and have no idea of...
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    Enjoying Our System

    Well it's been a month or so and I would like to report on our new HT. A Hitachi TV, an Onkyo Receiver and Onkyo's top DVD player with Dahlquist speakers and an Infinity BU2 Sub is what we have. (click the gear on the header to see our setup) We whatched Pearl Harbor last night in DTS and...
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    Binding Post Vs. Bananna Plug

    I have an OnkyoTX-SR800 and I have the choice of binding or plugging the speakers in. I asked an audio shop rep about it and he said he would bind because the plugs would corrode eventually. Hmm? I said they are gold plated. He said they will still corrode over time. I don't know guys. I never...
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    When to use Pure or Direct Audio?

    I have Onkyo's TX-SR800 Receiver & the Onkyo DV-SP800 DVD player. Together with a Sientific Atlanta Digital cable box, Digitaly Coaxed and Analoged to the receiver. (the receiver auto switches to digital when available) I am wondering when do the "Pure" or "Direct" audio modes apply?
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    Where to search for Movie sound Tracks?

    I just viewed "Internal Affairs" 1990 W Richard Gere & Anthony Garcia". The music will let you test your speakers well. Bongos, Spanish Guitar, Opera type female background vocals, orchestra. This sound track really let me bond with my new Dahlquist QX10's. I want the sound track if it is...
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    Can't Find a Joe Cocker Song?

    Joe put an album out in the late 60'early 70's with a song called "Sand Paper Cadilac". Opening lyric's "Riding along in a sandpaper cadilac". I don't think I have the song name wrong. But...?
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    I need SACD & DVD audio shopping links

    New here. I have the OnkyoTX-SR800 receiver& Onkyo DV-SP800 DVD player pushing through Dahlquist QX10's. Never heard a SACD or DVD Audio. Would like to go shopping. My music preference is VERY diverse.
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    Dumb but... What about B-wiring with Jumpers in?

    I read an oinion about loosing signal via spliting the signal with 2 sets of wires. What about an audio electronics gut looking at this one. Still to sets of wires, more wire more signal?
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    Any Onkyo TX-SR800 Receiver Owners out there?

    Looking to ask a seasoned Onkyo TX-SR800 about it's characteristics and what they learned of it. AllenLC
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    First Post. New Member.

    Hello Folks, Looks like a Top Notch Forum here. I just went from a 10 year Cheap-O JVC rack system to Oynko & Dahlquist. Do not know much about HT setup and do not have a proffesional ear but I have always had the taste and recognition of the quality sound of better audio equipment. But not...