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  1. Megan_A_D

    Which shows have you abandoned?

    I'm a completist and also not that picky about music or cut scenes if I can't remember the original broadcast (which I usually can't or never saw in the first place). The only show that I can think of that I have definitely decided not to buy any more of is The Sopranos... It was...
  2. Megan_A_D

    Fox dvd Requests

    THE PIRATE MOVIE (1982) !!!!
  3. Megan_A_D

    W.B. Please consider putting deleted scenes on the Police Academy DVD's

    Wow.. Some of those are familiar but most of them are not!! I've been waiting for the Police Academy box set since 1999 when I started my DVD collection. A set that was OAR and contained all of these deleted scenes (esp if they were branched in a "extended" cut) would be great...
  4. Megan_A_D

    Warner Brothers Title Needed on DVD

    Isn't Artisan working on starting to release tv on dvd? Seems like I heard about a couple titles but can't remember anything concretely... Can anyone verify or correct?
  5. Megan_A_D

    DVD: Charmed

  6. Megan_A_D

    Thanks, Warner, for the great chat

    I'm pretty pleased about the chat as well. I'd like to respectfully request that Warner give another thought to Birds of Prey on dvd. BoP and Firefly were my two new shows I watched this year and both were cancelled.. I'm eagerly looking forward to and very thankful for Fox's upcoming dvd...
  7. Megan_A_D

    Paramount: Star Trek TV MSRP/MAP/NonMAP

    I second that motion... It was one thing when Xfiles priced itself at about $150 because they were the first big tv boxset and it was untried area... But I tell ya... it's been very easy to just pick up stuff like The Shield, the MASH sets, and etc when they're about $40 in the stores...
  8. Megan_A_D

    Disney:flight of the navigator..please

    This was a childhood favorite for me as well so count me in for one
  9. Megan_A_D

    Fox: The Pirate Movie

    A yahoogroup I belong to re: the Pirate Movie, there's been someone posting that she's heard that the movie is coming out soon... Anyone able to verify??
  10. Megan_A_D

    DVD: Charmed

    pardon the slight thread hijack but thanks Jeff... I hadn't been keeping up and if I decide I really want Ally now... now I know where to get it!
  11. Megan_A_D

    DVD: Charmed

    Nod... I've long since bemoaned the fact that the people at Charmed think its a great idea to put all that music into it... frankly I could care less about the "musical guest stars" like Michelle Branch last week and I'd be VERY fine with it if they had to replace the opening music (the music...
  12. Megan_A_D

    WB: Any chance of Witchblade?

    I'm still sad TNT cancelled it!! But yes I'm a big yancy fan and would love to have this on DVD!
  13. Megan_A_D

    Universal - Thanks for captioning most BTTF Trilogy extras

    Well deleted scenes are my favorite extra but Oh well... I look forward to when I buy this set after the sets come out with the fixed discs!!
  14. Megan_A_D

    Paramount and subtitles

    Mikah I'm sOOO happy that you pointed out my error!! to explain, Peter Bracke over at DVDFile has gotten very good about mentioning the existence of lack thereof of subtitles/captions on the dvds that he reviews and his review of LOTR EE explicitly said that there were no captions! I remember...
  15. Megan_A_D

    Paramount and subtitles

    nod I also offer Kudos to Paramount for being one of the first studios to step up to this plate and I believe is the studio to have done it the most consistently... But definently... for deaf people... subtitles vs captions, Captions are just about always superior because there seems to be...
  16. Megan_A_D

    FOX: *gasp*, I beg you.. please!!

    Gee thanks Joe... and just how am I supposed to change the thread topic on my own?? I've already acknowledged that it's LucasFilms that's responsible for my disappointment, not Fox. You even acknowledge that I acknowledge it... so do you get your rocks off in making posts that do nothing but...
  17. Megan_A_D

    FOX: *gasp*, I beg you.. please!!

    Actually I don't really know exactly how "rare" fox has done the job thoroughly... I was surprised during a recent rewatch of ID4 where I actually popped the 2nd disc in this time, that the video based extras were in fact captioned!! I guess when I discovered that Ep1 was captioned, I...
  18. Megan_A_D

    FOX: *gasp*, I beg you.. please!!

    Just read DVDFile's review of Star Wars AOTC and I'm utterly dismayed by the following:
  19. Megan_A_D

    To all Studios: Stand-Up Comedy on DVD (want list)

    isn't the Weird Al stuff out of print? (both discs) they were 2 of the few discs that went with my ex and I was dismayed to learn that they'd become OOP cause I'd planned on rebuying them someday for my collection.
  20. Megan_A_D

    To NBC, Broadway Video, et al. : Saturday Night Live on DVD (season-by-season)

    Definently would be nice though... *wishfully thinking*
  21. Megan_A_D

    FOX: As you must be preparing Buffy Season 6 for the UK

    Thanks Jeff I would buy a separate DVD with extras if they put it out since the Buffy sets by themselves don't tend to have a lot extra (nor are the extras captioned... Fox.. c'mon, I know you know how... )
  22. Megan_A_D

    FOX: As you must be preparing Buffy Season 6 for the UK

    Btw doesn't it seem like Buffy's become MIA here in the states? Isn't it overdue for Season 3 to be announced for released? If it follows the pattern.. it should be released in beginning of January... dang... I just might go back to buying UK releases after all... I already own 1 & 2 in...
  23. Megan_A_D

    FOX: Futurama R1 DVD?

    NEW YORK (Variety) - The Cartoon Network is spending about $10 million to buy the cable-TV rights to the 72 half-hours of Twentieth TV's primetime animated series "Futurama." Cartoon will schedule "Futurama" somewhere in its weekly Adult Swim animated block from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. on Sundays...
  24. Megan_A_D

    To All Studios: A request for more 80's comedies and why....

    what about things like Like Father Like Son & the almost complete knock off, Vice Versa?
  25. Megan_A_D

    Columbia: about your TV series

    Totally understood Chuck... I was only responding to the implication in your post that Columbia need to put out a tester best of to prove that CA had an audience and well they already did is all I wanted to point out. The rest was just my personal ramble... I will likely buy all these...
  26. Megan_A_D

    Columbia: Mad About You, only two discs?

    Since the news has been confirmed... would like to resurrect this otherwise empty thread as a plea/petition to Columbia to RETHINK this!!
  27. Megan_A_D

    Columbia: about your TV series

    actually seems like the word is that DVD-18 replication facilities are not numerous but surely its not that much more to just spread out the episodes to a few more discs... as much as it kills me to do it... I won't buy Mad About You til after someone verifies that the episodes did NOT...
  28. Megan_A_D

    Columbia: about your TV series

    Chuck L, They already "tested" the waters with a 1 disc release containing two Charlie's Angel episodes way back in 2000. I own that disc but will probably get rid of it soon since I bought it only cause it was really cheap for me to get (due to the bargains at the time) and I was...
  29. Megan_A_D

    Warner: Police Academy 2-7 and PA in it's OAR

    I liked 1-5, 6 just didn't charm me as the others and 5 was stretching it... never seen 7 BUT... I'll buy the boxset of all of them... I can't believe it's taking Warner so long to come out with them all... I picked up PA 1 in a package of 2 dvds that also contained Meatballs...
  30. Megan_A_D

    MGM- More Pink Panther Cartoons on DVD, Please

    I'd get the Pink Panther !!!