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  1. Michael Silla

    DVDs you've bought solely for demo purposes

    No one mentions Behind Enemy Lines - for shame :) I have been so hooked on HD for the past year or so that my DVD buying days has come to an virtual end. I have been seriously tempted to buy a D-VHS deck as of late. I watched Tears of the Sun on starz!HD the other day and was completely...
  2. Michael Silla

    "Premium" movie channels - any letterbox?

    Not sure if this veers of topic but.... I have been very impresssed so far with Starz!-HD even though the majority of it's offerings have not in fact been OAR. They had a mess of a time getting LOTR;FOTR right last month (they finally did show it OAR) as well as two towers (which they showed...
  3. Michael Silla

    Tarintino DVD's for sale

    Hello all, I want to get rid of some copies of Tarintino DVD's that I have. As well I have some DVD's to sell with them that I don't have a need for either. I'd like to sell everything as a set. The following DVD's are included.... Jackie Brown SE Pulp Fiction SE Resevoir Dogs SE...
  4. Michael Silla

    A Sony by any other Name

    Hmmmm...I didn't realize the old triniton power supply worked that way. For what it's worth, I have the same model numbered TV that has been working for the past 5 years with nary an issue. Well, the only thing that irrates me is the IR unit inside the TV's ability to pick up the remote...
  5. Michael Silla

    Cable to DSL... much better...

    I have had DSL for 2 years with no major problems. Service has been more reliable than it ever was with AT&T/Comcast although the early days of @Home provided me with THE FASTEST speeds I have ever seen at home (regularly could see 500-600Kps downloads with bursts to 800kps). Earthlink DSL...
  6. Michael Silla

    Need Movie Recommendations For Very Religious Person

    "Catch me if you can" has a few scenes that go past just plain innuendo. Think back of airplane :) I had a thread like this one about a year ago. I can't rememebr the title but if you do a search you should find it. One common suggestion from folks was "North by Northwest." I still...
  7. Michael Silla

    Questions for RPTV and/or HDTV owners

    Vincent, If Comcast HD is available in your area, you may want to give them a look. Receiver rental is around $5-10 dollars a month extra over a basic channel package. Michael.
  8. Michael Silla

    Questions for RPTV and/or HDTV owners

    Greg, 1) Yes and no. I think what you are referring to is set convergence. I can only speak for myself when I say that this is a infrequent adjustment. I would be more concerned about it if the set were being constantly moved/jostled. Otherwise, this should be one of those "every few years"...
  9. Michael Silla

    New Car: 2003 Honda Accord or 2003 Mazda 6 (or any other 4 door Sedan?)

    Been test driving the Accord Coupe EX V-6 6 speed. Niiiiiice vehicle that lacks sex appeal. It's hind end reminds me of a late 90's Mercedes ie it is BLAND. Probably the best performing car I have ever driven - PERIOD. Is it worth 26 large? Perhaps. I need to have a look at the 6. One wonders...
  10. Michael Silla

    (Re-Edited Title) I have taken the HD Plunge! Report from a HDTV newbie

    Ron, Glad to see that your are enjoying your HD experience. I took the "plunge" a couple of weeks before the Superbowl with a used RCA DTC 100. I used it mainly for OTA reception up until July 1st ;) when the lure of DirecTV's new HD pack snagged me in :) If you are at all a music fan, you...
  11. Michael Silla

    I want a TOP GUN SE!

    Guys, If any of you have DirecTV and HDnet movies (part of a ($10.99 channel package) you can look forward to seeing Top Gun in HD. Mark Cuban just bought the rights to the film from Paramount. No firm air date was posted over at AVSforum. I do not know if the sound will be "remixed" for it's...
  12. Michael Silla

    Tell me about Vancouver!!

    Prices upwards of $300,000 for a small townhome? Some that look like carbon copies of others produced in many other large cities..... Is this place for real? :frowning: Michael.
  13. Michael Silla

    Is it time for HD yet?

  14. Michael Silla

    Locked & Loaded on a Hitachi 46F500, Any Last Words?

    How much is the TV? I was pretty much in the same boat a little over a year ago. I started out wanting a 32-40 inch XBR but then wound up purchasing a 53 inch Hitachi. Price was the key factor although how I convinced myself to spend $2100 on a TV, I still can't figure that one out ;) Michael.
  15. Michael Silla

    Gary Payton a Laker?

    He will. I think he cares more about the ring than he does about another huge paycheck. He'll sign. Michael.
  16. Michael Silla

    Vancouver: Winter Olympics 2010

    Shoot man, things not all well in BC....;) Honestly a lot of what you have mentioned Edwin, happened here in Salt Lake when we had our "party." 1.8 Billion went to a new freeway (rebuilding of I-15) Millions more went to service roads to exclusively led to PRIVATLY owned ski resorts. A...
  17. Michael Silla

    Vancouver: Winter Olympics 2010

    Congrats Vancouver, It was nice having the Olympics here - I have never seen our city come so alive before. The excitment of it all will wither some in the next 7 years but when opening day arrives I am sure that Vancouver will do Canada and the world proud. Michael.
  18. Michael Silla

    DIREC TV HD Package Available Now.

    Tyler, Hey dude, at least you found a place that had a CLUE in regards to HD. I spent a bit less on my setup but I had to do some work by myself, RCA DTC100 - $140 used Transcoder - $50 used Silver Sensor for locals - $40 Triple LNB Dish - $99 Installation kit $15 In raw materials...
  19. Michael Silla

    SLC, Utah area meet??

    Wes, Thanks Man! Let me get with the guys and I'll find out from you when you have some free time. I just bought a copy of the Corrs, Live in London that I wouldn't mind seeing either ;) Michael.
  20. Michael Silla

    Posting Again: Help me make my first RPTV set decision!

    I vote for size. In the end that is what will matter most. It is hard to by a "bad" RPTV these days. If you have the funds, an ISF calibration is well worth the cost. Michael.
  21. Michael Silla

    Vertigo, how many of you have had it?

    Brian and Andrew, I understand totally. I have several issue(s) with my right side vision and hearing that present me with unique balance problems sometimes. I do fine most days but occaisionally, like when riding a bike reeaaly slowly, I cannot seem to maintain proper balance which...
  22. Michael Silla

    Bright scene & TV "distortion"

    It's simple really.....you're in the Matrix :D Michael.
  23. Michael Silla

    My Theater is on line!!!

    Very very nice Fabio. Impressive - I will direct friends to your site. Michael.
  24. Michael Silla

    Making 1st HDTV Purchase Tonight, Which One?

    This may sting of smak but.....why are you going to pull the trigger on a purchase of which you aren't sure? Perhaps you meant to word your post differently. Michael.
  25. Michael Silla

    How much wear do you get out of your Dockers?

    Sean, This is why I frequent this board so much. Thanks dude, I'll check them out. Matt, Actually not a bad idea. Are the Target branded Khaki's like $19.99 or something? I can usually get Docker's at Swervyn Mervyn's on sale for around $30 or so. Michael.
  26. Michael Silla

    Tears Of The Sun superbit?

    I'll add this to Jeremy's comments....For once the movie trailer content makes a disk worth buying. Yes, It's worth the purchase for that alone ;)
  27. Michael Silla

    How much wear do you get out of your Dockers?

    Kinda of a dumb title but oh well. It seems like I have to buy a couple of new pairs every six months or so. I wear the things 5 days a week. They get washed weekly (duh :rolleyes:) bur they don't seem any better than most "non-labelled" brands at staying for the lack of a better word -...