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  1. Colin+M

    FS or Trade:JBL E80 and NS310II Towers

    Like the title says, i have 2 sets of floor standers(e80 and NS310II) both black in color and in excellent condition. The E80's were purchased new Feb. 2005 from an authorized dealer and the NS310II's were purchased in July used but are in great shape. Info can be found on www.jbl.com The...
  2. Colin+M

    FS: JBL E80 Towers

    I purchased these in February 2005 from an authorized seller, they are in great shape 10/10 physically and mechanically. Reason for selling is i am in a small apartment and my neighbors don't appreciate loudness as much as I do. These are Black Ash in color. Asking $250 shipped or would...
  3. Colin+M

    FS: XBOX NCAA 06 Football

    Perfect, and i mean perfect condition. I've had this game one day so don't fear the condition of it. This game is amazing, a definite step up from last year in features and gameplay. $35 shipped via Priority Mail. Paypal accepted Thanks guys, Colin
  4. Colin+M

    Need Help with Digital Static noise Please!

    i have a yamaha htr-5790 that i have only had for about 2 weeks, and today i noticed that when i use the digital inputs on it(for movies, music, xbox etc.) i get this crackling static noise, its not like loud, but def. noticeable in all of my speakers. And its not just one one input, its on all...
  5. Colin+M

    JBL ND310ii

    I just received one of these huge towers(the other one is coming tomm) and compared to my E80's these sound dead on the top end. Does any one have any experience with these speakers? I am thinking that my tweeter is not working because i can put my ear right next to it and it doesn't sound like...
  6. Colin+M

    Can the Pioneer 1014 be Beat for <$500

    I am looking for a relatively inexpensive receiver for music and movies. I have JBLs all around. E80's in the front, EC35 center, and S38II's for the rear channels. My question is, what will push them and make them sing? Of course in a reasonable price range($400). I was looking at the Sony...
  7. Colin+M

    Fs: Yamaha Htr-5660

  8. Colin+M

    JBL S38II's vs. JBL E80 ???

    I am trying to decide which would be better as mains in my HT setup. I listen to music 70%(hi-rez format) and movies the rest. Would there be any noticeable difference between the two models? I am mainly looking for sound quality, but some decent lower end, not subwoofer quality, just musical...
  9. Colin+M

    5.1 input experts needed!

    I have two seperate changers, one for SACD and the other for DVD-A. My receiver only has one set of 5.1 inputs. So my question is would this work.... Since the 2 changers sit close to each other, could i get a Y-splitter cable and plug one male end into the SACD player and the other into the...
  10. Colin+M

    JBL E50 vs. E30 ??

    I currently have the E30's as my surrounds in a set up that consists of E80's for the mains, and EC35 center channel. My question is, i am still in the 30 day return period for the E30's and i came across the E50's. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the E50's? I use this set up...
  11. Colin+M

    Infinity Primus 250 for 30 bucks at CompUSA

    I unfortunately can't capitalize on this, but maybe one of you guys has a store near you with them in stock. These sell for $400 a pair, so its $340 dollars off. Its in store pick up only though. I just thought i would pass this on, it might have been posted already, if so, nevermind;) this is...
  12. Colin+M

    WTB: Alison Krauss Live SACD

    Does anyone have this and can stand to part with it?
  13. Colin+M

    PHILIPS DVD 963SA , is it worth $250?

    I ran across one of these for sale (refurb) for around $250, is this player worth the money? i have heard mixed reviews about it. I am interested in it mainly for the SACD ability. Any thoughts? thanks
  14. Colin+M

    DVD-A player suggestions????

    I already have a Sony for SACD, and video purposes. So i really just want an "inexpensive" player to designate for hi-rez purposes. Any older model suggestions would be appreciated since i might can find them discounted online. Thanks guys
  15. Colin+M

    Jbl E250p????

    I have JBL system (e80's, e30's and ec35) so this seems to be the natural selection. is there a better sub out there for the money? If JBL, where is the cheapest place online to get it, or is anyone wanting to unload their old one? ;) I found it at electronics-expo for $238 shipped.
  16. Colin+M

    FS: Perfect Condition XBOX games!!!

  17. Colin+M

    Is the Onkyo SP502 any good???

    I saw one of these on ecost.com for $170. I currently have a Pioneer 578a, and i am trying to get the best sound performance in my limited budget(as well as SACD). Is the Onkyo 802 a substantially better player, or just a 6 disc version of the 502? Also does any recommendations of other SACD...
  18. Colin+M

    Any thoughts on the Pioneer Elite 45a?

    I have been trying to decide if this player is worth upgrading to from the Pioneer 578a. I am fairly new into the Hi-rez audio and i am wanting to get my feet wet. I can get a good deal on the Elite, is it noticeably different in performance from the 578a? Or should I just stick with the...