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  1. Chriss M

    F/S: Outlaw ICBM + Sony 222ES SACD

    Outlaw ICBM, sorry no original box, i just can't find it. Otherwise good condition, works perfectly. sold Sony 222ES SACD changer. will include a few SACD's as well, please inquire if you are interested in the titles and i'll give you a list. Does include original box/remote/etc...
  2. Chriss M

    F/S: Samson S1000

    Samson S1000 Amp for sale - selling because i am switching to a powered sub. $300 + shipping.
  3. Chriss M

    F/S: miscellaneous cables

    1 - Nintendo Gamecube component cable (genuine nintendo cable) $20 SOLD 1 - Zu Disco interconnect 1meter pair $25 2 - Outlaw PCA .5 meter interconnects $30 for both pairs SOLD 1 - Acoustic Research Pro series audio interconnect 6ft - $10 SOLD 1- Acoustic research Perfomance Series...
  4. Chriss M

    F/S: Panasonic PT53WX52 53" 16:9 RPTV

    Panasonic PT53WX52 rear projection television. TV is 53" widescreen 19:9 format. Includes factory installed screen protector. The set is slightly under 1 year old and i am selling only because i am switching over to a front projector. it is in excellent condition and has no problems...
  5. Chriss M

    Anyone ever tried a single dipole as rear surround?

    Lately i've been toying around with the idea of trying out a 6.1 setup. It seems that the generally recommended setup is dipoles on the sides and directs in the rear. This seems a bit odd to me, considering that almost all rear content is matrixed rather than discrete, which is what dipole...
  6. Chriss M

    F/S: Rotel RSP-1066 silver, latest version

    For sale: Rotel RSP-1066, original box, manual, and remote. Silver faceplate. purchased from authorized dealer and can include receipt for warranty purposes. This is the latest version with 2.24 firmware and 200mhz component video bandwidth. Also included is a data cable to perform future...
  7. Chriss M

    WTB: Outlaw ICBM

    why is it that when i am not looking for something, there always seems to be hundreds of them for sale, and then when i am looking i can't find a single one :D Anyway if anyone has an ICBM for sale, i would be interested.
  8. Chriss M

    F/S: Sony CE775 SACD 5 disc changer

    Sony CE775 SACD player, unit and remote. $150
  9. Chriss M

    F/S: Sony CA70ES 5 disc cd changer

    Sony CA70ES CD changer. Includes box, manual, and remote. http://www.sel.sony.com/SEL/consumer...p-ca70es.shtml Will sell for $160 and i'll include shipping.
  10. Chriss M

    F/S: Monster Cable M Series 1.4s birewire, 10ft pair w/bananas

    Monster Cable Mseries M1.4s cables. this is a 10ft pair, terminated with the mlock master pin. I am also including mlock bananas at all ends (12 banana plugs). carrying case and book included. Retail on these is $225 + 37.50 for the connectors. Asking $150 + shipping. paypal preffered.
  11. Chriss M

    F/S: Swan Diva 6.1

    F/S: 1 pair of Swan Diva 6.1's Speakers and original packaging/sleeves I don't think i can ship these, so i am looking for a local buyer. I am in North NJ. Anyone is welcome to come by for an audition. One speaker has a small chip in the piano black cap at the top. It's purely cosmetic...
  12. Chriss M

    F/S: Swan Diva R3

    Diva R3's Excellent condition, box + sleeves will add pictures shortly. $350 + shipping
  13. Chriss M

    Diva Swap ?

    I Currently have diva R3 dipole surrounds and am looking to switch over to either a 2.1 or 4.1 for rears. (mainly for multi-channel music purposes) since it's no longer possible to buy any of these speakers new, i'm wondering if any diva owners might be interested in working out out a swap...
  14. Chriss M

    F/S: Sony Wega 32KV15

    Wega 32" KV15 model. No remote. Works perfectly, has a bit of scraped paint in corner areas as pictured below. $400, also available 3 level swivel stand pictured below, $50 with TV. Local pickup, i am in Northern NJ.
  15. Chriss M

    anyone try a samson amp bridged into a 4ohm load?

    I know according to samson you should only run their amps bridged with an 8ohm load. But is this just a precautionary thing or are they really not able to do it?
  16. Chriss M

    Paradigm Focus + CC270 US list prices?

    Does anyone know the U.S. list price for the Paradigm Focus and CC270? these speakers are not on the Secrets of Home Theater retail price list. Thanks, Chris
  17. Chriss M

    F/S: RCA810 Remote

    RCA810 universal learning remote with LCD display. manual with device codes included. Link Removed $30 shipped.
  18. Chriss M

    rotel dealer that will ship?

    Had a pretty bad experience today attempting to purchase a Rotel 1066 pre/pro at a local dealer. I called them yesterday and was told that although they couldn't talk pricing on the phone, to stop by and they would give me a nice deal on the 1066. Well i stopped in today, and not only was there...
  19. Chriss M

    F/s: H/k 520

    H/K AVR-520, remote, and original manual included. The unit is in excellent condition, and was purchased about 6 months ago from onecall.com (authorized dealer). Went from the box to my rack and hasnt been moved since. $500 + shipping.
  20. Chriss M

    DTS LFE problem and H/K 520?

    I tried to do some searching on this but i didnt seem to come up with any concrete answers...does anyone know if the H/K 520 suffers from the DTS LFE problem where the LFE track is 10 db's too low? If it does have this issue, how do you go about correcting for it, since the 520 has no...
  21. Chriss M

    can't find an Anthem MCA-2 !

    I've been trying to find one of these off-and-on for the past 6 months or so. It seems i always JUST miss them when they pop up for sale. I've already got an MCA-3, and just want to finish off my 5.1 setup. I also can't find any local dealers where i can pick one up...it's starting to drive me...
  22. Chriss M

    For Sale: SVS 20-39CS w/ Parasound Amp

    For Sale: SVS 20-39CS w/ upgraded driver. Parasound HCA-1201A Monoblock Amplifier (240 Watts) can take pictures on request. Local area preffered, i am in northern NJ. $450.
  23. Chriss M

    Anyone still need an original SVS driver?

    I just realized that mine is still laying around in the box..completely forgot to mail it back to SVS. Standard $40 + shipping
  24. Chriss M

    Found some old B&W speakers

    i just came across a set of B&W DM220 Speakers. They look really old but are in very good condition. Anyone know anything about them? Are they worth anything?
  25. Chriss M

    F/S: Denon 3801

    Denon 3801, used, good condition. Has a few little scratches and dings here and there. Includes manual and remote but no original box. Asking $500 + shipping.
  26. Chriss M

    will a power conditioner help me?

    I've been trying (without success) to remove a slight hum in my system caused by my H/H AVR520 receiver. I've pretty much narrowed the cause of the problem to something with the electrical wiring in the house. It's definitely not a CATV ground loop, it still buzzes when nothing (other than...
  27. Chriss M

    which surround mode for TV ?

    From reading a good deal of posts around here, i know alot of you like DPLII for 2 channel tv or satellite sources, but whatabout those of you that don't have DPLII, like denon *801 owners? Do you like DPL or Neo:6 ?? and H/K owners with DPLII, do you prefer logic7 ? i've been trying to listen...
  28. Chriss M

    FS: Paradigm CC-370 v.2

    Used for 2 moths , like new condition. Upgraded to Studio-CC. Will ship in original box. $250 + shipping charges.
  29. Chriss M

    Internal amp configuration on HK AVR-520?

    I see that the HK 520 has multiroom capabilily but only includes internal amplifiers for the 5 main channels. However, if i am using an external amplifier for my front 3 channels, 3 of the 520's internal amps are left unused. What i am wondering is if it would be possible to make use of 2 of...
  30. Chriss M

    wanted: anthem mca2 amp

    Well im having a hell of a time finding one of these! nothing on audiogon, ebay, or any of the classified i know of. So i thought i might just throw this out here....prefereably a silver seriesII :) would be willing to spend 350 - 450 depending on condition, etc...